Stephen Lendman: Larry Kudlow Trump’s New Chief Economic Advisor

…another Rothschild puppet!

Larry Kudlow Trump’s New Chief Economic Advisor:

by Stephen Lendman

Kudlow succeeds Goldman Sachs alum Gary Cohn, both establishment figures.

Earlier, Kudlow was a Federal Reserve Bank of New York staff economist. During the Reagan administration’s first term, he was Office of Management and Budget associate director for economics and planning.

He appears regularly on CNBC and other business programs, contributing to the Wall Street Journal and other print media.

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Janet Yellen Starts Work At Brookings Institution On Monday

Yellen Starts Work At Brookings Institution On Monday:

A glitch in the monetary matrix?

Fed watchers will recall that shortly after he departed the Fed to make way for Janet Yellen, Ben Bernanke first joined the Brookings Institution in DC (before also joining PIMCO and Citadel as an advisor), where he became blogger emeritus. Fast forward a little over three years, when deja vu has hit, and as Steve Liesman reported moments ago, Janet Yellen – who is still technically employed by the Fed until this weekend – will begin work Monday morning as a distinguished fellow at the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Brookings Institution in Washington, DC.

In heading to Brookings, Yellen follows in the steps of former Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and former vice chairman Donald Kohn, along with former top Fed staffer Nellie Liang.

Yellen, 71, spent 17 years in the Federal Reserve system, including four as chair, four as vice chair, three as a Federal Reserve governor and six as San Francisco Fed president.

In addition to blogging, what will Yellen do at Brookings?

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Yesterday A Move Was Made To Collapse The Economy, It Was Blocked


Yesterday A Move Was Made To Collapse The Economy, It Was Blocked – Episode 1481:

 Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 40:08 — 46.7MB)

The retail crisis continues, more stores are declaring bankruptcy and closing down thousands of stores. Existing home sales and new home sales reverse course and decline rapidly. Steve Mnuchin made a move to collapse the economy, Trump blocked his attempt. A perfect storm is headed our way and there is now way out of it. The government know this the central banks know this and when it hits its going to be horrific. Countries are preparing to detach themselves from the dollar and move into other types of currencies, the yuan and controlled cryptocurrencies.The entire economic system is ripping itself apart, we are at the end game. The missing text messages have been found. The cabal pushes their agenda to take control of the narrative of the story regarding the memo, calling it a conspiracy theory, the Russian’s did it etc, this will fail.Mueller will speak with Trump under oath to try to catch him in a lie, this is all they have left because there is no Russian collusion.North Korea and South Korea speak of coming together and having peace. The Kurdish people call on Assad to send the Syrian Army to protect Syrian Sovereignty from Turkey. Turkey makes it clear that they won’t attack the Syrian Army. Soros pushes the agenda for the cabal (deep state). Saying the world is not headed in the right direction.

H/t reader eric:

“This is worth listening to, if only to let you know where to shop over the weekend.”

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Gold, Yuan, Or Crypto? Ron Paul Asks ‘What Will Replace Dollar Hegemony?’

Gold, Yuan, Or Crypto? Ron Paul Asks ‘What Will Replace Dollar Hegemony?’:

All Empires have collaborators and accomplices.

Creditors, vassals, and partners will play ball with the Empire if they see it in their interest to do so.

But once the Empire over-stretches militarily or financially (or both) the search for the exit door begins.

Ron Paul discusses the race to get away from the dollar on today’s Liberty Report…

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The Washington Post Propagandizes Again: Says ‘Fedcoin’ Will Be ‘Bigger’ Than Bitcoin

The Washington Post Propagandizes Again: Says ‘Fedcoin’ Will Be ‘Bigger’ Than Bitcoin:

Fedcoin doesn’t even exist yet, and yet the Washington Post is already hyping it as the primary cryptocurrency that we will be using in the future.

Do they know something that they rest of us do not?

Just a few days ago I warned that global central banks could eventually try to take control of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, and so I was deeply alarmed to see the Post publish this sort of an article.  We want cryptocurrencies to stay completely independent, and we definitely do not want the Federal Reserve and other global central banks to start creating their own versions.  Because of course once they create their own versions they will want to start restricting the use of any competitors.

