Jan 29

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“Another FALSE FLAG?”

- Netanyahu: Whoever is behind the attack will pay the full price (The Ugly Truth, Jan 28, 2015):


PM convenes security briefing after anti-tank missile kills two IDF soldiers on Israel-Lebanon border; Livni says Israel will hit back ‘harshly.’


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday convened Israel’s security chiefs for a situation assessment at the IDF command’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, after two soldiers were killed by an anti-tank missile on the Lebanese border.

“Whoever is behind today’s attack will pay the full price,” Netanyahu said at the opening of the briefing with Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz, Shin Bet head Yoram Cohen and other senior security officials. Continue reading »

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Jan 29

H/t reader squodgy:

“Food for thought…….the new ring of power.”

US military joint chiefs hold an essay contest

- US military joint chiefs hold an essay contest (The Ugly Truth, Jan 28, 2015)

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Jan 29

H/t reader squodgy:

“israeli (sic) bigotry in the good old USA?????

Shurely not for the REAL VETS?”



Auschwitz, Cows and Bigots in Northfield, MN (Veterans Today, Jan 27, 2015):

by Jim Fetzer

Among the latest absurdities from Northfield, MN, an associate dean, Louis Newman, a professor of political science, Laurence Cooper, and Alan Rubenstein have co-authored an editorial in The Carletonian, the student newspaper of Carleton College, in which they assert that, while I claim to be a professor emeritus a UMD, the university denies it; a self-righteous woman, [name deleted], has declared that I am “not a credible source” because I am insulting the memory of the 6,000,000 Jews who died in the Holocaust; and a local attorney, David Ludescher, has offered to debate me on Sandy Hook, but refuses to read any of my (now more than 33) articles about it because they were published in Veterans Today!

All this in spite of the fact that it would have been effortless to verify that I am not only a professor emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth but that I am a Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus, which is the second highest honor that the University of Minnesota can bestow, as Kevin Krein observed in his article in Northfield News. The woman who claims I am insulting the Holocaust–and the parents of the children who died at Sandy Hook–simply takes for granted that she is right and I am wrong about both (with no proof whatsoever); and, as its readers well-know, Veterans Today is the internet powerhouse devoted to covert actions and “false flag” attacks and may be the most credible source.



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Jan 29

More info down below.

- Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert And UK Intelligence Services Agent Dr. Barrie Trower: Dangers And Lethality Of Microwave Technology (Video – 2:19:36)

- Former Royal Navy Microwave Weapons Expert: NWO TECHNOLOGY UPDATE – Deadly Mobile Phones & The Worst Genocide Ever Committed – The Dangers Of Wi-Fi To Women And Children (Video)


- 10 Ways to Reduce Radiation from Cell Phone Use (Natural Society, March 30, 2014):

The world loves its cell phones  – so much so that there are more cell phones on this planet than people! While these technological devices can offer incredible service and ease in a hectic, modern world, they can also be a serious health hazard.

Cell phones emit radiofrequency energy, a form of non-ionizing radiation. Our bodies absorb this radiation and have a difficult time processing it – leading to numerous bodily complications. One study found that 10 years of cellphone use resulted in an average 290% increased risk of brain tumor development. Interestingly, the tumor development was found on the side of the head in which the cellphone was most used. Continue reading »

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Jan 28

- “The Barricades Are Down” Syriza Is Already Rolling Back Austerity “Reforms” (ZeroHedge, Jan 28, 2015):

It didn’t take long for Syriza to start making changes in Greece. While these may be minor at the margin compared to the debt “issues”, as KeepTalkingGreece reports, Alexis Tsipras and his junior coalition partner Panos Kammenos pushed the Fast Forward button to restore a series of so-called “reforms”, that is austerity measures imposed by the country’s lenders, the Troika – among the left-wing reforms are: scrapping planned privatizations, scrapping fees in public hospitals and prescriptions, restore “the 13th pension” for low-pensioners and other actions that SYRIZA had promised before the elections. And the iron barricades in front of Parliament have been removed.

