Nov 27


Child sexual abuse inquiry: ‘People of public prominence’ in Westminster and alleged cover-up to be investigated:

Children’s homes, local councils, church institutions and schools are also being investigated

“Certain people of public prominence associated with Westminster” are to be investigated in Britain’s largest-ever public inquiry into child abuse.

Anglican and Catholic churches, children’s homes and councils in Lambeth, Nottinghamshire and Rochdale are also among the 12 separate investigations launched by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Justice Lowell Goddard, who took over as head of the probe following the resignation of two previous chairwomen, gave an update on its progress in London today. Continue reading »

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Nov 27

Muslim Girl Slaughtered by Zionists While Trying to Protect Her Cousin

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Nov 27

Active Shooter Barricaded At Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, Multiple People Shot

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Nov 24

Warning: this video is graphic (the confrontation begins around 5:00)

Chicago Mayor Emanuel Urges “Remain Peaceful” After Video Shows Cop Killing Black Teen:

With the release of this video, we suggest anyone living in and around Chicago ‘brace’ for potential social unrest. The Chicago Police Department has released video footage of the officer-involved shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, who was struck 16 times during a confrontation with officers.

The dashcam video, described by Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez says that this video is “graphic, violent, and chilling,” is expected to provoke a very strong emotional reaction from Chicago’s very large African-American community.

As John Kass, a columnist for the Chicago Tribune, said, the video “could tear Chicago apart,” which is why Mayor Emanuel has already urged Chicagoans, “it is fine to be passionate, but it is essential to remain peaceful.”

The following comes from CNN… Continue reading »

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Nov 23

Man accused of boiling baby in shower had been cleared by NSW child protection agency:

A MAN who is accused of causing horrific injuries to a 10-month-old baby by boiling him in a shower had just ­received the all clear to look after another infant by NSW’s child protection agency.

The baby boy was last night fighting for life in an ­induced coma with bruising to his skull, jaw and third degree burns to half of his body.

Police claim the man accused of attacking the boy told them the toddler had thrown up so he put him on the floor of the shower of a Penrith home and turned on the water ­before going to charge his phone and smoke.

The boy’s skin was “peeling off” when he returned, he told police.

The 10-month old baby who was left with critical burns to 40 per cent of his body. Continue reading »

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Nov 18

Dad Tells Cops they Need a Warrant to Search Home, So they Kick in his Door & Kill Him:

Spring Lake, NC — Three children lost their father Sunday after deputies with the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, looking for a different man, shot and killed him.

John Livingston, 33, was shot and killed in the early morning hours of Sunday as police were conducting an assault investigation. Police were not looking for Livingston, and the entire situation could have been avoided had they come back with a warrant like Livingston requested. Continue reading »

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Nov 17

Police Civil Asset Forfeitures Exceed The Value Of All Burglaries In 2014:

Between 1989 and 2010, U.S. attorneys seized an estimated $12.6 billion in asset forfeiture cases. The growth rate during that time averaged +19.4% annually.

In 2010 alone, the value of assets seized grew by +52.8% from 2009 and was six times greater than the total for 1989.

Then by 2014, that number had ballooned to roughly $4.5 billion for the year, making this 35% of the entire number of assets collected from 1989 to 2010 in a single year.

Now, according to the FBI, the total amount of goods stolen by criminals in 2014 burglary offenses suffered an estimated $3.9 billion in property losses. This means that the police are now taking more assets than the criminals. Continue reading »

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Nov 17



Benjamin Netanyahu Will Be Arrested If He Ever Sets Foot In Spain Again:

Should Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ever set foot inside Spain, he – and six other current and former Israeli government officials – would be subject to arrest, thanks to a Spanish judge who effectively issued an arrest warrant for the group late last week.

