“Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History”: At Least 50 Killed, 200 Injured After Shooter Opens Fire At Las Vegas Concert

Is it this time a real mass shooting, or is it all about the NWO agenda and “Problem – Reaction – Solution”all over again?

Why the Las Vegas mass shooting was scripted: Now THIS is what an AK-47 REALLY looks like at night!!! – Israeli news report released WAY TOO EARLY proves Israel was involved!!! – Mandalay Bay was actually missing 4 windows!!! So why why are two windows missing on the wrong side of the hotel???

Jon Rappoport: More than one Vegas shooter, the evidence builds

Jon Rappoport: False flag in Vegas shooting?

Las Vegas Shooting Is a 100% False Flag

The Most Ridiculous Arch Fake of All – The Phony Las Vegas Mass Shooting

H/t reader squodgy:

“Government & the cabal have no empathy, and the death of innocents is their tool for repression AND opression.”


“Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History”: At Least 50 Killed, 200 Injured After Shooter Opens Fire At Las Vegas Concert:

Here is a summary involving the deadliest mass shooting in US history which took place shortly before midnight local time at Las Vegas concert:

  • More than 59 killed, 527 injured at Route 91 Harvest Festival when a gunman fired hundreds of bullets for roughly 10 minutes from 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay
  • The shooter, Stephen Paddock, 64, killed himself as police enter room
  • ISIS claims Paddock was its “solider”, a recent convert to Islam; meanwhile police and FBI disagree, and say the motive is unclear
  • The shooter’s brother said he was a “multimillionaire who made much of his money investing in real estate.”
  • Addressing the nation, Donald Trump said the Las Vegas shooting was ‘act of pure evil’

Running updates below:


We’ve been here before…


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PROOF Charlottesville Car Attack Staged! New Video Emerges! (Video)

PROOF Charlottesville Car Attack Staged! New Video Emerges! from George Freund on Vimeo.

H/t reader P.A.Semi:

“An important video giving a perspective of STAGED Charlottesville car attack…
(There were at least two drones observing the event)

Meet some crisis actors of earlier ‘events’ …

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#Aleppo Boy: The “Wounded Boy In Orange Seat” – Another Staged “White Helmets” Stunt

H/t reader squodgy:

“Here we go again, staged actors…. we just can’t believe anything anymore can we?”

The “Wounded Boy In Orange Seat” – Another Staged “White Helmets” Stunt:

This pic is makingtherounds in “western” media together with a tearful story from “activists” in a neighborhood in al-Qaeda occupied east-Aleppo.


A boy, seemingly wounded, sits quietly in a brand new, very well equipped ambulance. At a point he touches what looks like a wound on his left temple. He shows no reaction to that touch.

The two minute video (also here), from which the pic is taken, shows the boy being handed from the dark above to some person in a rescue jacket and carried into the ambulance. There he sits quietly, unattended, while several people take videos and pictures of him. One other kids, not obviously wounded, is then carried to the ambulance.

As the story is told:

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CASTING CRISIS: Orlando’s Actors, Agents and Casualty Role Players

Full article and videos here:

CASTING CRISIS: Orlando’s Actors, Agents and Casualty Role Players:

Truth is often stranger than fiction when looking at the bizarre phenomena surrounding many mass casualty incidents – and the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting was no exception.

It was recently revealed that the world’s largest security firm G4S, who had employed the man named in the Orlando pulse nightclub shooting, Omar Mateen – is a client of the mass casualty staging company called CrisisCast.

‘STAGING REALITY’ – CrisisCast specializes in replicating mass casualty events. (Screen Capture from Crisis Cast)

Training for Disaster

The heavily-stylized company CrisisCast, appears to be a revamped version of the Visionbox Crisis Actors project (a crisis actor production emerging after Sandy Hook), with a professional team of actors, elaborate film crews, expert producers and theatrical effects makeup squads mimicking real-life injuries (additional prosthetics) – all focused to deliver a simulated crisis-like reality to the public, later to be managed accordingly through their public relations division via various forms of social media.

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US Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military-Style” Gun-Maker


US Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue “Military-Style” Gun-Maker:

In a somewhat stunning decision, SkyNews reports that a US judge has ruled that the families of victims in the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School can sue the maker of the weapon used in the attack, arguing the Bushmaster rifle is a military weapon that should not have been sold to civilians.

US Judge Rules Sandy Hook Victims Can Sue Military-Style Gun-Maker

As SkyNews reports,

Gun companies had sought to reject the negligence and wrongful death lawsuit filed two years after the attack by nine victims’ relatives and a survivor.

But Connecticut Superior Court Judge Barbara Bellis said a 2005 federal law protecting gun-makers from lawsuits does not shield the companies from legal action in this case.

She ruled that lawyers for the victims’ families can still argue the semi-automatic rifle is a military weapon and should not have been sold to civilians.

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AND NOW: US Teen Describes Surviving Boston And Belgium Attacks

US teen describes surviving Boston and Belgium attacks

US teen describes surviving Boston and Belgium attacks:

GHENT, Belgium (AP) — An American teenager wounded in the Brussels Airport attack is lucky to be alive. And he knows it. Mason Wells, his face covered in bandages, was in a hospital in the Belgian city of Ghent on Friday, where he told The Associated Press about surviving his second terror attack. Three years ago, the 19-year-old from Sandy, Utah, was just a block away from the pressure-cooker bomb that exploded while he was watching his mother run the Boston Marathon.

“I don’t know if I was born under a lucky star,” he said. “I was definitely fortunate to have escaped with the injuries that I’ve escaped with at the airport, being very close to the bombs.” Wells, who is on a two-year Mormon mission to Belgium, talked to reporters via a video link from his hospital room, where he lay with a pillow propped behind his head and a light blue towel wrapped around his shoulders.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Words fail me.”

Yes, some people are born under a lucky crisis actor star …


How Do You Know It's A Staged Event - Crisis Actor



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It’s All Staged: CNN Caught Using Crisis Actor To Attack Donald Trump


CNN caught using crisis actor operative to attack Donald Trump:

CNN has just been caught red-handed playing up a staged “crisis actor” attack on Donald Trump. The crisis actor, a woman named Lauren Batchelder, was an audience plant working for Jeb Bush, the Republican establishment candidate for President. At a Jon Huntsman “No Labels” event, Batchelder posed as a regular audience member, then unleashed a vicious attack against Trump with a contrived, pre-planned verbal script that tried to smear his reputation with women.

The entire thing, however, was completely scripted from the start. “Within minutes of her scripted performance at the event, the producers of CNN were quickly editing soundbites and framing a narrative. That story was pushed into the media stream within hours,” reports TheConservativeTreehouse.com.

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James Wright Foley Beheading HOAX! Parents = CRISIS ACTORS (Video)

Oh, surprise!

YouTube removed the video (teminated the account).

Here is a replacement:

Please let me know if this video also disappears.

Aug 20, 2014

And also meet his sister smiling all over the face:

James Foley FAKE Beheading – CRISIS ACTOR ALERT! ISIS HOAX — Staged BeHeading A Casus belli To Attack Syria (Videos)