Freemason Bernie Sanders Shuns Democrats: “I Will Finish This Term As An Independent”


Bernie Sanders Shuns Democrats: “I Will Finish This Term As An Independent”:

In yet another slap in the face of the Democratic party, The Hill reports that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) won’t officially join the Democratic Party even though he was appointed to a leadership position within the Senate Democratic caucus this week.

“I was elected as an Independent and I will finish this term as an Independent,” Sanders said at a breakfast Thursday morning hosted by the Christian Science Monitor.

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Freemasons Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch

Divide et impera!

‘Preparing’ Americans for the coming civil war (after the greatest financial collapse in world history).


Obama, Clinton, and Sanders Could Stop the Riots But They Just Watch:

Is it just me or have you also noticed that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and President Obama have been silent about the protests?

The very people who have the power to stop these protests and riots with just a few well-spoken words have been completely silent on the issue.

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Bernie Sanders Supporters Furious Over Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches

Bernie Sanders Supporters Furious Over Hillary’s Leaked Wall Street Speeches:

With the media exclusively attuned to every new, or 11-year-old as the case may be, twist in the Trump “sex tape” saga, it appeared that everyone forgot that a little over 24 hours ago, Wikileaks exposed the real reason why Hillary was keeping her Wall Street speech transcripts – which we now know had always been within easy reach for her campaign – secret. In her own words: “if everybody’s watching, you know, all of the back room discussions and the deals, you know, then people get a little nervous, to say the least. So, you need both a public and a private position.” In other words, you have to lie to the general public while promising those who just paid you $250,000 for an hour of your speaking time something entirely different, which is precisely what those accusing Hillary of hiding her WS transcripts had done; and as yesterday’s hacked documents revealed, they were right.

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Bernie Sanders: ‘I am proud to stand with her’ – Jim Stone: Sanders is the troll I always thought he was

bernie remarks

Bernie Sanders: ‘I am proud to stand with her’:

The most important political moment of the night came when Sanders delivered the full-throated endorsement that the Clinton campaign had longed for.

“Any objective observer will conclude that — based on her ideas and her leadership — Hillary Clinton must become the next president of the United States,” Sanders told delegates, spurring a cascade of cheers.

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Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion

Leaked DNC Emails Confirm Democrats Rigged Primary, Reveal Extensive Media Collusion:

There are three key findings to emerge from yesterday’s dump of leaked DNC emails released by Wikileaks:

  • There had been a plot designed to smear Bernie Sanders and to hand the Democratic nomination to Hillary on a silver platter
  • There has been repeated collusion between the DNC and the media
  • There has been questionable fundraising for both Hillary Clinton and the DNC

First, a quick recap for those who missed the original report, yesterday Wikileaks released over 19,000 emails and more than 8,000 attachments from the Democratic National Committee. This is what the whistleblower organization reported:

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Bernie Sanders Slams Senators after Vote Advances GMO Labeling DARK Act

… but he endorsed Hillary …

Full Text Of Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement Of Hillary Clinton

… who totally supports GMOs:

Hillary Clinton’s Support for GMOs Confirmed by Gates Foundation

Bride of Frankenfood: Hillary Clinton pushes GMO agenda… hires Monsanto lobbyist… takes huge dollars from Monsanto

And Big Pharma’s 2016 Presidential Candidate Is … Hillary Clinton!

Flashback: Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Supports Monsanto

Sanders Slams Senators after Vote Advances GMO Labeling DARK Act:

The U.S. Senate has supported a move to begin debate on the Roberts-Stabenow GMO labeling bill, also known as the new DARK Act, that would wipe out states’ ability to require GMO labeling and replace it with an ineffective federal program. Senators voted 65-32 in favor of advancing the misleading bill.

U.S. Presidential candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders, tweeted Wednesday; “The Stabenow-Roberts GMO bill is confusing, misleading and unenforceable. It does nothing to make sure consumers know what they’re eating.”