As to be expected, the Israeli Foreign Ministry was less than thrilled, as spokesperson Emmanuel Nachshon responded, according to The Jerusalem Post, We consider [the judge’s order] to be a provocation. We are working with the Spanish authorities to get it canceled. We hope it will be over soon.” Continue reading »

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Nov 16


William Cooper: Brotherhood Of The Snake (Full Length)

William Cooper: Silent Weapons (Video)

William Cooper (Member Of The Intelligence Briefing Team Of The Commander In Chief Of The U.S. Pacific Fleet): MajestyTwelve – Bill Of Rights Null And Void (Video)

Bill Cooper Predicted 9/11 (Video)

William Cooper: The Porterville Presentation (FULL Video)

William Cooper – CNN Interview 1992 (Full Length – Video)

Here is a link to the book: Behold a Pale Horse – Bill Cooper (PDF)


Why have I never heard of Bill Cooper?:

This was all new to me, so it took a while to scrape through the B.S. and get the facts.

 Bill Cooper was a short wave radio host who stated “a huge terror attack would happen and be blamed on Osama Bin Laden” three months before 911. He was shot in front of his home less than one month after the attacks happened. Continue reading »

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Nov 13

Kalashnikov Shootout, Explosions Leave At Least 18 Dead In Paris; Hostages Taken:

Reports are coming in fast and furious from Paris where witnesses have reported multiple explosions along with possible shootout in a restaurant near Place de la République.


France 24 is reporting that “masked armed men fired from all sides”:

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Nov 13


Virginia man tasered 20 times in 30 minutes dies in police custody:

Linwood Lambert was tasered outside a hospital, arrived unconscious at police station and was pronounced dead by the time he was taken back to hospital.

Video has emerged showing three police officers tasing a man 20 times in 30 minutes while handcuffed.

The incident took place in May 2013 in South Boston, a small town in southern Virginia; and it is receiving renewed attention after a MSNBC report on Wednesday. Continue reading »

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Nov 12


Here’s What Really Happened to the Idaho Rancher Who Was Killed By Police:

When the death of Idaho rancher Jack Yantis was first reported, the details surrounding his case were sparse. According to the police, one of his bulls had escaped his property before getting hit by a station wagon on Highway 95. The irate bull was charging at emergency responders and police officers, who were trying to help the injured passengers that were still in the car. So the police decided to contact Yantis, and asked him to take care of his animal.

Yantis showed up to the scene with his rifle as Adams County deputies were preparing to put the bull down. An altercation ensued between Yantis and two deputies, who eventually shot him. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and his wife suffered a near fatal heart attack after hearing the news.

That was the official timeline of events when this story first broke last week. However, that account neglects the fact that Jack’s wife and nephew witnessed the entire incident, and they’ve recently released a very different version of what happened. Continue reading »

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Nov 11


3 Jews, including 2 Israelis, charged in theft of hundreds of millions:

NEW YORK (JTA) — Three Jewish men, two of them Israeli citizens, are among those charged with hacking the website of JPMorgan Chase & Co. and stealing hundreds of millions of dollars.

The indictments of Gery Shalon, Joshua Samuel Aaron and Ziv Orenstein in U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York were unsealed Tuesday. The 23-count indictment encompasses the Chase hack along with numerous alleged crimes targeting 12 other companies, including nine financial service companies and The Wall Street Journal, Reuters reported. Continue reading »

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Nov 08


Two Cops Face Murder Charges for Killing a 6-year-old:

Body cam footage “most disturbing thing I’ve seen,” says state police colonel

Two police officers in Louisiana are currently under arrest and facing murder charges after fatally shooting a six-year-old child inside of a car last week.

Louisiana State Police charged Marksville City Marshals Norris Greenhouse, 23, and Derrick Stafford, 32, with second degree murder in the death of Jeremy Mardis and attempted second degree murder for nearly killing his father. Continue reading »

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Oct 31

29 people arrested on sex trafficking charges in 13 cities, 8 states:

Federal authorities arrested 29 people in 13 cities across eight states on sex trafficking charges, as part of a sweeping southern states operation called “Safe Haven,” according to US officials.

The undercover operation involved a loosely affiliated operation that coordinated the movement of Latino females throughout the southeast of the US, according to authorities. The traffickers within the operation were independent operators who coordinated the delivery of women for sexual purposes. Continue reading »

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Oct 31

Saudi prince arrested on private plane with 2 tons of drugs:

Lebanese security forces are interrogating a Saudi prince on charges of carrying drugs on his private plane after they allegedly retrieved 2 tons of narcotics from the aircraft, local media reported.

