Disgraced, Demoted Pathological Liar To Collect $10 Million At MSNBC

To summarize – a man who profers to deliver unbiased personal reporting but instead lied through his teeth to enrich his own ego has been demoted to an audience 90% lower but still gets paid $10 million!!!!

Welcome to the new normal America.


Disgraced, Demoted Pathological Liar To Collect $10 Million At MSNBC (ZeroHedge, June 19, 2015):

Brian Williams – the disgraced lying ex-anchor of NBC Nightly News – has been demoted drastically to breaking news on MSNBC. He also took a significant pay cut. But do not feel too bad for the pathological narcissist. As TheWrap reports, the newsman will still earn a stunning $8-10 million. In today’s consequence-less world, it appears it now pays to lie, but do not be disturbed as Williams has allegedly commented that he “identifies as an honest news anchor.”

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Presstitute Brian Williams’ Lie: The Bigger Picture

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Brian Williams Says “He’s Too Much Part Of The News” – Takes Himself Off Daily Broadcast

Brian Williams-1

Brian Williams’ Lie: The Bigger Picture (ZeroHedge, Feb 7, 2015):

What should we make of Brian Williams’ admission that he lied about his helicopter being forced down in Iraq?

Initially, he may have lied about other things, as well.

But there’s a bigger story here …

Mainstream reporters are ALWAYS pro-war, acting as cheerleaders for the military-industrial complex and propagandists for the government.

Christian Christensen writes today:

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The Mind-Control Qualities Of Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, And Scott Pelley

The mind-control qualities of Brian Williams, Diane Sawyer, and Scott Pelley (Jon Rappoport, Dec 20, 2012):

In the wake of the Sandy Hook murders, I’ve been describing how the television coverage is a form of mind control.

Of course, it’s wall-to-wall mind control every day, no matter what stories the networks are focused on.

The best of the best mind control is applied by the three major network anchors: Brian Williams, Scott Pelley, and Diane Sawyer.

They don’t do it as well as Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, and Edward R Murrow once worked their magic, but they’re fairly good practitioners of the art. Brian Williams is the current champion.

Here are the qualities you need to rise to the top of the charts.

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