Sep 01

Meanwhile At Budapest Main Train Station (Live Feed) (ZeroHedge, Sept 1, 2015):

In an unprecedented move to stem the tsunami of migrants entering Europe, Hungary has decided to stop all trains at Budapest main train station to stop refugees – most of them from conflict areas such as Syria – from entering the EU onwards to Austria and Germany. For now, there are 1000s of refugees waiting at the station, with entrances blocked by police.

Clashes occurred earlier…

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Sep 01

Hungary Shuts Down Rail Traffic for Westward-Bound Migrants (AP, Sept 1, 2015)

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Sep 01

H/t reader squodgy:

“Joining more dots….after NODISINFO’s comprehensive analysis of the French train/US ‘civilians disarming a ‘would be’ terrorist, TUT has linked the whole thing to ……you know who……”


‘Around 800 jihadis across Europe ready to attack’ (The Ugly Truth, Aug 31, 2015):

Ed-note (Sabba) – As the article mentions that false flag attack which took place on the Thalys train between Amsterdam and Paris, I would like to add here a couple of notes about it.

Thalys current CEO is a woman called Agnès Ogier. Mrs. Ogier started her professional career with an american company called BOOZ ALLEN HAMILTON (BAH). Bloomberg published an article on BAH, calling it ‘the most profitable spy organization’ (LINK). James R. Clapper, the current Director of National Intelligence, also comes from BAH.

The patsy-alleged terrorist, Ayoub Al Khazzani, moved to France from Spain, after he got a job with a telecom company called Lyca Mobile.

Lyca Mobile’s CEO is a jew called Alain Jochimek, 63 years old who also happens to be one of CRIF representatives. The CRIF is the french equivalent of AIPAC, the group which selects, nominates and anoints all french presidents.

Alain Jochimek is also the vice-president of the B’nai Brith France.

The american heroes who saved France – once again – were seen following Ayoub Al Khazzani from Brussels. But on a positive note, let us celebrate the fact that this time around, no French woman was raped during this latest american rescue operation of the poor and helpless French people.

To sum up the Thalys story: it stinks from miles away.


‘Around 800 jihadis across Europe ready to attack’ (THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, Aug 27, 2015):

Spanish counter-terrorism officials warned this week that around 800 Islamist militants are preparing to launch attacks around Europe.

The intelligence sources said that the extremists had mostly returned from Syria or Iraq where they had been recruited by Daesh or groups affiliated to al-Qaeda.

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Aug 27

Former Greek FinMin Varoufakis Launches Pan-European Anti-Austerity Political Party (ZeroHedge, Aug 27, 2015):

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Aug 26


“Greece’s state insurance funds are resorting to external loans to cover their needs as fears grow that the measures of the third bailout will not be enough to cover the rest of 2015’s liquidity needs.”

Meanwhile In Greece, Pension Funds Tap Emergency Loans (ZeroHedge, Aug 25, 2015):

This has not been a great year to be a pensioner in Greece.

Over the course of the country’s fraught bailout talks, Greece’s pension system was frequently in the troika’s crosshairs. As for PM Alexis Tsipras, pension cuts were generally considered to be a so-called “red line” and intractable disagreements over pension reform quite frequently resulted in the total breakdown of negotiations.  Continue reading »

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Aug 24


All the charts you need here:

“Black Monday” Brings Global Market Rout, Investors Mourn The Death Of Central Bank Omnipotence (ZeroHedge, Aug 24, 2015)



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Aug 22

Migrant Influx Prompts Macedonia, Britain and France to Increase Security (New York Times, Aug 20, 2015):

BERLIN — Europe’s migration crisis took on new dimensions Thursday as at least three countries announced added security measures to address the biggest movement of refugees and migrants seen here since the aftermath of World War II.

The sheer numbers of migrants are now clogging critical choke points across Europe. In July alone, 107,500 migrants entered the 28-nation European Union, according to Frontex, the bloc’s border management agency. That was more than three times the number in the same month last year.

The latest country to be overwhelmed by the surge was the tiny Balkan nation of Macedonia. It declared a state of emergency on Thursday and said it would deploy the military to restore calm to its southern border with Greece and its northern frontier with Serbia. Continue reading »

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Aug 21


–  Carnage: Worst Week For Stocks In 4 Years, VIX Soars Most Ever  (ZeroHedge, Aug 21, 2015)

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Aug 21

Blood On The Streets Of Europe – Stocks Crash By Most In 4 Years, Bond Risk Surges (ZeroHedge, Aug 21, 2015):

Carnage – everywhere. A surging EUR – as CNH carry traders unwind en masse – has led to an unwind across most risky assets in Europe. This week saw EuroStoxx 600 – the broad index – crash almost 6%, its biggest drop since September 2011. Perhaps most stunningly, Germany’s DAX was the biggest loser – collapsing 7.4% on the week. European bonds are are also seeing risk increase dramatically with Portugal and Italy worst (aside from Greece’s blowout). Europe’s VIX topped 30 this week, as US VIX surges.

