Meet Americas 10 Highest Paid Bosses – The $600 Million Dollar Men – The Forbes List Of The Wealthiest 25 CEOs

And they earn NOTHING compared to the real power elite that runs America.

– The $600million dollar men: Meet the country’s ten highest paid bosses (whose combined incomes could pay the salaries of over 18,300 Americans) (Daily Mail, Oct. 15, 2011):

In light of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration taking place in downtown New York- and those of similar persuasions across the U.S.- the country’s richest one per cent are a very unpopular group right about now.

Making for more trouble, Forbes just released the list of the wealthiest 25 CEOs, and their earning numbers are astronomical.

The amount of money that the country’s top ten wealthiest CEOs make in one year is enough to pay the salary of 18,330 ‘average’ Americans.

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