Abd al-Muhsen bin Walid bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud was detained on Monday in Beirut’s Rafik Hariri International Airport. Continue reading »

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Oct 26


Family Of Homeless Man Killed by Cops Gives 200K Of Settlement To Help the Homeless:

Albuquerque, NM – The police killing of homeless camper James Boyd shocked the world last year, after video of the murder surfaced, showing Boyd surrendering to police before he was killed.

Boyd was shot and killed by Albuquerque Police officers Keith Sandy and Dominique Perez in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains after a local resident complained that he was ‘illegally camping.” Boyd was shot as he turned away from police. An autopsy confirmed that Boyd was shot in the back.

Boyd’s family recently won a $5 million settlement from the city, and they have been using a large part of the money to help the local homeless community. Boyd’s brother, Andrew Jones, announced this Friday that the family will be donating $100,000 to St. Martin’s Hospitality Center and another $100,000 to Health Care for the Homeless. Continue reading »

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Oct 19


CIA Torture Program Whistleblower Speaks on – “The Sad Fate of America’s Whistleblowers”:

I’ve mentioned John Kiriakou several times before on these pages. In case you forgot, he was the only person jailed for the CIA’s torture program. Unsurprisingly, he was the guy who blew the whistle on it.

Fortunately, John has served his time and, rather than riding off into the sunset, he continues to courageously speak out against the ever expanding injustices perpetrated on the American people by their own government.

Here are some excerpts from his powerful piece at Truth Dig, The Sad Fate of America’s Whistleblowers: Continue reading »

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Oct 18

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Oct 16

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Oct 15

H/t reader squodgy:

“In the USA as well. Looks like the Franklin Scandal wasn’t the end of VIP child sex abuse in US corridors of power.”

The REAL Hastert Scandal: Pedophilia, Drug Money and Blackmail:

In May of this year a federal grand jury indicted former Speaker of the House John Dennis Hastert. The charges: that he had “structured” withdrawals of over $950,000 from various bank accounts to skirt bank reporting laws and that he had lied to federal agents about these withdrawals. According to the indictment the withdrawals were part of a bid to pay $3.5 million in blackmail to cover up “past misconduct” from his time as a high school teacher in Illinois. Continue reading »

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Oct 07

274 Days, 294 Mass Shootings – Welcome To America

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Oct 05


This Is Why They Staged The Oregon Shooting Hoax

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Oct 03


MI5 warned Thatcher about Westminster pedophiles, no action taken

The sinister treatment of dissent at the BBC: The whistleblowers who broke the Jimmy Savile story have seen their careers nosedive

Jimmy Savile Abused Up To 1,000 Victims On BBC Premises (The Guardian)

BBC Paid For Pedophile Jimmy Savile’s Cash Gifts To Children

So Much For BBC Transparency: 90 Pages Of BBC’s Jimmy Savile Report Blacked Out

More info down below.

The inquiry found that Jimmy Savile had told a nurse in graphic detail about how he sexually interfered with bodies Photo: REX FEATURES

Jimmy Savile scandal inquiry contains ‘pretty shocking’ revelations:

The Culture Secretary has said the inquiry into Savile’s abuse will reveal a culture at the BBC culture which allowed “things which should never have been tolerated”

The inquiry into the BBC’s handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal contains some “pretty shocking” revelations, John Whittingdale has said. Continue reading »

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Oct 02

H/t reader squodgy:

“Here we go again.

Was he on medication, causing MK voices telling him to do weird things?

I’ll wait for NODISINFO before judging but the frequency & similarity of these events stinks.

As the link shows, I’m not alone, but isn’t it awful that Government are crying wolf to disarm the public?”


Oregon Shooting: 13 Troubling Signs Of Potentially Yet Another False Flag:

By Bernie Suarez

When you practice something all the time you eventually get very good at it. The one thing many awakened and vigilant Americans have become good at over the past few years is sniffing out government false flags because they have so much practice at it. You may find that the events surrounding the recent Umpqua Community College shooting in southern Oregon may ring a few familiar false flag bells after you consider what the mainstream media is saying about the shooting. It is at least extremely reasonable to suspect that this is yet another gun control shooting false flag event since it has many of the characteristics of it.