Worst weeek for European stocks in 4 years..


Led by a complete collapse in DAX… Continue reading »

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Aug 21


Another Black Swan? Syriza Outcasts Form New Political Party, Will Push For Grexit (ZeroHedge, Aug 21, 2015):

Once upon a time, Panagiotis Lafazanis had a plan to save Greece.

On July 14, just two days after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sold out the Greek referendum “no” vote by agreeing to a shockingly punitive bailout deal in Brussels, Lafazanis convened a meeting of Syriza party “rebels” at a hotel in Athens. There, he allegedly attempted to convince his fellow lawmakers to storm the Greek mi Continue reading »

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Aug 21

H/t reader squodgy.

He commented here “Engineered Drought Catastrophe, Target California (Video)“:

“And Europe perhaps?”

* **

It is all planned.

There will be hunger and civil war (also in France, Italy and Germany) in Europe after the financial collapse.

And after that the Illuminati have WW3 (no full nuclear exchange) planned for us.

Europe hit by the strongest drought in the last 12 years (The Watchers, Aug 21, 2015):

One of the worst droughts since the heat wave of the 2003 summer season affected a large part of continental Europe during June and July 2015, European Drought Observatory (EDO) reported. The drought has been especially strong across France, Benelux, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, the areas in northern Italy and northern Spain.

The drought resulted from the combination of rain shortage since April and very high temperatures brought by the heat wave in July. The combination of these conditions resulted in high plant evapotranspiration levels, and strongly affected the soil moisture content and vegetation conditions.

soil moisture content

Areas with the lowest soil moisture content since 1990 in July 2015 (in red) and in July 2003 (blue). Continue reading »

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Aug 20


Greek PM Alexis Tsipras To Resign; New Elections Set For September 20 (ZeroHedge, Aug 20, 2015):


“Greek state broadcaster ERT is reporting that the embattled prime minister will announce the vote later today. The PM has been meeting with government officials this afternoon and could resign from office having called the vote. September 13 and 20 have been touted as possible dates.”

Wow …

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Aug 19

EU Commission Declares Report on Glyphosate Risk Assessment A Secret (Sustainable Pulse, Aug 18, 2015):

he EU Commission is refusing to let independent experts have access to the report prepared by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) on the risk assessment of glyphosate.

EU Commission Declares Report on Glyphosate Risk Assessment A Secret


In a letter to Testbiotech dated 10 August 2015, the Commission says that the documents made available to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) by the German government “are protected in their entirety” as confidential. The EU Commission can see “no overriding public interest” that would justify access. There is, however, clearly public interest in the matter since the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World health Organisation (WHO) has already declared that glyphosate is probably carcinogenic to humans. However, the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), is claiming there would be no risk to human health.

As stated in the letter from the EU Commission, “disclosure of these documents at this stage of the process will be premature and would seriously undermine EFSA’s on-going decision-making process”. Nevertheless, it appears that Monsanto and other producers of glyphosate have already had access since they reviewed an advanced draft of the report, dated January 2015. Soon afterwards, industry quickly published a scientific paper claiming that glyphosate would not be carcinogenic. This was then promptly picked up by the German authority for the final version of its report.

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Aug 19

EU Commission Declares Report on Glyphosate Risk Assessment A Secret

EU Commission Says None of Your Business on Glyphosate Risk Assessment (Activist Post, Aug 19, 2015):

The EU Commission is refusing to let independent researchers anywhere near a recent glyphosate risk assessment. Of course, it makes people wonder all the more when the Commission says there should be no overriding “public interest” and acts as though revealing the results were a matter of national security.

Unlike propagandists acting as scientism skeptics, who pretend it’s safe to drink glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide) – many other studies and observations prove that human exposure is hazardous. Sometimes it’s finding out that glyphosate can lead to breast cancer in parts per trillion, that it hijacks hormones and is found in breast milk and in rain samples. Sometimes it’s a farmer waking up to discover that his piglets are deformed and dying – so he sends them off to a lab. Sometimes you find out that the so-called experts who tell us to “trust science” as they pretend to drink glyphosate are actually getting funds from Monsanto. Continue reading »

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Aug 18

This Is Sparta

This is Sparta – 1,000 Bitcoin ATMs are Coming to Greece (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Aug 18, 2015):

I simply cannot stress enough how important Greece is to freedom, liberty and civilization across the globe. Greece is not a one-off, or merely a small nation in big trouble that holds little relevance for the rest of us. Greece is everything.

