Sep 25


‘Travesty’: Nestlé Outbids Another Town for Control of Local Water Supply:

Corporate giant Nestlé continued its privatization creep on Thursday as it won approval to take over another Canadian community’s water supply, claiming it needed the well to ensure “future business growth.”

Nestlé purchased the well near Elora, Ontario from Middlebrook Water Company last month after making a conditional offer in 2015, the Canadian Press reports.

In August, the Township of Centre Wellington made an offer to purchase the Middlebrook well site to protect access to the water for the community. Consequently, the multinational—which claimed it had no idea the community was its competitor—waived all its conditions and matched the township’s offer in order to snag the well for itself. Continue reading »

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Sep 23

Hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) was just found in 75% of drinking water… the mass chemical suicide of America is under way:

An Environmental Working Group review of government water analysis data reveals that 75% of drinking water in America is contaminated with cancer-causing hexavalent chromium (also known as chromium-6). In a widely publicized report, EWG warns that 200 million Americans are right now being exposed to this toxic chemical in their water.

This is on top of our own efforts at where my lab tested hundreds of municipal water samples from across the country and found high levels of lead and other heavy metals in 6.7% of samples.
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Sep 17

Florida Fertilizer Plant Sinkhole Reportedly Leaks 215 Million Gallons of Radioactive Water Into Aquifer:

A massive sinkhole at a fertilizer plant in Mulberry, Florida, has caused about 215 million gallons of radioactive water to drain down into the Floridian aquifer system, according to ABC affiliate WFTS.

The aquifer system supplies drinking water to millions of Florida residents, according to the St. Johns Water Management District’s website. Additionally, water that escapes from the aquifers create springs used for recreational activities like snorkeling and swimming. Continue reading »

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Aug 23

A solar still/solar water distiller is not difficult to build.

There have been lots of videos on YouTube that show how to build one yourself.

Many solar stills that have won international awards and were designed to help Africa produce clean water, but they never made it to the market and never reached all those countries in desperate need of clean water and I do not wonder why this is the case.

If you are interested, and you should be, because you may find yourself one day in a survival situation, take a look at all those different ways to make safe and relatively pure water:

Gaza Man Invents Solar Powered Water Purification Tank for War-Torn Town:

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has left almost 90 percent of the water supply unfit for people to drink. Fayez al-Hindi has devised a homemade water desalinization setup that is helping to solve the water crisis, though, as some Gaza residents face running out of water in mere months. It runs on solar power and a little ingenuity.

Three years of jets bombing the Gaza strip have left the territory’s water infrastructure extremely unstable. Both reservoirs above ground and below have been damaged, so even when it rains, the water is often contaminated, and made unfit to drink. More than $34 million dollars’ worth of damage has been done to Gaza’s water infrastructure. Continue reading »

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Aug 21

India 8 liters for 7 days, for drinking and all other needs

India’s water crisis: 8 liters for 7 days, for drinking and all other needs (RT DOCUMENTARY) :

People in Indian states which were once agricultural leaders in the country, now have to pay for water delivered from other regions. The RT Documentary (RTD) team has traveled to areas suffering from a severe water crisis.

A water tanker delivers water to villages in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan, bordering Pakistan, once a week. There are no other sources of water anywhere nearby, locals told RTD journalists, saying their once fertile lands are turning into a desert. Continue reading »

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Aug 07

Stunning Images From America’s Most Important Aquifer:

The Ogallala aquifer stretches from South Dakota all the way south to Texas and is the largest aquifer in the United States holding as much water as Lake Huron at 2.9 billion acre feet.  The Ogallala single handedly turned the arid High Plains region of the midwest into a $20 billion a year agricultural powerhouse that produces one-fifth of the country’s wheat, corn and beef cattle.  The problem is that the water in the Ogallala, like many aquifers in the world, is being pumped dryIn many places the aquifer is dropping a foot a year and in other places it has already run dry. 