Via Keep Talking Greece, Continue reading »

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Jan 28

- Baltic Dry Index: 666 (ZeroHedge, Jan 28, 2015):

Forget The Hindenburg Omen and The Hilsenrath Omen, today we have the real deal as The Baltic Dry Index hits the ominous 666 level – the lowest print for this time of year on record. Of course, just like with oil – this is brushed off as over-supply (not under-demand) and we are sure someone will opine how positive this drastic deflation of shipping rates is for global business… but still – this is the lowest print since September 2012 (and practically the lowest since the recession).

At 666, The Baltic Dry is practically at post-recession lows…

Baltic Dry Index_666_BDIY

and is the lowest ever on record for this time of year… Continue reading »

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Jan 28


- Greek Stocks Crash, Bonds Plummet, Banks Have Worst Day Ever (ZeroHedge, Jan 28, 2015):

In the two days after Syriza’s dramatic victory in the local Greek election, global investors assumed this loud cry against European policies would mean… more of the same, and as a result not much changed in the risk assessment of Greek assets. Then, overnight, following the previous report that not only does Syriza mean business but it is actively pivoting away from Europe (and toward Russia?), and everyone started paying attention, with a waterfall of selling engulfing not only the Greek stock market but also its bonds, which are crashing in the process sending the 3 Year yield to 16.4%, the highest since the restructuring, and the 10 Year either below or above 10%, depending on which data source is used (Bloomberg has them slightly below, others reporting 10-year bond yields up 50 basis points at 10.30%).

For those who missed our take from last night on Greece, it can be found here, while Reuters’ update this morning notes the following: Continue reading »

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Jan 28

putin smile_0


- Greece Begins The Great Pivot Toward Russia (ZeroHedge, Jan 27, 2015):

Ten days ago, before the smashing success of Greece’s anti-austerity party, Syriza, we noted that Russia gave Greece a modest proposal: turn your back on Europe, whom you despise so much anyway, and we will assist your farmers by lifting the food import ban.

And, sure enough, Greece’s new premier Tsipras did hint with his initial actions that Greece may indeed pivot quite aggressively away from Europe and toward Russia in general and the Eurasian Economic Union in particular (as a tangent recall “Russia’s “Startling” Proposal To Europe: Dump The US, Join The Eurasian Economic Union“).

Some recent examples of this dramatic shift in perspective were the following: Continue reading »

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Jan 28

H/t I.G.



In this exciting and revealing special two hour Dark Journalist episode he welcomes University of California, Berkeley Professor and Former Canadian Diplomat Peter Dale Scott. Professor Scott has just released his controversial new book “The American Deep State,” which exposes the truth about covert forces that constitute an unelected, unaccountable, shadow government.

The “Deep State,” a concept that Professor Scott created over decades of research, posits that a secret system operates alongside the public state and utilizes intelligence contractors, the NSA, CIA assets, Wall Street, and corporate big oil funding to manipulate the public with what he refers to as “Deep Events,” such as 9/11, the Iran-Contra scandal and the JFK Assassination, for profit and control. Continue reading »

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Jan 28

- Medvedev Warns Of “Unlimited Reaction” If Russia Cut From SWIFT (ZeroHedge, Jan 27, 2015):

While nations around the world continue to de-dollarize, Russia signed into law its anti-crisis plan today (though details will not be released until tomorrow). Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, however, was quite vociferous in some of his threats, warning The West that the “Russian response – economically and otherwise – will know no limits” if Russia is cut off from the SWIFT payments system. Additionally, as Royce, the chairman of the House foreign affairs committee, explains Iran nuclear talks “appear to be stalemated,” just days after Iran completes its de-dollarization and news today, that Russia and Iran plan to create a mutual account for bilateral payments in national currencies. Continue reading »

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Jan 28




- McCain: Get Ready for U.S. Troops on the Ground in Iraq and Syria (Yahoo Finance/The Fiscal Times, Jan 27, 2015):

“In the Middle East, we have got to have boots on the ground,” McCain said over the weekend. “We have got to have training capability. We can’t train young people in Syria and send them back into Syria to be barrel-bombed by Bashar Assad. That is also immoral.”

