Jun 10

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German Rating Agency Feri Downgrades US Government Bonds: AAA to AA! (ZeroHedge, June 10, 2011):

The first Western downgrade of US government bonds is a fact! The German credit rating agency Feri lowered its rating on US debt by a full notch, from AAA to AA.

Here is the German press release:

Feri Downgrades US Gov Debt AAA to AA

Here’s the English translation:

Homburg, 8 June 2011 – The Bad Homburg Feri EuroRating & Research AG downgraded the first credit rating agency’s credit rating for the United States from AAA to AA. Feri analysts justify the downgrade by the continuing deterioration of the creditworthiness of the country due to high public debt, inadequate fiscal measures, and weaker growth prospects.

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