Congressman Charles Rangel (D) Made The Oddest Statement. Did Anyone Catch It?


Congressman Rangel (D) made the oddest statement. Did anyone catch it? Very Telling in what is happening to the Country. (Sherrie Questioning All, June 22, 2014):

I have been reading how Congressman Charles Rangel who is the longest serving Congressman in D.C.  He is from New York, Harlem district and has been serving since 1971.  He is 84 years old now.

His district is now 52% Hispanic due to immigration so he has a tough primary.

I was reading the story on Washington Post when I read something Rangel said that is at the least very odd and very strange besides telling in what is happening and where this country is headed.

Here is the paragraph that hit me very wrong:

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Rep. Charles Rangel: ‘Cult’ Tea Party Push To Repeal Obamacare Is Sign of Mental Illness (Video)


Rep. Charles Rangel Convicted of 11 Ethics Violations By Congressional Panel

Charlie Rangel: “Cult” Tea Party Push To Repeal Obamacare Is Sign of Mental Illness (Last Resistance, Jan 1, 2014):

Charlie Rangel is the 83-year-old Democrat Congressman from New York. He said that tea partiers must be sick in the head for wanting to “take down the country” by repealing Obamacare. I mean, who in their right mind would want to repeal a law that’s yielded one success story after another?

Here’s what he said:

“I understand Democrats, and I used to understand Republicans. There is something going on in this country that I don’t understand and that’s the Tea Party. I have never met or dealt with politicians that don’t mind losing, that don’t mind taking down their party, the Republican Party, or their speaker or the country – or the president or the party for that matter. And so, politics is changing for me at this late age, to have to deal with a cult-type of group of people…

“When a handful of people can control a larger number of people, to repeal a law that has been passed by the House, the Senate, and declared constitutional by the courts – and they campaign on the issue that it should be repealed – this is past Civics 101. This is illness.”

Only a mentally healthy person would want government to intervene in everyone’s lives from cradle to grave. That’s “normal.” Only one of sound mind would be OK with government taking over the “health” and insurance industry, causing costs to skyrocket and quality to sour, because that is good and fair for us and our country. Any attempt to curtail the growth or involvement of government is a sign of mental illness.

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Gerald Celente On Who Really Creates All These Wars And Why (Video)

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– Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: ‘War Criminals Run The State Department And The Entire US Government’

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If Nostradamus were alive today, he’d have a hard time keeping up with Gerald Celente.
– New York Post

When CNN wants to know about the Top Trends, we ask Gerald Celente.
– CNN Headline News

There’s not a better trend forecaster than Gerald Celente. The man knows what he’s talking about.

Those who take their predictions seriously … consider the Trends Research Institute.
– The Wall Street Journal

A network of 25 experts whose range of specialties would rival many university faculties.
– The Economist

Elite Puppet President Obama Starts Another Illegal War, Rep. Charles Rangel Calls For Draft

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Rep. Ron Paul: War On Libya Totally Unconstitutional


Rep. Charles Rangel Convicted of 11 Ethics Violations By Congressional Panel

What balls! What hubris! What hypocrisy! What happened to America?

Once again, America has preemptively attacked a sovereign nation that posed no threat to her without a declaration of war from the people’s representatives. Apparently the U.S. president now gets permission from the U.N. to spend U.S. taxpayer dollars on unprovoked wars and outright murder.  Isn’t it still called murder when killing is not done in self-defense?  Okay, just checking to make sure I haven’t lost my mind.

Nobel Peace prince Obama launched his liberation of the good people of Libya with his own shock-and-awe bombing campaign appropriately on the eighth anniversary of Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq.  This tyrannical intervention is so naked, so brazen in its hubris that whatever shred of goodwill America had left is completely gone.  America is officially the most murderous, anti-democratic, terrorist nation the world has ever known.

And get this, on the very same day of this unconstitutional act of war, ethically-challenged Charlie Rangel reintroduced his National Service “Draft” bill.  Rangel pointed out in his announcement that the government lied us into the Iraq war that ultimately resulted in the deaths of over 4,400 servicemen with over 32,000 injured.  He claims this is the reason we need a draft:

Based on false pretenses of weapons of mass destruction and involvement in the 9/11 attacks, the unfunded war in Iraq has cost our nation not only $800 billion dollars, but the lives of more than 4,400 brave American patriots. Over 32,000 U.S. soldiers have also been seriously wounded in the war we should not have been in the first place.

It is because of these devastating statistics and the commitment our nation must make to sharing in duty and service that I reintroduced the Universal National Service Act, commonly known as the draft bill.

You can’t make this stuff up.  So, our government lies us into wars for profit and oil, thrusts our brave young men and women in harms way against poor nations who in their wildest dreams couldn’t threaten America, and puts off paying for them as long as the banks and China get their interest payments at gunpoint from the taxpayer. And now you want to force all of our kids to take part in this sociopathic behavior?

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Rep. Charles Rangel Convicted of 11 Ethics Violations By Congressional Panel

Remember Charles Rangel’s H.R. 5741: Universal National Service Act:

To require all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42 to perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security, to authorize the induction of persons in the uniformed services during wartime to meet end-strength requirements of the uniformed services, and for other purposes.

Representative Charles Rangel (D-NY) speaks during a hearing of the House Adjudicatory subcommittee at Capitol Hill in Washington, November 15, 2010.

Rangel faces up to 13 charges concerning ethics and federal regulations covering public officials. (Reuters)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Democratic Representative Charles Rangel, Congress’s former chief tax writer, was convicted by a congressional panel on Tuesday of ethics violations, many dealing with personal finances.

A congressional ethics subcommittee found the veteran representative guilty of 11 counts, including failing to report rental income and improper use of a rent-stabilized apartment and soliciting charitable donations from people with business before Congress.

The panel’s chairwoman, Democrat Zoe Lofgren, said there was “clear and convincing evidence” against Rangel, 80, from New York.

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