Jan 13

sepp blatter world cup 2018

US Lynches World Soccer to Harm Russia:

But actions of this new global soccer police force from a country whose league is a total farce could backfire

Michel Platini and Sepp Blatter are set to launch appeals against their bans from soccer. Platini did so on Monday January 11th to FIFA’s (Fédération Internationale de Football Association) appeals committee and Blatter is expected to follow suit.

Platini is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time, coming sixth in the FIFA Player of the Century vote and served as president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) from 2007 until 2015; Blatter has been FIFA president for 17 years. Continue reading »

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Oct 16


Germany Caught In FIFA Bribery Scandal After Report 2006 World Cup Was Bought:

With FIFA executive heads falling faster than Glencore stock (with Blatter and Platini most recently and today the entire Kuwait FA), it appeared we had reached some kind of peak debacle.. but no! German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that the German bidding committee created a slush fund in its effort to garner votes from Asian FIFA officials, land the rights to host the 2006 World Cup (which they did by 12 votes to 11).

As Der Spiegel reports,

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Jun 02


FIFA’s Blatter resigns LIVE UPDATES (RT, June 2, 2015)

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May 31


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China Backs Putin on FIFA, Slams US


Yellow journalism, Western political psychopaths and Russia-hating behind FIFA ‘scandal’ (Russia Insider, May 29, 2015):

Try and find any public information that shows that Sepp Blatter is guilty of any of the charges of fraud or corruption that have ever been brought against him. You won’t find it. The only thing Blatter seems to have been “found guilty of” is “political correctness”, aka crimes against Western, liberal, capitalist, secular, atheist, war-loving culture.

For example, Blatter advised gay football fans planning to go to Qatar – a brutal dictatorship supported by the West and ruled by Sharia law, where homosexuality carries the death penalty – to “refrain” while there. That’s pretty good advice in my opinion. Continue reading »

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May 28

Putin Slams US Over FIFA Arrests: “Another Blatant Attempt By The US To Meddle Outside Its Jurisdiction” (ZeroHedge, May 28, 2015):

Following yesterday’s surprise DOJ indictment in which 14 FIFA affiliates were perp-walked out of Zurich’s swankiest hotel just days ahead of Sepp Blatter’s re-election, one person was quite displeased with this latest US intervention on the international arena: Russian president Vladimir Putin who accused the United States of meddling outside its jurisdiction by arresting officials from FIFA, further hinting that it was part of an attempt to take the 2018 World Cup away from his country.

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May 27

FIFA “Rampant” Corruption Exposed Following DOJ Indictment, 14 Arrested In Swiss Hotel – FBI/DoJ Press Conference Live Feed (ZeroHedge, May 27, 2015):

That FIFA has been a hotbed of corruption, shady backroom dealings and outright crime for years, has been known to anyone who has a passing interest in football. Which is why we were surprised to learn this morning that none other than the US Attorney General, seemingly content with all the wristslaps handed out to criminal US foreign banks (and subsequent SEC waivers) gave FIFA the red card in a charge detailing “rampant” corruption in international soccer hours after 14 officials were arrested on accusations of a 24-year scheme to enrich themselves through FIFA, whose office was searched in a series of dawn raids in Zurich.

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Jun 11

Added: Jun 8, 2014

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Jun 19

YouTube Added: 17.06.2013


This video was recorded right before the recent protests started, but with all of this going on, it becomes even more evident that the World Cup and the Olympics should not be our priority. The world has to know about what’s really going on. Continue reading »

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May 17

Military Robots Will Patrol World Cup (Mashable, May 16, 2013):

Even non-soccer fans know how hooliganism can quickly turn a harmless match into a veritable war zone, full of riots, stabbings, even death. To help keep the peace at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, FIFA has decided to go high-tech by enlisting military robots for security.

iRobot recently announced that it will outfit Brazil with 30 PackBot robots, units similar to those that have been deployed in Afghanistan, Iraq and inside Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant. Continue reading »

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Jul 08

Added: 8. July 2010

A psychic German octopus called ‘Paul’ could find himself on the menu if frustrated football fans get their way.

Famous for predicting world cup winners, he has a 100 percent record following Spain’s defeat over Germany yesterday.

But now his owner has received death threats and even recipe suggestions from football supporters who have found their teams on the wrong side of his predictive powers.

Paul will no doubt suck up the pressure ahead of Germany’s game against Uruguay this Saturday.

Oracle Paul ‘Psychic’ Octopus puts Spain, not Germany to WC final

Added: 6. July 2010

Football’s psychic sea creature – Paul The Octopus – is making yet another World Cup prediction.

But this time, the eight-tentacled oracle is betting on Spain winning the semi-final against his home country, Germany.

Paul has a perfect record when it comes to predicting the outcome of Germany’s World Cup matches.

So fans better keep their fingers crossed for Wednesday’s clash.

The psychic cephalopod’s even gained a few worldwide followers of his own.

And there’s no truth to the rumour that if Paul turns out to be right this time, he could end up on the sushi menu.

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