The one thing that could derail the cryptocurrency revolution faster than anything else would be interference by national governments or global central banks.  Unfortunately, now that Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are getting so much attention, it is inevitable that the powers that be will make a move.

On Monday, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by Professor Campbell R. Harvey of Duke University that was entitled “Bitcoin is big. But fedcoin is bigger.”  These days, there is an agenda behind virtually everything that the Washington Post publishes, and so it is not just a coincidence that they have published an article with “fedcoin” in the title.  Here is how that article begins

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David Stockman: The Coming Fiscal Derailment—Why FY 2019 Will Sink The Casino

The Coming Fiscal Derailment—Why FY 2019 Will Sink The Casino:

By David Stockman

Since last November 8th the Russell 2000 has risen by 30% and the net Federal debt has expanded by an astounding $1.0 trillion dollars.

In a rational world operating with honest financial markets those two results would not be found in even remotely the same zip code; and especially not in month #102 of a tired economic expansion and at the inception of an epochal pivot by the Fed to QT (quantitative tightening) on a scale never before imagined.

And we do mean exactly those words. By next April the Fed will be shrinking its balance sheet at $360 billion annual rate and by $600 billion per year as of next October.

Altogether, the Fed’s balance is scheduled to contract by upwards $2 trillion by the end of 2020. And it’s apparently on a path that is so locked-in—-barring a recession—that Janet Yellen affirmed in her swan song that the Fed’s giant bond dumping program (euphemistically called “portfolio runoff”) would no longer even be mentioned in its post-meeting statements.

So the net of it is this: The Fed will sell more bonds in the next 3-4 years than had been accumulated by all of the central banks of the world in all of recorded history as of 1995!

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Fed Chair Janet Yellen at her final press conference: “There is less to lose sleep about now than has been true for quite some time”

And yes, exactly the opposite of what Yellen said is the truth…


Fed raises interest rates, keeps 2018 policy outlook unchanged:

It also allowed Fed Chair Janet Yellen, at her final press conference before her term ends in February, to signal an all-clear for the U.S. economy a decade after the onset of the 2007-2009 recession.

“At the moment the U.S. economy is performing well. The growth that we’re seeing, it’s not based on, for example, an unsustainable buildup of debt … The global economy is doing well, we’re in a synchronized expansion,” Yellen said. “There is less to lose sleep about now than has been true for quite some time, so I feel good about the economic outlook.”

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Peter Schiff Warns Of “Too Big To Pop” Bubble – “Everybody Is Going To Get Wiped Out!”


Peter Schiff Warns Of “Too Big To Pop” Bubble – “Everybody Is Going To Get Wiped Out!”:

Money manager Peter Schiff correctly predicted the financial meltdown in 2008.

Now, 10 years later, what does Schiff see today?  Schiff says,

“I predicted a lot more than just the stock market going down back then.  I predicted the financial crisis, but more importantly, I predicted what the government would do as a result of the financial crisis and what the consequences of that would be because that’s where we’re headed. 

The real crash I wrote about in my most recent book is still coming…

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I know some people don’t like charts, but I think they tell stories. The two charts below tell a story the mainstream media, Trump, Wall Street, and the Deep State don’t want revealed.

The first chart shows the year over year percentage change in personal income taxes collected by the Federal government and the second chart shows the year over year percentage change in corporate income taxes collected by the Federal government.

The government drones can’t seasonally adjust, massage, or fake these numbers like they can inflation and unemployment.

A critical thinking person might ask, how can the unemployment rate have fallen to levels last seen in 2007 if personal income taxes collected has been essentially flat for the last two years?

The last time unemployment was supposedly this low, the Feds were collecting taxes at a 12% to 18% annual rate over the prior year. Either the BLS is lying about the unemployment rate or the jobs being added are nothing but low paying shit jobs.

A critical thinking person might ask, if the stock market is at record highs because the economy is doing so well and corporations are rolling in dough, why have corporate taxes collected by the Federal government declined for the last three years?

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The Economic End Game Continues

What “IF” the New World Order has been planned to be installed AFTER the coming (planned) financial collapse & hyperinflation, (planned) all-out civil war and (planned) WW3 all along?

