Jan 13

Vaccine pushers who promote mercury injections into children are “medical child molesters,” warns heavy metals expert:

On top of all the sicko pedophilia and child trafficking going on in America, there’s also the vaccine industry: A cartel of toxic mercury pushers whose denial of the periodic table of elements (yes, they are science deniers) turns them into “medical child molesters” as they demand more and more children be injected with toxic mercury, a known neurotoxin and potent heavy metal that causes brain damage.

As any genuine scientist or chemist knows, there is no such thing as a safe quantity or safe form of mercury for injecting into children. The continued advocacy of vaccines containing mercury — which continue to be pushed onto children and pregnant women all across America — is a crime against children and a gross violation of the American Medical Association’s code of medical ethics. (RELATED: Read more news about modern medicine’s ethical failures at Medicine.news) Continue reading »

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Jan 09

…immeasurably healthier.

Doctors agree with censored study that concludes unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children:

The assertion that vaccines may cause systematic changes to children’s immune and nervous systems is accepted as a possibility by a large number of doctors, including many who consider themselves “pro-vaccine.”

“If you don’t ask the right questions, you can’t find the right answers,” said Tommy Redwood, MD, an emergency room doctor in Atlanta, Georgia, with 26 years of medical experience. “If you summarily dismiss the possibility that the increasing rates of childhood illnesses, including ADD, autism, asthma and other auto-immune disorders are connected to vaccines, you can’t figure out if our children’s health problems are vaccine-related injuries.”

Redwood says he suspects that over-vaccination plays a role in the worsening health outcomes seen among children in recent decades. Continue reading »

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Jan 09

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia — It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK

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Jan 05

Antidepressants Taken During Pregnancy Increase Risk of Autism in Babies by 87%: JAMA Study:

According to a report published Monday in Journal of the American Medical Association Pediatrics, pregnant women taking antidepressants, particularly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) including Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil, have an increased chance of giving birth to children diagnosed with autism.

The recent study found that children whose mothers took antidepressants during the second or third trimester of pregnancy were 87% more likely to be diagnosed with autism. Continue reading »

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Jan 04

Majority of Children Eat Over Half of Their Daily Sugar Allowance Before School Begins:

Most children are consuming three times the daily recommended amount of sugar

Health officials in the United Kingdom have stated that many children in the country eat over half of their daily allowance of sugar before they even get to school. Although the warning to parents was only given in the United Kingdom, it can be reasonably assumed that children in the majority of first world countries are also eating high portions of sugar with their daily breakfast. Continue reading »

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Jan 01

California Democrats Legalize Child Prostitution:

A couple of days ago we highlighted some of the ridiculous new state laws that will go into effect across the country starting today (see “Here Are Some Of The Ridiculous New State Laws That Will Take Effect January 1st – Happy New Year!“).  And while there was plenty of lunacy noted within the post, apparently we overlooked one of California’s finest achievements of 2016, namely the legalization of child prostitution. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking…California’s liberal lawmakers in Sacramento are certainly well left of center and maybe a bit kooky but they would never do something quite that ridiculous.  Well, we had the same thought so we decided to track down the actual text of the legislation, Senate Bill No. 1322, and, unfortunately, they did do something that ridiculous.

Below is the first page of SB1322 which notes that while “existing law makes it a crime to solicit or engage in any act of prostitution” SB1322 “would make the above provisions inapplicable to a child under 18 years of age.” Continue reading »

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Jan 01

More than one-third of schoolchildren are homeless in shadow of Silicon Valley:

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Dec 13

Video source : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4OP-…
Suscribe to her channel and spread out the information : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9vw…
On vimeo : https://vimeo.com/192609062
On Dailymotion : http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x530…
On rutube : https://rutube.ru/video/e723f23c3b679…

Related info:

Study: Injecting Old Mice With Blood Plasma Of Teenage Humans Reverses Ageing

H/t reader kevin a:

“Marina Abramovic is 70 years of age?”

