Dresden: German Police Forbids Patriots, Protesting Against #Merkel’s Justice (Censorship) Minister Heiko Maas, To Carry German Flags (Video)

… and the German people are not amused.

An ISIS flag would have been probably OK.


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The Bilderberg 2016 Agenda


bilderberg teaser_0

The Bilderberg 2016 Agenda: Trump, Riots, Migrants, Brexit:

Every year, the world’s richest and most powerful business executives, bankers, media heads and politicians sit down in some luxurious and heavily guarded venue, and discuss how to shape the world in a way that maximizes profits for all involved, while perpetuating a status quo that has been highly beneficial for a select few, even if it means the ongoing destruction of the middle class. We are talking, of course, about the annual, and always secretive, Bilderberg meeting.

And, as the Guardian notes, “you know Bilderberg’s about to begin when you start seeing the guns.” 

barricade bilderberg
Workers erect a barricade outside the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden

The Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden – the venue of “Bilderberg 2016” which starts tomorrow and continues until June 12 – is filling up with pistol-packing plainclothes security as the last guests are ushered out. The frowning gunslingers head up and down the corridors with their hotel maps, trying door handles and checking the lay of the land while, down in the hotel lobby, corporate goons gather in muttering huddles.

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Bilderberg Leak: Secretive Group to Discuss Internet ID, Global Tax


Bilderberg Leak: Secretive Group to Discuss Internet ID, Global Tax:

Elitists seek to eviscerate online anonymity, chill free speech

The secretive Bilderberg Group is set to discuss plans to implement an Internet ID to eviscerate anonymity on the web as well as a global tax on financial transactions and air travel, according to an inside source who spoke to Infowars.

The clandestine organization is set to begin its annual meeting tomorrow at the Taschenbergpalais Kempinski hotel in Dresden, Germany.

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