NY High-End Restaurant Chefs Learn At Japanese Cuisine Workshop How To Prepare … Of All Things … SUSHI, Woorkshop Organizer Chef Daniel Boulud ‘Believes’ Japanese Ingredients Are Safe!

From the article:

Chef Daniel Boulud “believes that Japanese ingredients are safe

And obviously there is a big difference between believing and KNOWING.

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NY Chefs Learn about Japanese Cuisine, and CM by the Japanese Government Promoting Food in East Japan (EX-SKF, Jan. 27, 2012):

This gotta be the scheme hatched by the Japanese government, to have a sympathetic French chef conduct a workshop in New York.

The Japanese people, like many Asians and for that matter Europeans (and New Yorkers themselves), seem to think everything revolves around New York when it comes to anything American.

Of all things, the workshop was about how to prepare raw fish for sushi…

Anyway, here’s NHK World (1/27/2012):

NY chefs learn about Japanese cuisine

Chefs at high-end restaurants in New York have taken part in a workshop to learn about traditional Japanese cuisine.

New York-based French chef Daniel Boulud organized the workshop. He led a group of chefs last July to cook meals for survivors in the tsunami-ravaged city of Kamaishi.

About 40 chefs took part in Thursday’s workshop.

A sushi chef explained traditional ways to prepare raw fish.

Boulud said Japan is striving to restore trust in food safety, and he believes that Japanese ingredients are safe.

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