Marina Abramovic does NOT really look anywhere near as young as shown in these photos.

However, it is possible to look, feel and really be a lot younger than your age, WITHOUT moving to the dark side.

For this you have to drink the “blood” of the carrot, spinach, red beets, other veggies and herbs, … i.e. juicing …. , and eat baby seeds, … i.e. sprouts …, and drink distilled water.

So all you have to do is to educate yourself about correct breathing, water, a healthy diet, exercise and the power of your mind in order to make a huge difference on your health and longevity.

See for yourself:

Amazing Story Of 70 Year Old Woman Finds The Fountain Of Youth – Ageless Woman Annette Larkins Interview (Video)

Interview With 72-Year-Old (Ageless) Raw Vegan Annette Larkins (Video)

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Dec 07

H/t reader squodgy:

“The Powers that Be use the world’s Secret Service at their will.

Wherever the secret service can engineer dirt, they will, for the PTB.”

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Dec 02

Yahoo’s Advice To Trump: Educate Children In Media Literacy To Combat Fake News:

Submitted by Joseph Jankowski via PlanetFreeWeill.com,

Writing for Yahoo News, National Political Columnist Matt Bai provides a suggestion to combat the so-called “fake news” epidemic that has become a major talking point of the mainstream media since Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election. According to Bai, we should be “teaching our kids how to consume” information in an age where the internet has provided a press to anyone with a computer and a router.

Within his article, titled “The real problem behind fake news“, Bai calls fake news a “searing hot topic these days” and mentions the infamous WaPo article which cites a shadowy, anonymous organization known as PropOrNot (Propaganda or Not) that smears many legitimate conservative and libertarian news sources like Zero Hedge, Infowars, Breitbart, World Net Daily and The Ron Paul Institute as Russian propaganda. Continue reading »

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Nov 30

Priest: Muslim Migrants Ruthlessly Bully Christian Kids:

A priest in the German city of Leipzig who works with underage migrants has revealed that Muslim migrant children constantly bully their Christian counterparts.

58-year-old Catholic priest Andreas Knapp stated that the majority of migrant youths he supports in his study club are Muslim but reports that the Christian minority is being actively persecuted by Muslim children, reports German radio broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur.

In one case, a Christian boy was so grievously bullied by Muslim classmates at a school for integration that he had to change schools.  He said the Muslim children were “disrespectful” of Christians and that they even “hated” Christians who had come from the Middle East. Continue reading »

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Nov 28

“Child brides discovered in Germany – but refugee workers say marriages should REMAIN,” by Jon Rogers, Express, November 26, 2016

… via …

Germany: Muslim migrant child brides discovered, refugee workers say marriages should remain:

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, and many more will be found as well. This is because few things are more abundantly attested in Islamic law than the permissibility of child marriage. Islamic tradition records that Muhammad’s favorite wife, Aisha, was six when Muhammad wedded her and nine when he consummated the marriage:

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death)” (Bukhari 7.62.88).

Another tradition has Aisha herself recount the scene: Continue reading »

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Nov 24

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Nov 22

Another Pedophile Ring Involving Politicians Was Just Busted:

Disturbing though it may be, people in positions of power have been increasingly linked to pedophilia in recent years. From the ongoing Catholic priest sex abuse scandals to similar criminality among British lawmakers, it appears power and authority attract troubled individuals, at least to some degree.

This week, yet another pedophile ring was exposed, this time in Norway. Reports indicate politicians were among the members of the 51-person ring. Police investigating the potential crimes dubbed their inquiry “Operation Dark Room.”

As The Local, an English-language Norwegian outlet, reported: Continue reading »

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Nov 20

Protesters take to streets in Turkey to protest law that lets child rapists off the hook — if they marry:

THOUSANDS of people, including women and children, marched Saturday in Istanbul against a controversial bill that would overturn men’s convictions for child sex assault if they married their victim.

“We will not shut up. We will not obey. Withdraw the bill immediately!” the around 3000 protesters shouted amid claps and whistles as they marched to Kadikoy square on the city’s Asian side.

