Apr 09

french riot police

French Riot Police In Tense Standoff Against Massive Labor Reform Protest: Live Webcast:

Last week, when we reported on the latest clashes between French police and protesters in the ongoing labor reform saga, we said that “police used tear gas to disperse thousands of angry activists across the nation, who are protesting new labor reforms.” According to the proposed reform states, employers would pay only 10% of overtime bonus, instead of the current 25%, making local workers understandably angry. Continue reading »

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Mar 17


Pédophilie : la presse de gauche amnésique ?

Google translation HERE.

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Mar 15

Jean-Claude Van Damme On The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, & Ted Cruz:

You know The Deep State has over-stepped its boundaries when none other than “the god of cloud karate” knows there is something wrong. While speaking about US elections and Ted Cruz, on the French TV show Le Grand Journal, Jean-Claude Van Damme hijacked the narrative and explained how the Rothschild and Rockefeller families control the politicians and run the world from behind the scenes.

Speaking about Ted Cruz and Donald Trump, Van Damme asserted, “Well, they are not going to win”.

“You still have the Rockefeller, people like the Rothschild, those big families that dominate continents….these are families that rise in 1827, a family with five sons that expands, it’s above everything we’re talking (about) tonight,” stated the actor. Continue reading »

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Mar 10

Eagles of Death Metal Frontman says Guards Knew About Paris Shooting in Advance:

Eagles of Death Metal lead singer, Jessie Hughes, made a stunning statement in an interview with Fox Business Network: He believes it’s possible security guards at the Bataclan Theater knew about the Paris terror attacks in advance.

As a veteran performer, Hughes realized something was odd the night leading up to the attack, when the security guard for the backstage area didn’t make eye contact with him.

“When I first got to the venue and walked in, I walked past the dude who was supposed to be the security guard for the backstage,” Hughes recalled, noting the guard’s odd demeanor.

“I immediately went to the promoter and said, ‘Who’s that guy? I want to put another dude on,’ and he goes, ‘Well, some of the other guards aren’t here yet,’ and eventually I found out that six or so wouldn’t show up at all.” Continue reading »

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Mar 10


“They say they are prepared to die for this cause. It won’t be long before they do.”

UN Begged to Intervene After Refugees Sew Mouths Shut:

Calais, France — Desperate volunteers in a Calais refugee camp have issued an urgent plea to the U.N. to recognise the plight of a group of Iranians who sewed their mouths shut a week ago. The extreme protest — joined in solidarity by a British volunteer — was initiated to draw attention to the atrocities being carried out by the French government.

The latest shocking tale to unfold from the Calais camp — known as The Jungle — began on March 1st to raise awareness of the human rights violations taking place. Homeless, jobless, and now hopeless, eight Iranian men aged between 17 and 46 sewed each other’s lips shut in the extreme form of protest against the forced evictions of the southern side of the squalid camp. Their bold move has been supported by British volunteer, Tom Radcliffe, who has joined in solidarity. Continue reading »

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Mar 09

EU Countries Launch Shock Rebellion against Glyphosate Herbicides:

The Netherlands and Sweden have joined France on Saturday in coming out strongly against the re-licensing of glyphosate-based herbicides in Europe. The remarkable rebellion against the World’s most used herbicide is likely to delay the expected March 8 EU vote by member countries on the re-licensing of the chemical.


Public pressure against glyphosate in countries across Europe has been intense, with nearly 1.5 million people petitioning the EU’s health commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis, for a ban on the substance, the Guardian reported. Continue reading »

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Mar 09

France Pushes for EU Ban on Glyphosate Herbicides:

Following a meeting with EU Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis on Friday, French Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal has announced that France will vote against the EU re-licensing of glyphosate, the world’s most used herbicide.

French Minister of Ecology Ségolène Royal

Source: 6 min:10 sec of video in Frenchtvnewsroom

Royal also added that France was not backing the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) on their recent safety assessment of glyphosate and was instead basing their decision on the report of  the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2015, which declared glyphosate to be a probable human carcinogen. Continue reading »

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Mar 09

French Journalist Arrested for Exposing Israeli Connection to the Paris False Flag

The mysterious source of the controversial (and illegal) Bataclan photo turns out to be ISRAELI EXTREMISTS

By Kevin Barrett with Hicham Hamza

On February 22nd, investigative journalist Hicham Hamza was detained for seven hours by French police. Charged with “violating judicial secrecy, publishing images in grave violation of human dignity, and premeditated willful violence,” Hamza is facing potential prison time for committing an act of honest journalism.