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Aug 04


Florida raises allowable limits of cancer-causing chemicals in drinking water ahead of fracking boom:

On Tuesday, July 26, Florida’s Environmental Regulation Commission voted 3-2 in favor of passing controversial new water quality standards that will raise the maximum allowable levels of more than two dozen cancer-causing chemicals to be dumped into the state’s rivers and streams.

The new standards, which were based on Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recommendations, were passed despite strong opposition from clean water advocates who say that the move poses a serious health threat and paves the way for widespread fracking operations in the state. Continue reading »

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Jul 22

Related info:

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

If you knew what was in tap water you would never drink it again:

Water is essential to all life on Earth. When it comes to humans, our bodies require water for virtually every biological process needed to stay alive.

Playing a crucial part in the body’s overall digestive system, water helps to flush out your kidneys and liver, and to rid your body of any previously ingested toxins.

If water is such an essential tool in the removal of harmful substances, why would we ever want to contaminate it?

Unknown to many, most tap water has been found to contain traces of a myriad of potentially harmful toxins, including antibiotics and heavy metals. According to the Global Healing Center, “There are more than 80 ‘regulated’ contaminants and more unregulated toxins, like the rocket fuel component perchlorate which are present in most tap water.” Continue reading »

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Jun 30

Nestlé Discovers Water in the Arizona Desert, and Bottles It:

Despite a 17-year drought, Phoenix has welcomed the sale of its water as a consumer product—but for how long?

A Nestlé bottling unit is opening a new plant in drought-stricken Phoenix because that’s where the water is. Really.

Drought? Desert? Water? The pure dissonance provoked understandable controversy among the sand-lubbers who make up one of the top three U.S. markets in per capita water-bottle-swigging.

“It’s hard for people to hold in their minds,” said Sarah Porter, director of the Kyl Water Center at Arizona State University. “Those two things don’t seem compatible.” And yet the question remains—how can they bottle water in the desert?

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Jun 22


Obama’s EPA caught covering up high heavy metals pollution across U.S. cities as federal government wages multi-faceted WAR against its own citizens:

Our citizen-powered EPA Watch program has now resulted in the open source publishing of heavy metals contamination tests of 230 municipal water samples across America. The results show that two to three per cent of the U.S. water is highly contaminated with toxic heavy metals, poisoning an estimated 10 million Americans with brain-damaging contaminants that surpass EPA limits.

Yet the EPA has not alerted Americans to these toxic heavy metals in their water. Just as in the case of Flint, Michigan, the EPA is systematically covering up irrefutable scientific evidence of heavy metals water contamination across America. Continue reading »

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Jun 11


Community Wins as Nestle Drops Water Extraction Plans:

By Andrea Germanos

After facing community resistance, bottled beverage giant Nestlé Waters North America this week ditched its plans to extract water from a Monroe County, Penn. spring.

The plan would have seen Nestlé take 200,000 gallons of water per day from the source in Kunkletown, located in Eldred Township, and truck it away daily to a nearby plant where it would have been bottled under its Deer Park brand. Continue reading »

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Jun 05


Chemical Contamination Leaves 100,000 Alabama Residents Without Drinking Water:

As the Flint water crisis has shown us, sometimes the quality of America’s water infrastructure is not what you’d expect in a developed nation. However, the problems with our tap water are not just found in a few impoverished municipalities. In fact, dangerous chemicals and pathogens can be found in faucets all over America.

Case in point, the West Morgan-East Lawrence Water Authority in Alabama just advised 100,000 of their customers to stop using their tap water for drinking or cooking. According to the general manager of the Water Authority, who spoke at a press conference on Friday, “I recommend that all our customers do not drink our water, until we are able to bring the temporary system our engineer is designing online.” That includes water that has been boiled or cleaned with Brita style filters, neither of which can remove the contaminants. Continue reading »

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May 31

Moringa oleifera (Article and videos on Moringa oleifera down below.)

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Twenty-eighth donation in 2016.

Infinite Unknown reader R.D. donated $25

Thank you for your continuing support!

Very much needed and appreciated.