Others waved banners emblazoned with slogans such as “#Rape cannot be legitimised” and “AKP, take your hands off my body,” a reference to the ruling party of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which introduced the bill. Continue reading »

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Nov 07

For my German speaking readers.

Related info:

Apple’s Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Own Children Use iPads

Not Only … NZ Pupils Struggling To Speak

Employees Of Silicon Valley Giants Like Google, Apple, Yahoo And Hewlett-Packard Send Their Children To A Waldorf School

Toddlers Becoming So Addicted To iPads They Require Therapy

Moderatorin Will hat Mühe, den aufgebrachten Wissenschaftler Spitzer zu bändigen. Dieser verliert völlig die Fassung. Er spricht von „armen Kindern“ und davon, dass Jugendliche erst ab 14 oder 16 Jahren an die digitalen Medien herangeführt werden dürften. Programmieren frühestens ab der achten Klasse. Er sieht schon jetzt viele „seelenlose, willenlose Menschen“, versaut durch Smartphone und Tablet. Lobo und Lindner versuchen, zu widersprechen. Vergeblich. „Sie haben keine Ahnung!“, redet sich der Psychiater weiter in Fahrt. Anne Will versucht es: „Herr Spitzer? Herr Spitzer! Können Sie mich hören?“

Er kann nicht. „Dick, dumm und gewalttätig“ würden Kinder durchs Digitale. Lobo und Lindner versuchen, zu widersprechen. Vergeblich. „Sie haben keine Ahnung!“ Böse Antwort von Christian Lindner: „Sie sind das lebende Beispiel dafür, dass der Verzicht auf digitale Medien nicht zu besseren Umgangsformen führt.“ Es braucht eben nicht jeder Mensch die Digitalisierung, um sozial inkompetent zu sein.

Manfred Spitzer (Psychiater und Leiter der Psychiatrischen Universitätsklinik in Ulm)

* * *

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Oct 31

H/t reader squodgy:

“It is disappointing, to say the least, how the BBC, like the NHS, once jewels of pride as National icons of high standards and principles, have both been ‘occupied’ by interests set on gaining financial and influential control for minority interests.
In the NHS case it is BigPharma Drug & Equipment manufacturers, in the case of the BBC it is the perverts and paedophiles lurking in the sewers of political correct brainwashing.”

BBC Targets 6-Year-Olds With Transsexual Brainwashing:

The brainwashing is so unnatural that for it to take, it has to be directed at the very young, who have not had time to figure out either themselves or the world around them:

The BBC has been accused of acting recklessly after targeting children as young as six with a programme about a schoolboy who takes sex-change drugs.

Parents are angry that the show, available on the CBBC website, features a transgender storyline inappropriate for their children. Continue reading »

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Oct 23

A man who was convicted of raping a child at an Austrian pool has had his sentence overturned

‘He didn’t know the boy didn’t want to be raped’ court throws out migrant child sex charge:

AN IRAQI asylum seeker who confessed to raping a 10-year-old boy in a swimming pool, claiming it was a “sexual emergency”, has had his conviction overturned.

In a truly shocking twist the Suptreme Court decided the grown Iraqi man may not have realised the 10-year-old did not want to be sexually abused by him.Amir A, 20, was visiting the Theresienbad pool in the Austrian capital of Vienna last December as part of a trip to encourage integration.When the youngster went to the showers, Amir A. allegedly followed him, pushed him into a toilet cubicle, and violently sexually assaulted him.Following the attack, the accused rapist returned to the pool and was practising on the diving board when police arrived, after the 10-year-old raised the alarm with the lifeguard.The child suffered severe anal injuries which had to be treated at a local children’s hospital, and is still plagued by serious post-traumatic stress disorder. Continue reading »

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Oct 19
Indonesian President Joko Widodo has defended the introduction of chemical castration for paedophiles, saying there can be “no compromise” when it comes to tackling sex crimes.Chemical castration involves using drugs to reduce libido and sex drive.

