Jan 22

Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries

Air Force Turns to Supersonic Mercenaries (The Daily Best, Jan 20, 2015):

The ‘smallest Air Force in history’ is dealing with more missions than ever. So the flyboys are calling in the military contractors to operate their jets.
The U.S. Air Force fleet of planes and pilots is stretched so thin, the service is considering hiring private military corporations flying supersonic jets to train its fighter jocks in mock air combat.The Air Force is being forced to consider such desperate measures because it doesn’t have enough fighter jets and trained aircrew to fly missions where they would simulate enemy warplanes—also called “red air” in military slang. Continue reading »

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Dec 30

U.S. finalizes $30 billion weapons deal with Saudi Arabia (Haaretz, Dec. 29, 2011):

White House says agreement – under which 84 F-15 fighter jets will be sold to the kingdom, will help U.S. economy and strengthen regional security.

The U.S has finalized the sale of F-15 fighter Jets to Saudi Arabia in a deal worth 30 billion dollars, Principal Deputy Press Secretary Joshua Earnest said in a statement on Thursday.

According to the statement, the agreement includes “production of 84 new aircraft and the modernization of 70 existing aircraft as well as munitions, spare parts, training, maintenance and logistics.”

Last year, Israel tried to prevent the contract going through, fearing it would undermine its air force superiority.

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