500 million to 1 billion people are much easier to control than a world population of 7.6 billion people.

To install the NWO AFTER a massive worldwide depopulation ‘program’ has always be the plan.

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

(I’ve been informed that – right now – the Balkans are flooded with Al-Qaeda & ISIS fighters! I have also been informed – about a year ago – by another source that locals have even told their government about ISIS/Jihadi training camps, but there is no response whatsoever coming from the government.)

Destabilization is well on its way everywhere you look.

Continue to prepare for total collapse (and global cooling & empty supermarkets) and read the commentary (by reader squodgy) down below.


The Economic End Game Continues:

In November of 2014 I published an article titled ‘The Economic End Game Explained’. In it I outlined what I believed would be the process by which globalists would achieve what they call the “new world order” or what they sometimes call the “global economic reset.” As I have shown in great detail in the past, the globalist agenda includes a fiscal end game; a prize or trophy that they hope to obtain. This prize is a completely centralized global economic structure, rooted in a single central bank for the world, the removal of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency, the institution of the SDR basket system which will act as a bridge for single a global currency supplanting all others and, ultimately, global governance of this system by a mere handful of “elites.”

The timeline for this process is unclear, but there is some indication of when the “beginning of the end” would commence. As noted in the globalist owned magazine The Economist, in an article titled “Get Ready For The Phoenix,” the year of 2018 seems to be the launching point for the great reset. This timeline is supported by the numerous measures already taken to undermine dollar dominance in international trade as well as elevate the International Monetary Fund’s SDR basket. It is clear that the globalists have deadlines they intend to meet.

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Trump ‘Picks’ (NOT Selects) Powell To Be Next Fed Chair

The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.

Trump Picks Powell To Be Next Fed Chair:

According to The Wall Street Journal, President Trump has picked Jerome Powell to be the next Federal Reserve Chair.

* * *

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The Swamp Wins: Trump Expected To Nominate Powell To Replace Yellen

Every nominee would have caused the swamp to win.

And Trump will only ‘pick’, not select, the Fed chair to this privately run corporation.

The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express.

That said, Trump, like Hillary Rotten Clinton, has always been the swamp.

The Swamp Wins: Trump Expected To Nominate Powell To Replace Yellen

* * *

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The Death of the Dollar

The Death of the Dollar:


As mentioned in various previous articles.  The Mystery, Babylon world banking system will soon come to an end (i.e. the Rothschild’s and the Federal Reserve) and the Kingdom of God will begin.  Although the USA is only a part of the new Mystery, Babylon beast system, it is currently a major player with its established Federal Reserve and its many wars for the “Greater Israel” expansion.

The Zionist Khazarian’s (descendants of Japeth) initiated the Federal Reserve System in 1914.  This FR system is not owned or operated by Americans, but is owned (shareholders) by several foreign banking systems and individuals (primarily the Rothschild’s) and it has always had a Khazarian (i.e. so-called Jew) administrator.  The FRS prints US money (at little to no cost) and then loans that free printed money to the US government at interest.

The next step for the Khazarian’s (sometimes referred to as the Khazarian mafia) was the creation of the Internal Revenue Service.  This allowed the USG to collect money for the payment of Federal Reserve interest.  The principal headquarters for the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and the United States Corporation (which is not the US government) are located in Puerto Rico which is merely a territory and not a physical part of the United States as are the 50 states.  Thus Puerto Rico will never be the 51st state under the current conditions and current US corporate system.

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$1 Trillion In Liquidity Is Leaving: “This Will Be The Market’s First Crash-Test In 10 Years”

$1 Trillion In Liquidity Is Leaving: “This Will Be The Market’s First Crash-Test In 10 Years”:

“The undoing of loose monetary policies (NIRP, ZIRP), and the transitioning from ‘Peak Quantitative Easing’ to Quantitative Tightening, will create a liquidity withdrawal of over $1 trillion in 2018 alone. This will be the first real crash-test for markets in 10 years.”

