First Act Of Bioterrorism In Germany: Ehec Identified As Biological Terrorist Attack, HUSEC 41 Confirms Bioterrorism-Thesis

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1. Ehec-Anschläge bedrohen die EU
1.Ehec attacks threaten the EU

2. (2011-05-27) Ehec: HUSEC 41 bestätigt Bioterror-These
2. Ehec: HUSEC 41 confirmed bioterrorism-thesis

3. (2011-05-26) Ehec als biologischer Terroranschlag ausgemacht
3. Ehec identified as a biological terrorist attack

4. (2011-05-25) Ehec-Infektion kann Bioterror-Anschlag sein
4. Ehec: wave of infections can be bioterrorism attack

5. (2011-05-25) Ehec: Drohender Versorgungskollaps alarmiert Nierenfachärzte
5. Ehec: Threatened supply collapse alarmed nephrologists

1.Ehec attacks threaten the EU:

Still, it speaks no one officially, you can read it for us set after an analysis of recent facts: The contamination with EHEC pathogens in Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands may be no accident – but the well-designed shape of the first bioterrorist attack on the EU. A look at the epidemiological evidence Statsitiken since 2000: although EHEC Erkrankunegn 1,200 per year are normal, die in Germany, only between zero and three people from the consequences of the infection. Now that within a week, six people lost their lives, these sources lack of hygienic conditions in the factories explain. Spain would be stamped as the cause distraction from the real dangers.

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