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Donations in May: $85, £25, $10 (AUD)

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May 20

Villagers collect water after a tanker delivery in Shahapur

Record 51C Temperature Recorded In India:

Water tankers are being sent to the worst-affected areas as a severe drought is accompanying the intense heat.

A record temperature has been set in India, where the mercury rose to 51 degrees Celsius (123.8 Fahrenheit) in the north-western town of Phalodi.

The previous record of 50.6 Celsius had stood for 60 years.  Continue reading »

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Mar 24

Related info:

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

“To the best of our knowledge, there would not be any adverse health effects from the continued ingestion of distilled water.”
May 17 1985; American Medical Association; Division of Personal and Public Health Policy; Jack A. Bell – Assistant Director

Sailors in the U.S. NAVY have been drinking distilled seawater for decades:

“Distilled water is safe to drink and should have no adverse effects on your health. Distillation merely removes most of the dissolved materials, which are found in all natural waters.”
Department of the Army
U.S. Army Health Services Command; Raymond H. Bishop, Jr. M.D.
Major General, Commander – Medical Corps.May 23, 1983

“There is nothing about distilled water that would make it harmful for the body. It may be helpful to remember that distilled water is the only water available for crews of Naval vessels at sea.”
May 26, 1983, United States Department of Agriculture
Consumer Nutrition Division
Frank N. Hepburn; Chief, Nutrient Data Research Branch
Continue reading »

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Feb 21

Nestle is Pumping Millions of Gallons from the Great Lakes for Free While Flint Pays For Poison:

One of the most infuriating aspects of the Flint water crisis is that residents are not only still being charged for their poisoned water, but they’re being charged higher rates than almost anywhere in the country.

Residents continue to pay $864 a year for water that is making them sick, more than double what most Americans pay for water service. Flint’s water service charges total 7 percent of the average household income, compared to the United Nations recommendation of 3 percent.

Flint toxic water priciest in the nation

“They’ve been using that money improperly for years to fund the general operations of the city,” said Valdemar L. Washington, who’s been fighting the excessive increases in court since 2012. “The city’s sewer fund had a balance of $36 million in 2006 but was running a $23-million deficit by 2012.” Continue reading »

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Feb 19

Related info:

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

Doctors at Cornell University On Distilled Water: “It is safe, and it does not leach out minerals” (The New York Times)

Dr. William Misner, Ph.D.: Distilled Water Enhances Mineral Absorption

Lao Tzu (Laozi, Lao Zi) On “The Water From Heaven”: Drinking Distilled Water Removes All Dirt From The Human Body, Dirt Of Every Kind (Video)

Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water NOT (Video)

Early Death Comes From Drinking Un-Distilled Water

Distilled Water Can Be Used As Anesthetic In Surgery

See also:

Raw Food Explained: Organic Versus Inorganic Minerals

Stop eating ROCKS and start eating REAL FOOD

Sea Salt, Is it Good For You?

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Feb 11

H/t reader squodgy:

“Las Vegas now cleans its waste water & efflent for re-cycling back into Lake Mead to get more allowances to meet growing demand for fresh water.

London UK has been doing that for decades. They used to say “every glass of water you drink has passed through ten people……hmmm.

Nevertheless, Las Vegas will run out of water in 2021, five years on.

I wonder if the slimeball who owns the casinos has better contingency plans?”

When to Bet Against the House

Will the threat of water shortages be enough to convince Vegas to stop gambling on overdevelopment?

When writing about how Las Vegas is taking a huge risk with its water supply, it’s impossible to avoid clichéd gambling metaphors. So I’m going to get them all out of my system right now.

Here goes: They’re doubling down when they should be holding. They’re putting all their chips on aqua and praying that their luck holds. They’ve had way too much to drink, and it’s clouding their ability to calculate the odds and make smart bets.