* * *

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Fed’s Dudley Sent Puerto Rico A “Plane Loaded With Cash”

“We thought the cash was going to be a problem… [but] the magnitude of this is something we haven’t experienced…”

Fed’s Dudley Sent Puerto Rico A “Plane Loaded With Cash”:

In the days following Hurricane Maria’s devastating blow to Puerto Rico, air traffic on the island came to a complete standstill as airport damage prevented commercial pilots from servicing the island.  That said, with the island economy grinding to a halt, San Juan International apparently managed to find a way to accept one very important plane…a “jet loaded with an undisclosed amount of cash” from New York Fed president William Dudley.  Per Bloomberg:

Less than a week into the massive blackout that followed Hurricane Maria and essentially turned Puerto Rico into a cash-only economy, one top local banker became so concerned about the supply of bills that he called the Federal Reserve.

William Dudley, the New York Fed president, put the word out within minutes, and ultimately a jet loaded with an undisclosed amount of cash landed on the stricken island, according to Richard Carrion, the Popular Inc. executive chairman who made the call. He and Chief Executive Officer Ignacio Alvarez reflected on the chaotic early days of the crisis in an interview Friday at their office in San Juan’s Hato Rey financial district.

“We thought the cash was going to be a problem,” said Carrion, 64, whose bank is the biggest in Puerto Rico by deposits. “The magnitude of this is something we haven’t experienced.” Suzanne Elio, a New York Fed spokeswoman, declined to comment on the money shipment.

The executives described corporate clients’ urgent requests for hundreds of thousands in cash to meet payrolls, and the challenge of finding enough armored cars to satisfy endless demand at ATMs. Such were the days after Maria devastated the U.S. territory last month, killing 39 people, crushing buildings and wiping out the island’s energy grid. As early as the day after the storm, the Fed began working to get money onto the island, according to a person with knowledge of the matter, who asked not to be named discussing the Fed’s preparations.

Of course, as we’ve noted before, nearly three weeks after Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico on September 20th, some 90% of the island is still without power and the resulting damage to the local economy will undoubtedly have long-lasting effects.

Nine of ten Puerto Ricans are still without power, half the island has no drinking water, schools are closed, there’s a government-mandated curfew — and businesses everywhere are trying to cope. At Popular, half of branches remained shuttered Friday, as did two-thirds of ATMs.

Alvarez, 58, is a Harvard Law School graduate who took over as Popular’s CEO earlier this year. Previously, the post was held by Carrion, whose family has helped run the firm for generations. Alvarez said that stores have closed and workers have been laid off as a result of the storm, which is a worry for the bank.

“More than property damage to our collateral, which is not going to be that great, is the economic disruption caused by the hurricane,” he said.

The lack of power was a nightmare for dialysis and cancer patients, as well as the elderly trapped in condominiums without air conditioning. The blackout also means that this corner of credit-card dependent America is relearning how to function almost entirely in cash. When some generator-powered ATMs finally opened, lines stretched hours long, with people camping out in beach chairs and holding umbrellas against the sun.

Popular could face a downgrade by Fitch Ratings on concerns that the storm’s after-effects may harm business. Its stock has dropped 11 percent since the storm in New York trading, and is down 19 percent for the year.

Meanwhile, the even larger threat to the Puerto Rican economy is that residents will simply decide they’ve had enough of the island life, and the constant threat of devastating hurricanes that comes along with it, and jump ship to the mainland.  As Bloomberg notes, the island already loses roughly 2% of its population a year to the continental United States but, with many people being evacuated in the days following September 20th, it’s very likely that 2017 will see a much larger exodus.

A major concern, both men agreed, was the prospect of a mass exodus to the U.S. mainland. Governor Ricardo Rossello has warned that, if the aid package being debated in Washington falls short, “millions” could leave the island. The population has already been shrinking 2 percent annually for three years running on the island of 3.4 million, due in large part to a decade-long economic lull.

“There is a danger” of flight, Carrion said. “I don’t need a visa. I don’t need anything to go there. I have relatives in Orlando, or I have relatives in Houston, or I have relatives in New Jersey.”

“Everybody has relatives in the states,” said Alvarez, cutting him off.

“Yeah, everybody,” Carrion said. “There’s more Puerto Ricans in the continental U.S. than here. So everybody’s got a relative.”

…all of which has Democrats laying out the welcome mats in the key swing state of Florida…never let a good crisis go to waste

* * *

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