Freemason Chris Christie has repeatedly spoken of his 14-year friendship with Freemason Donald Trump


Christie: No strain in Trump relationship:

TRENTON, N.J. — New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has repeatedly spoken of his 14-year friendship with Donald Trump since endorsing him in the Republican presidential primary in February. Now that Trump has surprised the country with his presidential victory and is in a position to reward Christie for his early support, however, their relationship appears strained.

A friend of Christie’s, former Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., resigned from the transition team Tuesday. Christie was named Trump’s transition chairman in May, charged with helping identify about 4,000 workers and appointees to serve in the new administration. But Friday, Trump replaced Christie with Vice President-elect Mike Pence and announced that two close Christie allies, Rich Bagger and Bill Palatucci, would leave their positions and serve as advisers to the transition.

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Donald Trump Picks Chris Christie To Lead White House Transition Team

You can’t make this stuff up!

Anybody out there still believing Trump & Clinton are anything but elite puppets???

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Elite Puppet Donald Trump Picks Former Goldman Sachs Partner And George Soros Employee As Finance Chairman


Pulitzer Prize Journalist Chris Hedges: The Trouble With Chris Christie – ‘Christie Is The Caricature Of A Third World Despot’

chris christie donald trump

Trump Picks Chris Christie To Lead White House Transition Team:

One week after Donald Trump made the surprising announcement that he hired former Goldman Sachs partner and Soros employee, Steve Mnuchin as his national finance chairman as he begins to roll out his presidential fundraising operation (Mnuchin has said he hopes to raise as much as $1 billion), Trump announced moments ago that he has picked Chris Christie to lead his transition team, which would prepare the political neophyte turned presumptive GOP nominee for the White House if he wins in the general election.

Quoted by The Hill, Trump said that “Governor Christie is an extremely knowledgeable and loyal person with the tools and resources to put together an unparalleled Transition Team, one that will be prepared to take over the White House when we win in November.” Trump added that he is grateful to Governor Christie for his contributions to this movement.

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Chris Christie Busted: Port Authority Official Says NJ Governor Lied About Lane Closings, “Has Evidence To Prove It”


Christie Busted: Port Authority Official Says NJ Governor Lied About Lane Closings, “Has Evidence To Prove It” (ZeroHedge, Jan 31, 2014):

The sharks are circling Chris Christie who just sprung a bloody leak (either that or the population must really need to be distracted from a horrible January for stocks and what may be coming next). Moments ago the NYT reported that the former Port Authority official who personally oversaw the lane closings on the George Washington Bridge “said that the governor knew about the lane closings when they were happening, and that he had the evidence to prove it.” Of course, if such evidence exists, Christie can call it a career after claiming the opposite on numerous occasions in the past month. Of course, one wonders whether Obama would have been impeached by now had the “independent and impartial media” hounded him with the same fervor for his numerous transgressions and repeated lies to the American public. Alas, we will never know the answer.

From the NYT:

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Jon Stewart on Chris Christie … Absolutely Hilarious (Video)

Jon Stewart on Chris Christie…Absolutely Hilarious (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Jan 14, 2014):

Regular readers know that I am no fan of Chris Christie. Just yesterday, I highlighted a post written by Chris Hedges on the New Jersey Governor, which is a must read expose if you haven’t already.

While Hedges’ criticisms of Christie are nothing to laugh about, Jon Stewart’s certainly are. Have fun with this hilarious clip!

Governor Chris Christie Appointee: Give Me Immunity, I Have ‘Story To Tell’

Former Port Authority executive David Wildstein takes the oath before an Assembly panel
Former Port Authority executive David Wildstein takes the oath before an Assembly panel. (Photo: TRISH/STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)David Wildstein, the Port Authority official appointed by New

Christie Appointee: Give Me Immunity, I Have “Story to Tell” (Common Dreams, Jan 19, 2014):

Man at center for bridge scandal says “he’ll talk” if prosecution taken off the table

Jersey Gov. Chris Chistie and a man at the heart of the bridge lane closure scandal that has garnered national media attention, says that he “has a story to tell” if authorities are willing to give him immunity against prosecution.

As twenty subpoenas went out to high-level Christie staff members and others on Friday, Wildstein’s lawyer has said his client is willing to reveal more details regarding his role and what he knows about why Christie’s deputy chief of staff at the time, Bridget Kelly, wrote an email to him saying “Time for some traffic problems in Ft. Lee” just weeks before a series of unusual lane closures shut down the town’s access to the George Washington Bridge into New York.

As the North Jersey Record reports:

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Pulitzer Prize Journalist Chris Hedges: The Trouble With Chris Christie – ‘Christie Is The Caricature Of A Third World Despot’

The Trouble With Chris Christie by Chris Hedges (Liberty, Blitzkrieg, Jan 13, 2014):

Christie is the caricature of a Third World despot. He has a vicious temper, a propensity to bully and belittle those weaker than himself, an insatiable thirst for revenge against real or perceived enemies, and little respect for the law and, as recent events have made clear, for the truth.
– Chris Hedges in his latest article: The Trouble with Chris Christie

Chris Christie is bad news. I have been saying this for a while now, and published my first post about it back in late July in the piece: Chris Christie Calls Libertarianism a “Dangerous Thought.” There is no doubt in my mind that Christie is a egomaniac with fascist tendencies, coupled with a temperament and consciousness that craves power for the sake of power itself, as well as to stoke his own sense of self-importance.

On that note, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and courageous, American patriot, Chris Hedges, has written an excellent expose of Christie. I have highlighted some excerpts below.

From Truth Dig:

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has been Wall Street’s anointed son for the presidency. He is backed by the most ruthless and corrupt figures in New Jersey politics, including the New Jersey multimillionaire and hard-line Democratic boss George Norcross III. Among his other supporters are many hedge fund managers and corporate executives and some of the nation’s most retrograde billionaires, including the Koch brothers. The brewing scandal over the closing of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge apparently in retaliation for the Fort Lee mayor’s refusal to support the governor’s 2013 re-election is a window into how federal agencies and the security and surveillance apparatus would be routinely employed in a Christie presidency to punish anyone who challenged this tiny cabal’s grip on power.

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Feds Investigate NJ Governor Chris Christie Over Superstorm Sandy Relief Funds

Chris Christie - Hurricane Sandy - Bridge Scandal

Feds investigate NJ governor over Superstorm Sandy relief funds (RT, Jan 13, 2014):

Days after a traffic scandal transposed New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to the center of a federal probe, a United States congressman now says the embattled Republican is being investigated for allegations he misspent millions of dollars in relief aid.

Rep. Frank Pallone (D-New Jersey) asked the inspector general of the United States Housing and Urban Development Department back in August to examine how Gov. Christie’s office spent around $25 million in federal aid from Washington meant to assist with relief efforts following 2012’s Superstorm Sandy. Now five months later, Pallone says he’s been told that the probe has expanded to become “a full-blown investigation,” the second of such to be launched in under a week against the Christie administration.

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