Mr Widodo introduced a series of tough punishments for child sex offenders in May through an emergency decree, including chemical castration and the death penalty, following an outcry over the fatal gang-rape of a schoolgirl.

Continue reading »

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Oct 19

Some of us, in the northern climes, are approaching that point of the year when we choose to huddle up in heated buildings, reduce our activity as well as the amount of time in the fresh air. Yes, a perfect environment for pathogens to circulate with a vengeance.  Such conditions also herald the annual flu jab push. Or for the kids, the much more convenient nasal spray. We ask: why is it that British kids are being asked to line for the nasal spray when the leading US health authority on vaccines, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), has declared that “the nasal spray flu vaccine (live attenuated influenza vaccine or LAIV) should not be used during 2016-2017”. The reason is simple: a study looking at the effectiveness of the nasal spray flu vaccine that was made available in May this year showed it did not confer any protection for those aged 2 to 17 who were studied.

News reports, such as this one from London’s Metro, are full of the benefits of the flu vaccine and are, in particular, encouraging parents to get their children vaccinated. For kids, it’s all about the nasal vaccine. Whereas in previous years children aged 2-4 were offered the conventional jab, it’s now on offer as a non-invasive nasal spray for children up to the age of 7.

Continue reading »

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Oct 17

Hillary Clinton wants to force vaccinate your children, have them owned by the state:

As we get closer and closer to the presidential election on November 8, it is becoming very clear who the logical candidate is if health freedom is important to you.

Hint: It’s not Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

As far back as 1993, for instance – when Clinton was first lady and pushing for an earlier version of Obamacare (again under the guise of “health care reform”) – two programs she backed were the Childhood Immunization Initiative and Vaccines for Children. Continue reading »

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Oct 04

Bill Gates’ Philanthropy: 30,000 Indian girls used as guinea pigs to test cancer vaccine:

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is praised for its philanthropy around the world, but much of the foundation’s good deeds are merely no-consent vaccine experiments carried out on the poor. Under the pretense of providing healthcare to third world countries, the Gates Foundation instead coerces tens of thousands of children to test out various vaccines for pharmaceutical companies.

Bill Gate’s massive wealth from selling computers is being redistributed to pharmaceutical research, as human rights-violating corporations such as Merck and GlaxoSmithKline test out new vaccines on multiple thousands of unsuspecting victims.

In India, the propaganda campaign is in full force, as the natives are instructed to get their “well-being” shots. The resulting health problems have been noticeable and devastating, raising questions about the sinister motives behind the Gates Foundation and their extraordinary vaccine push. Continue reading »

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Oct 04

Genetically modified children: Baby born with DNA from three different people:

U.S. scientists recently announced the birth of a baby containing DNA from three different people in an article in New Scientist. They will present the details of the new procedure they used at the October meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

The procedure, which is illegal in the United States, was performed in Mexico.

It is not the first time that scientists have used biotechnology to produce a child with DNA from three separate people, but the researchers claim that their new technique is significantly more precise, and has major implications for the prevention of genetic disease. Continue reading »

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Sep 29

Denmark Allows Migrants to Break Law and Keep Child Brides:

Child brides as young as 14 are being reunited with their older, migrant husbands in Denmark after authorities decided that upholding Danish law breached their “human rights”.

The legal minimum age for marriage is 18 in the Nordic nation, yet the exemptions are being made for migrants because separating the couples is said to violate the right to family life guaranteed in the European convention on human rights. Continue reading »

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Sep 28

Knife-wielding refugee is shot dead by German police after screaming ‘you will not survive’ and lunging at another migrant ‘who sexually abused his eight-year-old daughter’:

  • Police had arrested migrant over claims he sexually abused a girl of eight
  • Refugee father of the girl lunged at the man as he was being arrested
  • He is said to have screamed ‘you will not survive’ at 27-year-old suspect
  • But the father was shot at by several officers and later died in hospital 

German police have shot dead a refugee who tried to avenge his eight-year-old daughter after she was allegedly sexually abused by another migrant in the camp they shared.