Hamza’s “crime”: He revealed the Israeli origin of the famous macabre photo depicting victims’ bodies, some in seemingly impossible positions, strewn around the blood-smeared floor of the Bataclan nightclub. Continue reading »

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Mar 06

Saudi Arabia on Sunday carried out its 70th execution so far this year.

Related info:

So Who’s Really Sponsoring ISIS? Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Other U.S. “Allies”

Supplies from Saudi Arabia and Turkey found inside Villages Liberated from ISIS


Saudi Crown Prince Honored for ‘Fighting Terrorism and Extremism’:

(MIDDLEEASTEYE) President Francois Hollande has awarded the Legion d’Honneur, France’s highest honor, to visiting Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the president’s office confirmed on Sunday.

The office had released no statement on the visit that took place Friday, but it was reported by the Saudi news agency SPA, which said Nayef was cited for his “efforts in the fight against terrorism and extremism”. Continue reading »

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Mar 01

French riot police in front of a burning shelter at the start of the demolition of a part of the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France, 29 February 2016
French riot police in front of a burning shelter at the start of the demolition of a part of the Jungle migrant camp in Calais, France, 29 February 2016

Calais ‘Jungle’ evictions: Demolition teams and riot police return to refugee camp after tear gas fired overnight:

Demolition teams flanked by squads of riot police were returning to the Calais Jungle” this morning to destroy hundreds more refugee shelters following overnight clashes.

Riot units fired tear gas at crowds of asylum seekers who reportedly threw stones and other missiles, while others were seen attempting to stop lorries heading towards the Channel Tunnel and board before being forced back off the motorway. Continue reading »

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Feb 24


Arms trade: One chart that shows the biggest weapons exporters of the last five years:

The number of major weapons switching hands around the world was up 14 per cent in the last five years, compared to the five years before that.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, an independent resource on global security, has released a study that shows that India is the world’s largest importer of arms. Continue reading »

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Feb 21


Heart breaking description of how a government can destroy a city and a people. If ever there was an example of why a free people need a 1st and 2nd amendment style protection, this is it. Please watch it all.

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Feb 20
French authorities will use force to evict dwellers of the notorious Jungle slum in Calais, if they refuse to leave their tents, to relocate to purpose-built accommodation. NGOs working in the camp have protested the decision.
The targeted area houses a mosque, a restaurant, a legal aid center, and accommodation for 800 to 1,000 migrants, though NGOs say the actual number of residents, from Africa, the Middle East, and Afghanistan, could be twice as high. It constitutes about 7 hectares, or half of the entire Jungle camp, with inspections set to begin after 8:00pm on Tuesday, and first demolitions expected soon after.
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Feb 17

17/02/2016 – BORDEAUX, France – Turks and Kurds Clash in Town Centre

Turks and Kurds have been clashing in Bordeaux, France, over the last few days, after a Kurdish youth managed to climb onto a balcony on the Turkish embassy and replace the Turkish flag with a Kurdish one.

National Front Senator and mayor of Frejus David Racheline posted a video of the unrest to his Facebook page, commenting: “Clashes between Turks and Kurds in the centre of Bordeaux: mass uncontrolled immigration and leads to chaos and clashes between communities on our territory.”


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Feb 15

Now that is a looong article.



In the early morning of 18 November 2015, French special forces, aided by a dog called Diesel, raided a building in Paris.

The building was where the alleged Paris Attacks mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud was said to be hiding.

The special forces killed Diesel, and, wounded various innocent neighbours.

The authorities at first claimed that Diesel had been killed by a female suicide bomber.

This was later shown to have been incorrect as there was no female bomber.

The French police have confirmed that the hero dog Diesel was shot by the special forces. Continue reading »

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Feb 12

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

There is not much information about Alois Irlmaier available on the internet in English and even less good quality information.

He made his predictions before, during and after WW2.

For more and accurate information I recommend this book (in German):

Alois Irlmaier

Alois Irlmaier: Ein Mann sagt, was er sieht

He predicted the migrant crisis.