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5 Things the Establishment Slipped By You While Focusing Solely on Orlando Shooting (Video)


5 Things the Establishment Slipped By You While Focusing Solely on Orlando Shooting (Video):

The article below epitomizes life during the Obama Presidency: “Whenever there’s a big story in the media, look for the story they’re trying to distract you from!” Claire Bernish does a great job highlighting 5 things the establishment slipped by most people while everyone was focusing solely on the Orlando shooting. I covered several of the ones listed below and many more in a recent video here, and there are links to plenty more at the bottom. 

Arguably, the most serious of the stories ignored by the mainstream media is the massive voter fraud that has been detected in 11 states. The story is covered in the video below starting around the 3:30 mark. 

By the yardstick used by the US government to identify fraud in foreign elections (a discrepancy of greater than 2% between election polls and exit polls), there is strong indication of fraud in Democrat primaries in 11 states. All the discrepancies favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity is about to file a lawsuit alleging racketeering. We look at Edison Research Polling, the National Election Pool (NEP), electronic voting and mainstream media.


The Free Though Project Writes:After any major tragedy, we develop an obsessive need to analyze, debate, and argue every conceivable aspect of what’s taken place — as if time stops. That tragedy dominates mainstream and, often, independent media headlines for days or weeks, exhaustively positing theory after theory until the public begins to lose interest.

But tragedy doesn’t occur in a vacuum, and — though it might feel as if the world pressed pause to allow society to grieve — important, pertinent issues continue to arise while our attention is trained elsewhere.

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Sanders Supporters Vindicated: Proof DNC Used Media to Rig Election for Hillary

Sanders Hillary Masonic Handshake

Sanders Supporters Vindicated: Proof DNC Used Media to Rig Election for Hillary:

United States — While Bernie Sanders’ supporters and independent media outlets have exhaustively pointed out that corporate media’s fatuous prattling over Hillary Clinton likely tipped the elections in her favor, we now have solid proof — leaked emails show the DNC colluded with mainstream outlets to heavily favor Clinton.

“Our goals in the coming months will be to frame the Republican field and the eventual nominee early and to provide a contrast between the GOP field and HRC,” reads an email dated May 26, 2015, referencing the former secretary of state by her initials, posted by “Guccifer 2.0” — after the Romanian hacker who allegedly accessed Clinton’s private email server multiple times.

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How Hillary Clinton “Clinched “The Nomination On A Day Nobody Voted

Journalistic Malpractice – How Hillary Clinton “Clinched” the Nomination on a Day Nobody Voted:

Last night, Associated Press – on a day when nobody voted – surprised everyone by abruptly declaring the Democratic Party primary over and Hillary Clinton the victor. The decree, issued the night before the California primary in which polls show Clinton and Bernie Sanders in a very close race, was based on the media organization’s survey of “superdelegates”: the Democratic Party’s 720 insiders, corporate donors and officials whose votes for the presidential nominee count the same as the actually elected delegates. AP claims that superdelegates who had not previously announced their intentions privately told AP reporters that they intend to vote for Clinton, bringing her over the threshold. AP is concealing the identity of the decisive superdelegates who said this.

This is the perfect symbolic ending to the Democratic Party primary: The nomination is consecrated by a media organization, on a day when nobody voted, based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization – incredibly – conceals. The decisive edifice of superdelegates is itself anti-democratic and inherently corrupt: designed to prevent actual voters from making choices that the party establishment dislikes. But for a party run by insiders and funded by corporate interests, it’s only fitting that their nomination process ends with such an ignominious, awkward and undemocratic sputter.

That the Democratic Party nominating process is declared to be over in such an uninspiring, secretive, and elite-driven manner is perfectly symbolic of what the party, and its likely nominee, actually is. The one positive aspect, though significant, is symbolic, while the actual substance – rallying behind a Wall-Street-funded, status-quo-perpetuating, multi-millionaire militarist – is grim in the extreme. The Democratic Party got exactly the ending it deserved.

– Glenn Greenwald, writing at The Intercept

Last night, the American public witnessed the most egregious example of mainstream media malpractice of my lifetime. By declaring Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee based on the pledges of superdelegates who have not voted, and will not vote until the convention on July 25th, the Associated Press performed a huge disservice to American democracy on the eve of a major primary day, in which voters from the most populous state in the union (amongst others) head to the polls. If you are a U.S. citizen and you aren’t outraged by this, there’s something seriously wrong with you.

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