Homeland Security To Release Bacteria Into Subway Tunnels To Test Bioterror Sensors

Boston to Test Bioterror Sensors (The Scientist, Aug 29, 2012):

Federal officials will release harmless bacteria into subway tunnels beneath the Northeastern city to test new sensors designed to detect biological agents.

The Boston subway system will soon host simulated biological weapon attacks as the Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) conducts tests of sensors designed to detect the presence of biological agents in metropolitan areas.

After temporarily shutting down the transportation system, S&T will release small quantities of harmless and inactive bacteria into subway tunnels under Beantown and monitor the spread of the dead microbes using newly developed sensors. The bacterium, Bacillus subtilis, is considered nontoxic even when alive and active.

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US Government Wants To Test Anthrax Vaccine On Children

Panel endorses anthrax vaccine test on children (San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 29, 2011):

Washington — A key panel of government advisers Friday recommended that the federal government sponsor a controversial study to test the anthrax vaccine in children to see whether the inoculation would protect young Americans against a bioterrorist’s attack.

The National Biodefense Science Board, which advises the federal government on issues related to bioterrorism, voted 12-1 to recommend that the Health and Human Services Department move forward with a study aimed at determining whether the vaccine is safe and effective in children and identifying the best dose. Patricia Quinlisk of the Iowa Department of Public Health, who chairs the panel, was the only dissenter.

“We need to know more about the safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine as we develop plans to use the vaccine on a large number of children in the event of a bioterrorist’s attack,” said Ruth Berkelman of Emory University, a panel member.

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CDC Executive Arrested For Child Molestation, Bestiality

CDC executive arrested for child molestation, bestiality (Atlanta Journal-Constitution , Oct. 10, 2011):

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention official was arrested Sunday and charged with two counts of child molestation and bestiality for sexual acts involving a 6-year-old boy.

According to a DeKalb County criminal warrant obtained Sunday, Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey’s boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, was also arrested on two counts of child molestation. Westerman works for the CDC as a night watchman, his LinkedIn profile states. The pair, who live together in Decatur, surrendered to authorities Sunday afternoon, said DeKalb police spokeswoman Pamela Kunz.

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Forensic Evidence Emerges That European E.coli Superbug Was Bioengineered To Produce Human Fatalities

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First Act Of Bioterrorism In Germany: Ehec Identified As Biological Terrorist Attack, HUSEC 41 Confirms Bioterrorism-Thesis

(NaturalNews) Even as the veggie blame game is now under way across the EU, where a super resistant strain of e.coli is sickening patients and filling hospitals in Germany, virtually no one is talking about how e.coli could have magically become resistant to eight different classes of antibiotic drugs and then suddenly appeared in the food supply.

This particular e.coli variation is a member of the O104 strain, and O104 strains are almost never (normally) resistant to antibiotics. In order for them to acquire this resistance, they must be repeatedly exposed to antibiotics in order to provide the “mutation pressure” that nudges them toward complete drug immunity.

So if you’re curious about the origins of such a strain, you can essentially reverse engineer the genetic code of the e.coli and determine fairly accurately which antibiotics it was exposed to during its development. This step has now been done (see below), and when you look at the genetic decoding of this O104 strain now threatening food consumers across the EU, a fascinating picture emerges of how it must have come into existence.

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First Act Of Bioterrorism In Germany: Ehec Identified As Biological Terrorist Attack, HUSEC 41 Confirms Bioterrorism-Thesis

Google translation of all articles from LifeGen.de below:

1. Ehec-Anschläge bedrohen die EU
1.Ehec attacks threaten the EU

2. (2011-05-27) Ehec: HUSEC 41 bestätigt Bioterror-These
2. Ehec: HUSEC 41 confirmed bioterrorism-thesis

3. (2011-05-26) Ehec als biologischer Terroranschlag ausgemacht
3. Ehec identified as a biological terrorist attack

4. (2011-05-25) Ehec-Infektion kann Bioterror-Anschlag sein
4. Ehec: wave of infections can be bioterrorism attack

5. (2011-05-25) Ehec: Drohender Versorgungskollaps alarmiert Nierenfachärzte
5. Ehec: Threatened supply collapse alarmed nephrologists

1.Ehec attacks threaten the EU:

Still, it speaks no one officially, you can read it for us set after an analysis of recent facts: The contamination with EHEC pathogens in Germany, UK, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands may be no accident – but the well-designed shape of the first bioterrorist attack on the EU. A look at the epidemiological evidence Statsitiken since 2000: although EHEC Erkrankunegn 1,200 per year are normal, die in Germany, only between zero and three people from the consequences of the infection. Now that within a week, six people lost their lives, these sources lack of hygienic conditions in the factories explain. Spain would be stamped as the cause distraction from the real dangers.

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