Apr 07


Meet Matt Frazier, the Vegan Ultrarunner Behind “No Meat Athlete”:

Matt Frazier is a marathoner and ultra-runner who runs the popular fitness site No Meat Athlete. But Matt says that growing up, he wasn’t that into running or fitness. His journey began in college, when he started going to the gym. On a whim, he and a group of friends decided to try to run a marathon. Matt’s personal goal was to qualify for the Boston Marathon. He missed the qualifying time by 103 minutes. In his own words, he “wasn’t a runner.” He also lived on the typical college diet of junk food and takeout. Continue reading »

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Apr 07

From the article:

“Since then, I have competed in some of the toughest and most extreme ultra-marathons in the world, including Badwater, a 135-mile race in Death Valley in 130-degree heat. I am now in the best shape of my life at 45 years old.”


Ultra Recovery: From Depressed Addict to Pro Ultrarunner on a Plant-Based Diet:

In 2005, I was 34 years old, over 320 pounds, had ridiculously high blood pressure, high cholesterol, prediabetes, and two herniated discs in my spine. I was eating fast food three or four times a day, popping pain pills (Vicodin, Percocet, codeine) like Tic-Tacs, and washing it all down with a bottle of whiskey each day in a futile attempt to escape reality.

Despite my efforts to hide it from others, the reality was I was on the fast track to an early death. The saddest part was that I was actually hoping to die. Despite abusing my body for more than a decade, I was somehow surviving—just barely, but alive nonetheless. I was still breathing despite all my medical problems, depression, and hopeless chemical and food addictions. Continue reading »

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Apr 07

From Tired, Unhealthy Fortysomething to Fit Competitive Cyclist

From Tired, Unhealthy Fortysomething to Fit Competitive Cyclist:

I turned 40 years old in June 2011, and was struggling to find enough energy to make it through the day, despite the multiple cups of coffee and refined “sugar fixes” I would consume. My mental clarity was nonexistent. On top of that, my cholesterol numbers were often high—one doctor even wanted me to start taking a statin. But I refused, and ultimately decided to take control of my own wellness. Continue reading »

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Feb 04

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May 16


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