What is happening to Greece follows the exact same game plan of what will eventually happen to every other supposedly sovereign nation. First there is an explosion of debt. Then a crisis. Then a bailout. Then creditor imposed hardship is forced upon the average population, in conjunction with unlimited bailouts for the bankers and other oligarch criminals. Finally, when a public which mistakenly believes it is living in a democracy exercises its right to national sovereignty, the sad truth is exposed. They are not a people living under a free political system. Continue reading »

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Aug 18

Greek Liquidation Sale Begins: German Company Wins Privatization Bid For 14 Greek Regional Airports (ZeroHedge, Aug 18, 2015):

Greek Liquidation Sale Begins: German Company Wins Privatization Bid For 14 Greek Regional Airports

Who would have thought.

A German company, airport operator FRAPORT won the bid to operate and maintain 14 regional airports, considered to be top of the top in Greece. With an offer of 1.23 billion euro, the consortium of Fraport-Slentel (a unit of Greek energy group Copelouzos) won the bid to lease the regional airports for 40+10 years. Among the 14 regional airports are those on most popular tourist Greek islands like Mykonos, Rhodes, Kos, Santorini and Corfu. It is the first privatization deal under SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government and the biggest privatization deal in Greece since beginning of the crisis and the bailout programs in 2010. Continue reading »

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Aug 18

Greek Deposits Become Eligible For Bail-In On January 1, 2016 (ZeroHedge, Aug 17, 2015):

Earlier today an EU official was reported as saying that Greek banks will exclude all depositors from losses until the EU’s Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive rules go into effect on Jan. 1, 2016.  Needless to say this was vastly different to Dijsselbloem’s blanket guarantee statement from Friday, and suggests that depositors will indeed be bailed-in, but not right now: only after BRRD rules come in place on the first day of 2016.

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Aug 15

Dominos countries

“China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden – it is beyond us how anyone can declare the crisis isn’t spreading. Be prepared – there are going to be lots of opportunities to both make and lose money. But first, you have to recognize what is happening.”

The Crisis Is Spreading: China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Sweden… (ZeroHedge, Aug 15, 2015):

Earlier today, we posted an excerpt from IceCap Asset Management’s latest letter to investors focusing on the farce that is the Greek bailout #3, which can be summarized simply by the following table…

greece next steps

… and Keith Dicker’s assessment which was that “for Greece, it’s mathematically impossible to repay its debt” and that the Greek “economy continues to plummet to deeper depths and is now -33% less than where it was in 2008.”

But the truth is that for all the endless drama, Dicker continues, “the Greek debt crisis isn’t THE crisis. Rather it is simply a symptom of a much larger global debt crisis.” Continue reading »

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Aug 15

Just in time before ‘Turkey will explode’?

Soldiers of the German armed forces Bundeswehr stand next to a PAC-2 launcher

Germany to withdraw its ballistic missiles from Turkey (RT, Aug 15, 2015):

The German Defense Ministry announced it is to end its border protection mission in Turkey and remove its missile-defense batteries from the country. The decision was taken due to “low ballistic missile threat” as well as the “high costs of the mission.”

The defense ministry confirmed that the contingent of the Bundeswehr, the German army, taking part in a NATO operation called Active Fence Turkey (AFTUR), along with its Patriot missile systems, would be withdrawn from the Turkish border by the end of January 2016, after its mandate ends. Continue reading »

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Aug 15


Study: Germany made €100bn profit on Greek crisis (Keep Talking Greece, Aug 10, 2015):

What? I don’t believe it! Rea-lly? Germany made a 100 billion euro profit on Greek crisis? No, kidding? HA! And yes, so it is! A study conducted by a German Economic Institute has shown that every time investors got bad news about Greece, they rushed to Germany’s ‘safe haven’ with the effect that the interest rates on German government bonds were falling!

“Greece’s biggest creditor Germany has made a huge profit on the country’s debt crisis over the last 5 years as it saved through lower interest payments on funds borrowed amid investor “flights to safety.”

Each time investors got bad news about Greece, they rushed to the ‘safe haven’ of Germany, with the interest rates on German government bonds falling, according to the study from the private, non-profit Leibniz Institute of Economic Research, Agence France-Presse reported Monday. Continue reading »

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