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Feb 05

Flint Officials Could Have Prevented Lead Crisis for $80 A Day, Broke Federal Law Instead:

“It’s outrageous that this sort of government-made catastrophe would happen anywhere in the United States,” Representative Justin Amash said Wednesday as he opened his allotted time period to question a panel before Congress about the lead crisis in Flint, Michigan. “The State of Michigan needs to provide comprehensive assistance to the people of Flint; and the state has the resources, I can assure you that as a former state legislator.”

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Jan 29


Emails Show Flint Govt Bought Clean Water for Themselves While Residents Drank Poison for a Year:

Flint, MI — As the water crisis in Flint shows no signs of coming to an end anytime soon, one thing is clear — not one government official has yet to be held accountable for causing it.

As details emerge about how officials have known about the tainted water and simply allowed the public to consume it without taking action, newly released documents reveal that the state wasn’t entirely without action — for themselves. Continue reading »

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Jan 28



I am aware that many may not be able to afford a carbon filter and a water distiller and the much higher electricity bill, but I wanted to show how it would be theoretically possible to greatly reduce the exposure to toxic lead in no time.

I recommend to first carbon filter your water, which does reduce lead by >99,3%, but the main reason why I recommend to use a Multipure carbon filter is to remove the VOCs (= boiling point below 100°C)

After the carbon filtration I am distilling my water and that reduces the lead content to ZERO.

Here you find some more information about the Multipure carbon filter and Megahome water distiller, which I do recommend:

How To Improve Your Health Condition Dramatically And Protect & Detoxify Your Body From Fluoride, Arsenic etc.

Here is the performance data sheet of the Multipure carbon filter:

So even if you would just use the carbon filter you are obviously much better off than before.

So why use a water distiller? Isn’t drinking distilled water dangerous for your health?

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

Your distiller will remove all the toxic fluoride & lead and all the other garbage as well, which is why a TDS meter will always show 0 ppm after the distillation process (even after years of using your distiller).

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts or metals dissolved in a given volume of water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). TDS is directly related to the purity of water and the quality of water purification systems and affects everything that consumes, lives in, or uses water, whether organic or inorganic, whether for better or for worse.

Digital TDS-Water Quality Tester (And it is really not expensive.)

Removing the inorganic minerals from the water is a good thing, because they are toxic garbage for our bodies, even if you were told otherwise.

What we need in order to be healthy are organic minerals from plants:

Stop eating ROCKS and start eating REAL FOOD

Raw Food Explained: Organic Versus Inorganic Minerals

Sea Salt, Is it Good For You?

Distilled water produced as described above is pretty much the same as the purest (currently not anymore available) rainwater.

And I guess nobody would be afraid of drinking rainwater, if air pollution would not be such a big problem.

Look at her, she is drinking rainwater (not recommended) and has a very healthy diet (highly recommended!):

Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)

Interview With 72-Year-Old (Ageless) Raw Vegan Annette Larkins (Video)

6 Cities in Michigan Have Even Higher Levels of Lead than Flint

6 Cities in Michigan Have Even Higher Levels of Lead than Flint:

As the nation rightly focuses on Flint’s ongoing water crisis, other cities in the state of Michigan face even higher levels of lead contamination. The alarming pervasiveness of potentially toxic drinking water extends across the United States.

The Detroit News reports that “Elevated blood-lead levels are seen in a higher percentage of children in parts of Grand Rapids, Jackson, Detroit, Saginaw, Muskegon, Holland and several other cities, proof that the scourge of lead has not been eradicated despite decades of public health campaigns and hundreds of millions of dollars spent to find and eliminate it.

Of over 7,000 children tested in the Highland Park and Hamtramck areas of Detroit in 2014, 13.5 percent tested positive for lead. Among four zip codes in Grand Rapids, one in ten children had lead in their blood. In Adrian and south-central Michigan, more than 12 percent of 640 children tested had positive results. Continue reading »

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Jan 21

Muslim Group Donating 30,000 Bottles of Water to Lead-Poisoned Flint Michigan:

The Michigan chapter of international Muslim organization Who is Hussain? pledged to donate 30,000 bottles of water to Flint, Michigan, where the local, state, and federal governments have all declared a state of emergency over lead contamination in the water supply.

