Ferrari Posts Record Sales In US; Doubled In January

Ferrari Posts Record Sales In US

The 1% Don’t Feel The Weather: Ferrari Posts Record Sales In US; Doubled In Jan (ZeroHedge, Feb 18, 2014):

First Mercedes, then Porsche, and now Ferrari and Maserati post record US sales in January…


…a month where the non-1%-auto-makers struggled mightily. Of course, the latter missed expectations are blamed on weather (as opposed to dealer inventories stuffed at record levels, a replacement cycle that has run its course, or a consumer that is once again credit-tapped out). So, the clear findings from this is that the 1% – who are buying more luxury cars than ever before in January – clearly don’t feel the weather…

Chinese Ultra-Luxury Car Bubble Pops As 1 Year Old Used Lamborghini Gallardo Sells 70% Off Sticker

Chinese Ultra-Luxury Car Bubble Pops As 1 Year Old Used Lambo Gallardo Sells 70% Off Sticker (ZeroHedge, July 31, 2012):

Rumors are circulating that reports of the demise of the Chinese auto market may be exaggerated now that even David Einhorn is forced to defend his GM long (because it “has a strong cash position” – sure, and stuffs channels like no other) however stripped of stereotypes and hype, the reality is that even the one time impregnable ultra luxury car market in China is now faltering at an ever faster pace. BusinessWeek reports: “Waiting lists for ultra-luxury cars in Hong Kong are getting shorter and used-car lots are cutting prices on Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bentleys in the latest sign of China’s slowdown. At first glance, the numbers are deceiving: Sales of very expensive new autos surged 47 percent in the first six months, according to industry analyst IHS Automotive. Look more deeply, however, and another picture emerges, especially in the city’s used-car lots.” The picture is ugly: ““The more expensive the car, the more dry the business,” said Tommy Siu at the Causeway Bay showroom of Vin’s Motors Co., the used-car dealership he founded two decades ago. Sales of ultra-luxury cars have halved in the past two or three months, he said. “A lot of bankers don’t want to spend too much money for a car now. At this moment, they don’t know if they’ll have a big bonus.”” Sad: they should all just go to Singapore and manipulate Libor. Oh wait, too soon?

Curiously, unlike virtually every other manipulated asset class, Hong Kong car sales provide a somewhat insulated view into the heart of China’s beating economy:

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Japan Epic Motorway Crash: 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, 1 Lamborghini, 1 Nissan Skyline And 1 Toyota Prius (Video)

Japan will ‘crash’:

Of Imminent Defaults And Self Deception: Hedge Fund Manager Kyle Bass Prepares For The Worst


The £2.5million motorway smash involving 8 Ferraris, 3 Mercedes, a Lamborghini, a Skyline and a humble Toyota Prius (which was in the wrong place at the wrong time) (Daily Mail, dec. 5, 2011):

Thirteen high-end sports car owners – and one driver of a Toyota Prius – were probably close to tears last night after a £2.5million motorway pile-up.

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FBI agent seizes Ferrari for ‘investigation’, takes it for a test spin .. and smashes it (then refuses to pay $750k damages)

Oops! FBI agent seizes Ferrari for ‘investigation’, takes it for a test spin.. and smashes it (then refuses to pay $750k damages) (Daily Mail, 26th May, 2011):

When the FBI managed to track down a stolen top-of-the-range Ferrari in 2008, its owner was understandably delighted.

But relief turned to red rage after one of the officers looking after the vehicle before its return took it out for a spin in Kentucky, lost control and smashed it into a hedge.

Now the owner is suing the U.S. Justice Department, driven to court after it refused to pay the $750,000 in damages to the wrecked sports car.

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