The Latest Target For Thieves As Prices Skyrocket: HAY! – Round Bales That Used To Sell For $20 Are Now Topping $175! (Video)

Hay The Latest Target For Thieves As Prices Skyrocket (CBS Dallas/Fort Worth):

If the drought wasn’t enough for farmers and ranchers to struggle with, now they are facing a growing threat.  Thieves are targeting pastures and barns for suddenly valuable hay bales.

It’s the nature of ranchers like James Lockridge to give you something if you need it badly enough. “Come up and ask us. Surely we can work something out.”

Mitch Waters runs a feed store that’s such a fixture, people drive 50 miles to shop there. “Got out of school in 77 and been here ever since.”

But now both men, are putting their livelihoods behind locks.  Signs are posted, keep out. They know where all the area security cameras are, and are intent on protecting something that’s never been worth as much as it is right now.  “Our convenient hay barn here, for just the drive up customers.”

Yes, hay, is the new target for thieves.  Round bales that used to sell for $20 are now topping $175.

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