We saw what needed to be done and we decided to do it. We reached out to schools, neighbours, friends, mosques, anyone and everyone to help us by donating a case of water, or money towards a case,” Dr. Aziza Askari, the head of the non-profit’s chapter told the Washington Times. Continue reading »

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Nov 22


Source: The New York Times

Q. Is it safe to drink distilled water? Does it leach minerals out of the body?

A. It is safe, and it does not leach out minerals, two experts on water quality and nutrition at Cornell agree. But they questioned drinking distilled water when water can be made safe with far less energy than distillation takes. Continue reading »

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Nov 19

Related article:

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

Raw Food Explained: Organic Versus Inorganic Minerals

Sea Salt, Is it Good For You?

Nov 11, 2015

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Nov 19

Also don’t forget to consider your drinking water.

So let’s say 1 liter of your favorite mineral water contains 3 gram of inorganic minerals per liter. If you drink 3 liters per day, that is 9 g per day, 3285 g per year and over a life span of 80 years your body has to get rid of 262,800 g of inorganic minerals that your body has no use for and has to get out of the system. What will 262,800 g of useless, toxic inorganic minerals do to your body overtime? Just take a look into a kettle.

We are nourished by organic minerals from plants and not by inorganic minerals from rocks, which will just clog our entire body. So many mineral supplements are just useless and harmful to our bodies, as are mineral rich curative waters, because they are containing inorganic minerals.

Distilled water is basically the same as the purest (due to pollution currently unavailable) rainwater or glacier water. Before (or after) distilling your water it should be carbon filtered to remove the VOCs.

Those that live the longest and healthiest lives on the planet often times live in high altitudes, drinking water coming from glaciers, that has not absorbed many minerals.

Actually nature is very simple. Nature uses a slow evaporation process to create distilled water (rainwater), that when hitting rocks, being a great solvent, absorbs the inorganic minerals from them, transporting them to the plants, who turn them together with other nutrients from the soil into organic minerals for our consumption. We are made out of organic minerals and we need organic minerals to sustain ourselves, not inorganic, toxic garbage.

Related info:

24 Doctors With The Courage To Tell The Truth About Distilled Water

Raw Food Explained: Organic Versus Inorganic Minerals

Sea Salt, Is it Good For You?

Think all of this is BS? Take a look at her:

Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)

Interview With 72-Year-Old (Ageless) Raw Vegan Annette Larkins (Video)

It is not at all difficult to get rid of arthritis, arteriosclerosis and hypertension, but it takes some time. 



What almond milk, calcium pills and zeolites all have in common… you’re swallowing ROCKS!:

Did you know that calcium pills are linked to heart attacks? Were you aware that commercial almond milk is made with ground up inorganic oyster shells or limestone? Has anyone told you that zeolite powders are mined out of the ground from crushed rocks containing high levels of lead and aluminum?

The most important nutritional warning I can offer you today is to stop eating and drinking rocks.
Continue reading »

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Nov 09


The Manipulation of Our Water Supply and Fracking:

On visiting supermarkets you see them stacked, row after row, brand name upon brand name … we’re spoiled for choices … but it can indeed be quite costly when added up after a while. It’s better to choose the glass option as opposed to plastic which leaches out toxic chemicals such as Bisphenol A which could affect health when taken frequently and long term.

I’m talking about bottled water supplies, which leads to my question, why should we have to buy bottled drinking water? Continue reading »

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Nov 08


Officials Secretly Added Cancer-Causing Chemicals to City’s Water Supply:

Sacramento, CA — In 2013 and 2014, the City of Sacramento performed a water treatment experiment at the expense of residents of the city “to save money,” according to a local news investigation.

Area residents were never informed about the toxic chemical contamination of their water that resulted from the experiment. “Cancer, miscarriages, and birth defects” are the consequences of consuming those chemicals, but the extent to which Sacramento residents are likely to experience these symptoms is not yet known. Continue reading »

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Aug 15

H/t reader squodgy:

“Is this what CORPORATOCRACY means?

