BREMEN, Germany: Bremen Police Raid Salafist Group

17/02/2016 BREMEN, Germany – Bremen Police Raid Salafist Group

Bremen Police have raided a Salafist group with links to the Islamic state. 200 police raided the Mosque and headquarters of the organization and collected hard drives, computers and smartphones. The group has officially been banned by the authorities but no word has been released on possible arrests. 21 members of the group are said to have traveled to Syria to fight for the Islamic state since the summer of 2015 reports Zeit.


German Munis Are In Big Trouble

From the article:

“It is just amazing who disconnected government are from the reality of the economy. Everything is geared to move toward the confiscation of wealth not reforming the system. These people are just brain-dead.”


German Municipals In Trouble (Armstrong Economics, July 10, 2014):

Part of our job is monitoring everything everywhere. We are gathering data om whatever moves on a global basis. I have stated numerous times, it is IMPOSSIBLE to forecast a single market in isolation because the wildcard comes from contagions set in motion elsewhere. It is like sunning on the beach and there is a tidal wave coming because of an earthquake you didn’t know happened. Unless you monitor the world, you cannot even forecast the weather for tomorrow. It would all be just dumb-luck and chance.

I have been warning that about 50% of the municipal governments in Germany are on the verge of bankruptcy.

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