Germany, Cologne: Police Attacked for ‘Racial Profiling’ During New Year’s Eve Security Operation – Police Criticized For Preventing Repeat of Mass Molestation in Cologne – #MigrantCrisis

German Police Criticized For Preventing Repeat of Mass Molestation in Cologne:

Appearing politically correct more important than stopping women being raped by migrants

German police are being criticized for preventing a repeat of last year’s shocking scenes in Cologne where hundreds of women were sexually molested by Muslim migrants on New Year’s Eve.

A huge mob of around 650 North African men turned up at the same location of last year’s mass sex assault, despite a massive police presence of around 1700 officers who were tasked with ensuring the safety of citizens.

According to reports, authorities assumed that the majority of the men were the same ones involved in the mass molestation of women the previous year. Police also said that the characteristics being displayed by the “comparably aggressive” men were “such that potential crimes could indeed be expected”.

190 were told to leave the area, 92 were taken into custody and 27 were placed under arrest.

However, leftists are now criticizing the police for “racially profiling” the mob of men, with Police Chief Juergen Mathies forced to respond: “I reject this negative criticism. The clear aim was to prevent similar events to previous year.”

“It raises the question of proportionality and legality when around 1,000 people were checked and partially detained based on their appearance alone,” said Green party co-chair Simone Peter.

Former politician Christopher Lauer called the move “sweeping prejudice against an entire group of people based on their appearance.”

However, German citizens praised police, telling DW that they, “seemed cautiously pleased with the outcome” and “felt safe”.

It appears as though leftists would rather maintain the facade of political correctness than actually prevent the mass molestation and rape of women.

Let that sink in.

Also consider the fact that hundreds of migrants gathered in Cologne despite the massive backlash and awareness of what happened last year. They apparently thought they could get away with raping and molesting hundreds of women yet again.

Gatherings of North African men were also observed in Hamburg, Hannover, Essen, Düsseldorf and Dortmund.

14 sexual assaults were reported in Hamburg, with the perpetrators identified as Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, an Eritrean and a German-Russian.

COLOGNE, GERMANY – DECEMBER 31: Police hold a group of men in front of Hauptbahnhof main railway station

Cologne Police Attacked for ‘Racial Profiling’ During New Year’s Eve Security Operation:

Hailed a success by its organisers for reducing the number of violent crimes committed on New Year’s Eve from over 1,000 last year to less than a dozen, Cologne police are now being criticised for using “racial” methods.

Left-wing activists, including members of the local Green party, have criticised the police for focusing their security efforts too clearly at the same groups which were identified as the main perpetrators of the 2016 attacks. The comments came after Cologne police controlled thousands of so-called ‘Nafris’ — North Africans — as they attempted to enter the city centre ring of steel.

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