Bribery, corruption & blackmail. Hmmmmm”


Forest Service Official Who Let Nestle Drain California Water Now Works for Them (Activist Post, Aug 14, 2015):

An ongoing investigation by The Desert Sun into Nestle’s contentious bottled water operations in drought-stricken California first disclosed that the company’s permit to draw water had a rather astonishing expiration date that occurred over a quarter century ago, in 1988. Recently, the Sun reported an update in the investigation with a jaw-dropping twist: the Forest Service — not Nestle — is the agency primarily responsible for failing to renew Nestle’s permit.

In fact, judging by the government agency’s complete inability to even review Nestle’s long-expired permit — not to mention the lucrative job a retired Forest Service supervisor currently enjoys — there is an arguable case that collusion and corruption are at the heart of the entire issue. Continue reading »

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May 17

“Water is one of the great opportunities of our times. If you look at the world there are some huge shortages developing in some parts but there is also a lot of water in other parts, just in the wrong place – like water in Siberia for instance, which is not where most people are. There are going to be wars in the Middle East over oil east of the Red Sea, but west of that there will be wars over water since there are serious water problems in that region.”
– Jim Rogers

Based on Nathan Rothschild:

“The best time to buy water is when just before blood is running in the street, i.e. NOW.”


Jim Rogers On The Coming Water Wars (ZeroHedge, May 17, 2015):

Water – An Interview with Jim Rogers

Jim Rogers, Jr. is an American businessman, investor and author. He is currently based in Singapore. Rogers is the Chairman of Rogers Holdings and Beeland Interests, Inc. He was the co-founder of the Quantum Fund and creator of the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI).

Erico Tavares: Jim, thank for being with us today. We would like to talk about water and other agricultural inputs, something you have been very vocal about in recent years.

To set the stage for today’s topic, a few years ago we worked on a biofuels project which took us all around the world. In a trip to Bolivia a pioneering Austrian engineer involved in the sector told us something very interesting. At that time the price of vegetable oils was much cheaper than diesel, prompting many people to start building biofuels facilities across Europe. He said this was crazy and in no way sustainable because crude oil is and always will be the lowest common denominator in an economy. Continue reading »

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Apr 14

From the article:

“Nestlé says its bottling of spring water from the national forest isn’t causing environmental harm, and that it manages its water use for sustainability.”

The opposite is true.

Nestle is well known to suck every place dry that they are pumping water out of the ground and then move on.

Related info:

Nestlé Subsidiary Tries to Sell Small Town it’s Own Water: Residents Fight Back

Nestle Continues To Sell Bottled Water Sourced From California Despite Record Drought

Nestlé – Sucking The World Dry – Making A Profit Mark-Up Of 53,908,255% (Video)

Water Monopoly

Bottled Life – The Truth About Nestlé’s Business With Water (Documentary Trailer)

Nestle CEO & Bilderberg Peter Brabeck-Letmathe Seeks To Control The World’s Water Supply

The fact that Nestlé has continued its massive water-bottling operation while the state struggles with crippling water shortages has become a sticking point for activists.

Nestlé’s California Water Permit Expired 27 Years Ago (Newsweek, April 13, 2015):

Last month, California newspaper The Desert Sun published an investigation revealing that Nestlé Water’s permit to transport water across the San Bernardino National Forest for bottling has been expired since 1988. On Friday, the U.S. Forest Service announced it would make it “a priority” to reassess the permit, and that it might impose as-of-yet unspecified “interim conditions” on the bottling operation in light of the severe drought, The Desert Sun reports.

The fact that Nestlé has continued its massive water-bottling operation while the state struggles with crippling water shortages has become a sticking point for activists. A petition demanding Nestlé immediately stop bottling and profiting off California water has drawn 27,000 online signatures and counting, and last month activists reportedly blocked the entrances to Nestlé’s bottling plant in Sacramento. Continue reading »

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