On the Edge with Max Keiser (08/21/09): Revolution is in the air in America

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US: New Jersey City Plans Curfew to Combat Rising Crime

The US city of Patterson is considering imposing a curfew on all it residents in an attempt to combat spiralling crime.

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The measure would be the first time an American city has imposed a curfew in a non emergency situation.

Residents in Patterson, New Jersey, would face imprisonment or fines if they are caught outside between the hours of midnight and 7am although people travelling in cars would not be included.

The Mayor of Patterson, which has a population of 147,000, said the drastic measure was being considered following a spate of shootings linked to drugs.

The curfew would last for at least two months and will be voted on by city leaders next month.

Paterson, New Jersey’s third-largest city, has had six murders and 30 shootings already this year.

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