Aug 27

… which happens to be the same Israel that claimed Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons …

… and that the USS Liberty was under attack by Egypt:


Dead In The Water – The Sinking Of The USS Liberty (Full BBC Documentary):

The press release for the 2002 BBC documentary film Dead in the Water suggests the attack was a “daring ploy by Israel to fake an Egyptian attack” to give America a reason to enter the war against Egypt. Convinced that the attack was real, President Lyndon B. Johnson launched nuclear-armed planes targeted against Cairo from a U.S. aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean. The planes were recalled only just in time, when it was clear the Liberty had not sunk and that Israel had carried out the attack.(Source)

– On record: Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘America is something that can easily be moved.’ ‘The world won’t say a thing.’ ‘The world will say we’re defending.’ (Video)

Report: Israel provided West evidence of Syrian chemical use (YNet, Aug 26, 2013):

The Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported that Israel gave Washington and European countries information that included documents and pictures proving that chemical weapons were launched from a Syrian army post in the vicinity of Damascus. According to the report, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz informed US Joint Chiefs Of Staff General Martin Dempsey that Israel has evidence of use of chemical weapons.Sources informed the paper that Israel is closely following the issue of Syrian chemical weapons using satellites, surveillance cameras and means within the territory of Syria, as well as through agents.


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Feb 07


Israel’s Chief of Staff Lieutenant Benny Gantz (R) and his US counterpart Martin Dempsey (C) arrive at a ceremony at the Rabin military base in Tel Aviv, January 20, 2012.

US awards Israeli Chief of Staff Gantz with ‘Legion of Merit’ (PressTV, Feb 6, 2013):

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US Armed Forces, General Martin E. Dempsey, has given the “Legion of Merit” award to his Israeli counterpart, Benny Gantz.

The award was given to Gantz on behalf of US President Barack Obama, during a ceremony at the Pentagon, for what Washington called an outstanding and noteworthy command.

During the ceremony, the Israeli military chief praised the cooperation between Israeli and US militaries.

The US award and praise for the Israeli army chief comes a week after an Israeli airstrike on a Syrian research center in Damascus, which left several people killed and injured.

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Sep 19

Surprise drill: IDF gets ready for war (RT, Sep 19, 2012):

The Israeli Defense Force has begun surprise live-fire war games on the Golan Heights, bordering unstable Lebanon and Syria. Officially, the Israeli military is practicing combat readiness to repel possible sudden attack from Lebanon-based Hezbollah.

The Chief of IDF General Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz ordered troops from the Northern and Central commands, reinforced by reservists, to simulate an emergency. The IDF insists the drill is a routine scheduled event, but for unknown reasons withheld from making public how many troops and what military vehicles are being involved in the war games.

But Israel Radio’s military affairs correspondent who is in regular contact with senior officers, said on air that the timing of the exercise was “not mere coincidence.”

Troops were flown by helicopter from central Israel to the Golan Heights for the exercise.

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Jun 06

See also:

Israeli Military Chief: Iran Won’t Develop Nuclear Weapons, Warns Against ‘Hysteria’ As Netanyahu Threatens Attack Again:

Adding to the hope that the constant threats of war are empty ones, Israeli military chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz today expressed confidence of a diplomatic solution with Iran, adding that he didn’t think Iran would attempt to develop nuclear weapons.

Israel ‘super-ready’ to attack Iran – Defense Chief (RT, June 5, 2012):

Israel is fully prepared to attack Iran if needed, declared Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, saying the military threat is one convincing method of forcing Tehran to give up its nuclear ambitions.

­According to the military chief, “the vectors of international diplomatic isolation, economic pressure and sanctions, disturbances to the [nuclear] project… and a credible military threat” make the list of factors that can influence the direction of Iran’s nuclear program.

“In order to be a credible military threat, we must be super-ready, and as far as I’m concerned, we’re super-ready,” Gantz was cited by Israeli media as saying to the country’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee.
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Apr 26

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Israel Will Attack Iran If May 23 Nuke Talks Fail: Report


Heads Of Mossad And Shin Bet May Have Leaked Plans For Attack On Iran, PM Netanyahu Orders An Investigation (Guardian, Nov. 3, 2011):

… the main suspects are the former heads of the Mossad and the Shin Bet, respectively Israel’s foreign and domestic intelligence agencies.Netanyahu is said to believe that the two, Meir Dagan and Yuval Diskin, wanted to torpedo plans being drawn up by him and Ehud Barak, the defence minister, to hit Iranian nuclear sites.

In January the recently retired Dagan, a hawk when he was running the Mossad, called an attack on Iranthe stupidest idea I’ve ever heard“.

Israeli Military Chief: Iran Won’t Develop Nuclear Weapons (Antiwar, April 24, 2012):

Adding to the hope that the constant threats of war are empty ones, Israeli military chief Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz today expressed confidence of a diplomatic solution with Iran, adding that he didn’t think Iran would attempt to develop nuclear weapons.

The comments, made in a high profile interview with Israeli newspaper Haaretz on the occasion of Israeli Independence Day, also include an admonishment to avoid “hysteria” about Iran’s program. This probably won’t sit well with the nation’s civilian leadership, which is constantly claiming Iran is “close” to nuclear weapons capability.

The interview in the Israeli press was in stark contrast to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s interview with US media outlet CNN, in which he insisted that there were no questions about Iran’s nuclear weapons program and that the international sanctions had “better work soon.

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