More Than 20,000 EADS Workers Demonstrate In Germany Against Restructuring Plans – Workforce May Be Cut By 20% Or 8000 Employees

Bilderberg EADS CEO Tom Enders at work.


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Thousands of German workers protest against EADS shake-up (Reuters, Nov 28, 2013):

More than 20,000 workers from European aerospace group EADS took to the streets in Germany on Thursday to protest against restructuring plans they fear could cost thousands of jobs.

Protests were held at about 30 sites, from the company’s Airbus factories near Hamburg in the north to its Eurofighter jet assembly plant in Bavaria’s Manching in the south.

“This has been a clear warning that the employees of EADS will not accept decisions made to their disadvantage and over their heads,” said Ruediger Luetjen, head of the company’s European works council and an IG Metall union representative.

1,000s of EADS workers demonstrate in Germany (PressTV, Nov 29, 2013):

Thousands of workers from European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company N.V. (EADS) have demonstrated in Germany against the company’s new restructuring plans that may lead to massive job losses.

The demonstrations took place in 30 EADS locations across the country on Thursday over the company’s plans to join its defense and space subsidiaries and to sell some of its operations next year, Reuters reported.

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