Jan 01

Richer than a refugee: David Miliband gets lavish £425k to head International Rescue Committee:

Former Foreign Secretary David Miliband earns almost three times more than the British prime minister in his role as head of a refugee charity in New York, it has been revealed.

The Blairite ex-Labour MP earns $600,000 (£425,000) annually for working a 37-and-a-half hour week as president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, according to journalist Sebastian Shakespeare of the Daily Mail.

Miliband’s salary is almost $200,000 (£135,000) more than his predecessor, George Rupp, who earned $413,000 (£280,000) a year. Continue reading »

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Nov 04

Feminists Harriet Harrman and Nick Clegg

Top politicians wore feminist T-shirts made by women making less than $1 an hour (RT, Nov 3, 2014):

A company and charity behind feminist T-shirts worn by top UK politicians, such as Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg, are under pressure to explain why the women making them in Mauritius work in dire conditions for paltry wages and sleep 16 to a room.

The T-shirts featuring the slogan, ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ have been selling for £45 ($72) in the UK. However, the female workers producing the garments make just a fraction of their retail price, earning 62 pence ($1) an hour.

The allegations were made by the British newspaper, the Mail on Sunday, who sent a reporter and a photographer to the island in the Indian Ocean, where the T-shirts are made. They ascertained the workers earn just a quarter of the minimum wage in the country, and that each T-shirt costs just over £9 ($14) to make.

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