Sounds crazy? Yes, it always does. False flags are supposed to divide people in addition to tricking them. But as I’ve said repeatedly in the past, when considering a suspected false flag event you have to start somewhere. Look for the beneficiaries of course and look for common patterns. I think many of us know the patterns by now and what to look for when suspecting a false flag shooting. Continue reading »

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Oct 01

14 Dead, 20 Injured At Umpqua Community College Mass Shooting; Shooted Killed In Firefight

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Oct 01

The chart that shows America’s shocking murder rate compared to other countries

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Sep 28

Murder, Mayhem and Rape in Afghanistan: Made in the U.S.A.:

“The Kite Runner,” Khaled Hosseini’s 2003 novel, featured a pivotal and highly controversial scene in which one of the young male protagonists is raped by an older youth. That harrowing section of the best-selling book highlighted the rampant sexual abuse of children in Afghanistan. Now, a revelation—even more horrifying—has implicated real-life U.S. soldiers serving in that country. The New York Times on Sunday reported how troops have been instructed to condone the routine rape of Afghan children by our warlord allies. The story is a cringe-inducing example of how corrupt our war in Afghanistan has been.

So rampant is the phenomenon of child rape by Afghan military commanders that it has a name: bacha bazi, which translates into “boy-play.” In some cases, rapes have taken place on U.S. military bases under the noses of American soldiers. But U.S. troops were told to look the other way because Washington considers the rapists’ help in fighting the Taliban central to its military strategy. Consequently, according to the Times, “instead of weeding out pedophiles, the American military was arming them in some cases and placing them as the commanders of village—and doing little when they began abusing children.” The hypocrisy of arming human rights violators against the purportedly violent Taliban did not escape the notice of some U.S. troops who attempted to speak out but encountered retaliation.

When confronted with the revelations, the top brass of the U.S. military justified its apparent policy of excusing child rape among allied commanders. Spokesman Col. Brian Tribus, who is stationed in Afghanistan, told the Times, “Generally, allegations of child sexual abuse by Afghan military or police personnel would be a matter of domestic Afghan criminal law,” and that U.S. troops are not obligated to even report the crimes. “An exception, he said, is when rape is being used as a weapon of war.” Strangely, the rape of Afghan children by our warlord friends is not considered a weapon of war, even though the victims are the most vulnerable members of the Afghan public that the U.S. has claimed to protect in the longest war it has ever waged. Continue reading »

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Sep 28

DEA Agents Caught Having Drug Cartel Funded Prostitute Sex Parties Received Slap on the Wrist

Two-Tiered Justice: How DEA Agents Commit Egregious Acts with Zero Accountability:

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has allowed its employees to stay on the job despite internal investigations that found they had distributed drugs, lied to the authorities or committed other serious misconduct, newly disclosed records show.

Lawmakers expressed dismay this year that the drug agency had not fired agents who investigators found attended “sex parties” with prostitutes paid with drug cartel money while they were on assignment in Colombia. 

Of the 50 employees the DEA’s Board of Professional Conduct recommended be fired following misconduct investigations opened since 2010, only 13 were actually terminated, the records show. And the drug agency was forced to take some of them back after a federal appeals board intervened. Continue reading »

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Sep 25


America’s Allies – Saudi Prince Arrested for Sexual Assault at $37 Million Compound Near Beverly Hills, California:

Saudi Arabia.

One of the U.S. government’s closest global allies, and a nation best known for an autocratic absolute monarchy in which women aren’t allowed to drivebeheadings take place on almost a daily basis, and where sentencing teenagers to death by crucifixion for political dissent is considered normal.

Considering the U.S. government holds the Saudis accountable for precisely nothing, it should be seen as no surprise that it’s princelings feel they have a right to behave like complete barbarians while here in America.

We learn from the Los Angeles Times that: Continue reading »

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