He predicted hyperinflation, financial collapse, revolution, civil war, WW3 and the “3 Days Of Darkness”, which will set in during WW3 and will put an immediate end to all combat operations.

He saw (around 1950) people using smartphones in the future.

When Germany was occupied territory he was visited by General Lucius D. Clay’s sister and could clearly describe her home without ever being there. General Clay invided Irlmaier to come to Frankfurt, but he declined. Additionally he was offered and invited many times by a lot of people to come to Amerika and earn a lot of money there with his abilities, but he declined. He clearly stated that he was not interested in earning a lot of money.

In case you think that foreseeing the future is impossible I give you some examples of his abilities:

Alois Irlmaier, my favorite seer, warned the citizens of his hometown during the end of WW2 April, 25, 1945, that at the moment of his warning British bombers were started in England and would arrive within a few hours to bomb the city of Freilassing in Bavaria.

He told the people where to go to be safe and he pointed out exactly to some people, which houses will be destroyed, partially destroyed or which houses will survive almost unharmed or totally unharmed.

He warned people in Rosenheim, Bavaria days ahead of the heavy bombardment on April 18, 1945. He told the people, that when going into the bunker to NOT go to the safest spot, which is in the middle, but to stay near the entrance, because the roof of the bunker would collapse in the middle. It happened just as he predicted and so only a few soldiers who ridiculed and ignored Irlmaier’s warning were buried.

You could give him a picture of any soldier and he could tell you exactly in what condition that soldier was at the moment: Well, injured or dead.

He clearly saw all of this right in front of his eyes, as a picture or like a movie. He did not want to have this ability at all.

It would take an entire book to describe his abilities, his life and what has been said about him.

Here is what lies ahead of us according to him:

A migrant crisis, high inflation, then hyperinflation, financial economic collapse, chaos, revolution, civil war in Italy (Pope will have to flee the Vatican, most priests will be killed), France (Paris will burn, will be set on fire by its own people), Germany, etc.

If my interpretation of what he said is correct, then the greatest revolution of all times will happen in America.

The crisis in the middle east will escalate even further, a highranked (at the level of Obama or Putin) will be killed, then within 24h Russian tanks will be rolling all over Europe.

The U.S. will use drones & advanced chemical weapons to create a death strip to cut of the Russian ordnance.

The Russians drop a bomb (nuclear weapon) into the North Sea, creating a gigantic tsunami, which will flood parts of England, France, Holland, Germany and Denmark.

The start of WW3 is predicted to happen “when the grain will be ready for harvest” (perfect timing!), that means around late July, beginning of August. A lot of other seers have seen the same time of the outbreak of WW3 in their visions.

The war will last around 3 months, then the earth changes will set in. Irlmaier saw a heavenly body, which is probably responsible for the “3 Days Of Darkness” (Nibiru?).

The “3 Days of Darkness” will include a pole shift. So you need to be living in a high place, having a safe place that is pretty much airtight, protecting against the (big) dust particles from the heavenly body and you need lots of supplies and water.

After that he predicts a peaceful time.

“….After these events a long, lucky time comes. Those, who will experience it, will be very happy and can praise themselves lucky. But the people have to begin there, where their grandfathers began.”

And because of the climatic changes, caused by the pole shift, oranges will grow in Bavaria.

The events mentioned in the following article are not in the correct chronological order, but luckily for us somebody made the efoort to translate what Irlmaier said.


The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier

On this page statements of Alois Irlmaier are listed, which refer to a big war in the future. Conrad Adlmaier got these statements when discussing with Alois Irlmaier and published them later. In addition also statements are listed, which Conrad Adlmaier did not publish in his books, but indicated to a third person orally. In these statements Alois Irlmaier shows an almost precise description of a large battle in the future.

What causes the war?

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

“Two men kill a third highranked. They were paid by other people. …”

“The third murder occurred. Then the war starts. …”

Continue reading »

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Feb 10

Continue reading »

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Feb 08

08/02/2016 – CALAIS, France – Migrants Barricade Eurostar Terminal

Migrants completely blockaded the Eurotunnel access road last night with wooden pallets and debris in a bid to stop traffic moving and climb aboard UK-bound lorries. One driver snapped a picture of the blockade which was shared to Facebook by the group Calais Routiers Sécurité.