Detectives in Berlin were leading a 27-year-old suspect away in handcuffs when the girl’s father, 29, ran at him with a knife screaming: ‘You will not survive!’

He was shot at by several officers and fell to the ground, dying a short time later after being rushed to hospital.

The incident comes amid rising tensions within refugee centres in Germany where aid workers and police have spoken of rapes of women and children.

According to police, the dead man’s daughter was lured to parkland near the centre where she lived with her family in Kruppstrasse in the gritty working class district of Moabit on Tuesday and sexually abused. Continue reading »

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Sep 26


Introducing the Military-Industrial-Elementary School Complex:

What’s so uniquely tragic about the the intrusion of the police state into America’s schools, is it appears the parents themselves are the ones demanding it. This is in contrast to an overbearing surveillance state implemented by government in secret, as well as by private corporations via lengthy terms of service agreements nobody actually reads.

What follows are excerpts from a very important article published at The NationThe School-Security Industry Is Cashing In Big on Public Fears of Mass Shootings: Continue reading »

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Sep 19

Related info:

We Are On Our Own

Source: Jim Stone


If whites refuse to throw their children to the wolves, they are practicing white supremacy! No kidding, Huffington Post published this, here are the key quotes!

I don’t pretend to be able to predict the future, so admittedly I have no clue what lives my children will lead. However, my racial and class privilege make my children exempt from many of the worries that parents of color, low-income parents and parents within marginalized populations must face with regards to their children on top of the parental concerns we universally share. Continue reading »

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Sep 17

H/t reader squodgy:

“We in the West have the manpower resources to sort this, but sadly the PTB see fit to divert these resources and manpower to stupid causes they have created as diversions like the Wars on Terror & Drugs, both of which produce big money for Government, Secret Service & the Military Contractors. Crass hypocrisy & manipulation of the truth.
And of course we mustn’t forget the rampant paedophilia/child abuse market at Government levels.”

Four Surprising Things an Ex–Child Slave Wants You to Know About Modern Slavery:

Most of us think that slavery is a thing of the past. But the truth is, the slavery in the past has metamorphosed into something else, which we come across every day.

Children are particularly vulnerable to this modern day slavery. Children who are unfortunate to have a difficult background such as parental neglect, family poverty, broken homes etc are lured by the unscrupulous into exploitation.

The United Nations, together with several nonprofit organizations, have teamed up in order to curb the inhumane practice.


A former child slave, Rani Hong who was kidnapped at the age of seven in India and sold into the slave trade, has now become one of the leading personalities to work closely with the United Nations, to end the practice. Hong founded The Tronie Foundation, a trafficking awareness organization that works with the United Nations General Assembly, advising countries across the globe on how to better defend against modern slavery. Continue reading »

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Sep 07

Child sex abuse still rampant in Rotherham despite report on 1,000s of victims – Express UK probe:

Thousands of young girls are being groomed for sex in Rotherham on an “industrial scale,” but abuse victims say authorities have failed to get the situation under control for years, Express.co.uk has disclosed in a special investigation.

The men are mainly from Mirpur, a city in the Kashmir region on the border between Pakistan and India.

The situation came into the public spotlight after a chilling 2014 report by Professor Alexis Jay showed that at least 1,400 girls had been peddled for sex by Kashmiri gangs between 1997 and 2013, while police ignored many reports of abuse out of fear of being branded as racist. Continue reading »

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Sep 07



No space left in British jails for all pedophiles – police chief:

Pedophiles guilty of lower level offenses should be diverted to mental health treatment programs rather than prisons, a senior police chief has suggested.

Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas, president of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales, has called for a different approach to rehabilitating those who have viewed indecent images of children online but have not committed contact offenses.

Citing the rapidly growing sex offenders’ register, Thomas warned that police do not have the resources to properly monitor all of those on the list. Continue reading »

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