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(Thomas Dishaw) The Clinton’s reign of terror lasted 8 years in America, but the impact of his decisions will last a lifetime in this country.

Economic policy, the implication of NAFTA & GATT, and a public affair that shook the nation are just some of the events people associate him with. As most of you know “The Clinton Chronicles” has been floating around the web for a few decades.  This grainy, over-dubbed documentary debuted in 1994 on a limited VHS run and ended up selling approximately 300,000 copies making it a cult classic in the conspiracy world.

Accusations of drug running, money laundering, murder and womanizing were brought to the forefront in this gutsy, tell all documentary. Going hand in hand with the documentary is the ‘Clinton kill list’ another urban legend that according to the almighty Snopes is false.  Snopes, the most reliable place on the web (sarcasm) believes “Clinton hasn’t been quietly doing away with people who oppose him ” making the Clinton Body Count FALSE and me just another conspiracy theorist.

Below is a comprehensive list of 53 mysterious deaths connected to the clintons that have grave implications. Continue reading »

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Nov 07

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Excellent full size infographic here: A New Look at the Clinton Bodycount

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