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Feb 07


Ex-French Foreign Legion commander arrested at anti-Islam rally, due in court on Monday

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Feb 05


The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide:

Corbett Reporteers will be no stranger to the war on cash. I’ve made videos discussing it, conducted interviews about it, written articles examining it and dissected it on the radio.

The war has been waged through mainstream propaganda outlets, TV advertisements and even children’s games.

We’ve heard cash is dirtied by drug dealing, tarnished by terrorism, tainted by tax evasion (heaven forbid!) and just plain dirty. Not to mention sooooo outdated. Continue reading »

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Feb 04

A vehicle carrying ten Iranian and Iraqi migrants crashed on the A28 on Wednesday morning as the migrants fled from a border control barrage set up across the road, French news has reported.  One officer was struck by the car, and was taken to hospital with a leg injury. His fellow officers gave chase and were forced to use their firearms when the migrants resisted arrest. All eleven occupants of the car, including the driver, were arrested. The car was registered in England.


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Feb 01

H/t reader squodgy:

“This won’t go anywhere in MSM…”

More signs of Paris Attacks Being a False-Flag

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury during President Reagan’s first term. He was Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has held numerous academic appointments, including the William E. Simon Chair, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Georgetown University, and Senior Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

More signs of Paris Attacks Being A False-Flag:

By Paul Craig Roberts

French Security Left Blind During Paris Attacks

I have received a report from European security that there was a massive cyber attack on French systems 48 hours prior to and during the Paris attacks. Among other things, the attack took down the French mobile data network and blinded police surveillance The attack was not a straightforward DDOS attack but a sophisticated attack that targeted a weakness in infrastructure hardware.

Such an attack is beyond the capability of most organizations and requires capability that is unlikely to be in ISIL’s arsenal. An attack on this scale is difficult to pull off without authorities getting wind of it. The coordination required suggests state involvement. Continue reading »

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Jan 28

Update on Bundesbank Gold Repatriation 2015:

Deutsche Bundesbank has just released a progress report on its gold bar repatriation programme for 2015 – “Frankfurt becomes Bundesbank’s largest gold storage location“.

During the calendar year to December 2015, the Bundesbank claims to
have transported 210 tonnes of gold back to Frankfurt, moving circa 110
tonnes from Paris to Frankfurt, and just under 100 tonnes from New York
to Frankfurt. Continue reading »

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Jan 25

France must deploy army to protect Calais truck drivers from migrants – UK haulage chief

France must deploy army to protect Calais truck drivers from migrants – UK haulage chief:

UK haulage companies are calling on the French government to send in the army to protect lorries traveling through the port of Calais. The demands come after around 150 migrants broke into the terminal, with some 50 boarding a British ferry on Saturday.

The demands were made by Richard Burnett, the chief executive of the Road Haulage Association, who wants the French authorities to take action to protect truck drivers.

He told the BBC it was “only a matter of time before our worst fears become a reality and a UK-bound truck driver is killed.” Continue reading »

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Jan 24


Related info:

Angry Truck Driver vs Migrants At Calais (English Subtitles) (Video)


Let 3,000 Calais Migrants Come To UK: Corbyn
The Government denies it is not doing enough as David Cameron considers taking thousands of unaccompanied migrant children.
Jeremy Corbyn has told Sky News up to 3,000 people waiting in makeshift camps in Calais should be processed if they want to come to Britain.

The Labour leader said that the Labour Party has been too defensive about its immigration record and failed to make the case for the benefits of migration.

Speaking during a visit to a refugee camp in Dunkirk, Mr Corbyn said Britain should follow Germany’s example in “doing its part” to help deal with the migrant crisis engulfing Europe.


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Jan 24

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Jan 23

Calais On Lockdown After 100s Of Migrants Storm UK-Bound Ferry:

Coinciding with UK’s Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn’s arrival at the French refugee camps, Sky News reports the port of Calais has been temporarily closed as 100s of migrants stormed on to a ship in the hope of reaching the UK. About 50 migrants are thought to have made their way on to a P&O-operated vessel called Spirit of Britain, and police are at the scene and have reportedly deployed water cannons to break up the crowds of protesters.

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Jan 22

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Jan 22


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Jan 22

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