ISIS is an operation run by the CIA and the Mossad …

McCain and his buddy, ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi:


McCain-ISIS Continue reading »

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Jan 28

- Double Standard: CIA Leaks and Planted News Stories (Infowars, Jan 27, 2015):

CIA has controlled corporate news media for decades

On Monday, a former CIA employee, Jeffrey Sterling, was convicted of giving classified information to a New York Times reporter.

The leak concerned an effort by the CIA to sabotage plans for an Iranian nuclear reactor. Continue reading »

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Jan 28


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Jan 28

- Facebook admits censoring posts and comments about political corruption (Examiner, Jan 27, 2015):

The social media giant, Facebook, is currently censoring certain postings and comments by members in countries that object to certain content, the latest being Turkey. A Turkish high court ruled that members’ posts and comments on insult the Prophet Muhammad and are offensive to followers of Islam, according to news reports on Monday.

The Turkish court ruled that the owners and administers of Facebook and its advertisers must conduct their social media website in compliance with the court’s determination or Facebook will be banned in Turkey as it already is in other Muslim nations such as Pakistan. The Turkish court announced its decision on Sunday night, said the reports. “A person with knowledge of the matter confirmed that Facebook blocked content in Turkey following a valid legal request. That content remains visible, however, outside the country,” according to the New York Times. Continue reading »

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Jan 28
New volunteers for the Ukrainian interior ministry's "Azov" battalion take their oath of allegiance to their country during a ceremony in Kiev
Volunteers for the Ukrainian interior ministry’s “Azov” battalion. (Reuters/Valentyn Ogirenko)

- Kiev used barrier squads to prevent troops from retreating – E. Ukraine militia (RT, Jan 27, 2015):

The Ukrainian military employed barrier troops who fired at their fellow servicemen in order to prevent their retreat during a night battle in the country’s southeast, the Defense Ministry of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) said.

“Ukrainian troops are demoralized, which is proven by an unprecedented incident that occurred last night,” DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said, as quoted by Donetsk News Agency.

An injured Ukrainian soldier who surrendered to the militias said during questioning that “anti-retreat units from territorial defense battalions were used against the Ukrainian troops,” Basurin said. Continue reading »

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Jan 28

- Cleanest Dirty Shirt? US Macro Data Worst Start To A Year In Over A Decade (ZeroHedge, Jan 27, 2015):

“There is no alternative…” “Cleanest dirty shirt…” “Fed has to raise rates…” “Decoupled…” – Umm no! 2015 has started with the worst disappointment and weakness in US Macro data in at least a decade… but apart from that, BTFD!


Charts: Bloomberg

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Jan 28

Here’s why …

Israel Starting Trouble in Argentina

- Why I Fled Argentina After Breaking The Story Of Alberto Nisman’s Death (ZeroHedge, Jan 27, 2015):

Writing for Haaretz.com, Jewish journalist Damian Pachter – who first reported on the death of the special prosecutor – recounts the intimidation, the sleepless nights, the agent who stalked him and his ultimate decision to head for Israel“So here they are, the craziest 48 hours of my life…”

Via Haaretz.com,

When my source gave me the scoop on Alberto Nisman’s death, I was writing a piece on the special prosecutor’s accusations against President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, her (Jewish) Foreign Minister Héctor Timerman, two pro-­Iran “social activists” and parliamentarian Andrés Larroque. I learned that Nisman had been shot dead in his home. Continue reading »

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Jan 28



Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.


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Jan 28


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Jan 27


- King Dollar CATastrophe: Currency War Drags Dow Down Almost 300 Points (ZeroHedge, Jan 27, 2015)

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