Apr 15

Syrian Elections 2016: US, NATO Criminals, Liars & Hypocrites’ Failed Attempt to Deny the Will of the Syrian People

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Apr 04


Assad Says Syria Will Destroy ISIS Without Western Intervention:

In an exclusive interview with various Russian news agencies, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad announced that Syria is on the verge of completely eradicating all terrorists from the country, including ISIS, without assistance or interference from the West. 

Speaking to RIA Novosti and Sputnik, Assad criticised supposed US-led coalitions aimed at ‘fighting terrorism’ as failing to play a role in the liberation of Palmyra.

Syrian Free Press reports:

He added that the occupation of Palmyra by terrorists less than a year ago was evidence of the failure of the coalition and that it is not serious about fighting terrorism, particularly fighting IS.

The following is the full text of the third part of the interview: Continue reading »

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Mar 12

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad votes in country's presidential elections on 4 June, 2014
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad votes in country’s presidential elections on 4 June, 2014

Syrian elections to be held in 18 months: UN envoy:

The UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura announced on Friday that UN-supervised Syrian elections should be held in 18 months.

“New elections should be held 18 months from the start of [peace] talks, this is from 14 March,” de Mistura told the Russian RIA Novosti state news agency. Continue reading »

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Mar 05

assad kerry

Syria’s Assad Calls for Elections, Offers Amnesty to Syrian Rebels:

(TFC) Damascus, Syria – It may be hard for many consumers of Western media to remember the original reasons for the Syrian civil war but those who have been paying attention remember the conflict was originally started as an effort to overthrow Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad in a manner similar to Libya. After being billed as a dictator similar to Saddam Hussein in Iraq or Muammar Gaddafi in Libya; Assad was targeted by Western intervention in the same way yet has retained power longer than his enemies ever suspected and has now promised to play his part in ending the conflict in surprising ways. Continue reading »

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Feb 29

Turkey to keep supporting armed groups fighting Assad regime in Syria – PM Davutoglu:

Some unexpected statements emerged in Al-Jazeera’s interview with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, who acknowledged that Ankara was supporting armed groups in Syria, while ruling out a Turkish invasion and accusing Russia of ethnic cleansing.

Davutoglu praised the militants currently in control of the strategic city of Aleppo, who are engaged in a war against Damascus, for repelling attacks from various forces.

“How would they be able to defend themselves if there was no Turkish support of the Syrian people? … If there’s today a real moderate Syrian opposition, it’s because of the Turkish support. If today the [Assad] regime isn’t able to control all the territories [it’s] because of Turkish and some other countries’ support,” he told Al-Jazeera earlier this week. Continue reading »

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Feb 26

Masonic handshake between Kerry and Lavrov

Russia Quashes Kerry’s Talk of Syria Partition:

State Department is making noises about willingness to abandon regime change and settle for a ‘mere’ partition of Syria, but Russia is having none of it

It wasn’t so long ago that London was accusing Russia of plotting to partition Syria. The context of the allegation was that supposedly Russia has begun to see it will not be able to win in Syria and had now settled for carving out an Alawite mini state for Assad.

Yet three weeks later and one Turkey-rebel supply route less and it’s Washington which is talking up partition instead. And furthermore doing so from a position of weakness that UK’s Philip Hammond had been earlier deluding himself that the Russians were working from. Continue reading »

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Feb 20


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Feb 19

Various members of IS, ISIL, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, FSA, and Thuwwar al-Sham.

The anatomy of a third World War: Neocon style:

The Washington neocons have managed to muck things up in Syria blurring and confusing boundaries between who’s who amongst warring factions in its now half decade old regime change proxy war that the US has been losing. With the US Empire’s agenda to destabilize every potential threat to US-Israel hegemony in the region, the latest highly disturbing developments unfolding within this last week in Syria paint a very grim yet clear picture of America’s revised regional strategy. The key lens by which to analyze and understand what the US Empire does geopolitically in the Middle East, North Africa or anywhere has everything to do with maintaining US-Israel regional hegemony and its obsessive, relentless strategy opposing the greatest threat to America’s unipolar global hegemony – Russia, China and Iran. Underlying this neocon insanity behind US foreign policy’s global agenda has been destabilization of the entire world through chaos and destruction militarily achieved through either direct Empire invasion-occupation war or more recently indirectly through the latest installment of Empire’s manufactured war on terror deploying its created ISIS-al Qaeda terrorists as proxy war allies doing Empire’s blood-soaked bidding by proxy. But when that strategy fails as it has in Syria recently, now the neocons are resorting to sending in its Islamic nation state puppets Turkey and Saudi Arabia as yet more proxy war allies to do yet more of their dirty work. Continue reading »

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Feb 15

Syria: Turning Over the Death Card:

Things are getting hot again over in Syria, and not just because of the weather. Russia just said that if the United States jumps into the war in Syria, it’ll end up being the Third World War! Now, there’s no reason to believe that Russia can’t make good on that threat. This is a superpower, even though the United States likes to engage in the make-believe that they lost that coveted title when the Soviet Union collapsed. I fear that the threat of another world war might be too good an offer for the United States government to pass up. “What?! We could have another world war?! Why, that would be swell! We haven’t gone out and had a world war in a long time! It’s always been having to settle for wars that end up in cease-fires and we’re hungry for another war an hour later! Gosh, we haven’t had a world war since 1945! Honey, do you know where my good tie is? I want to look nice! I’ll call the UN and make reservations.” Continue reading »

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Feb 12

PutinAssad_0Four Russian Fighter Jets to Escort President Assad

Assad Plans To Retake “All Syria,” Will “Confront” Saudis, Turks If Invaded:

Nine months ago, things weren’t look good for Syria’s Bashar al-Assad.

Four years into his country’s bloody civil war, he found himself fighting a multi-front war against a long list of largely Sunni extremist elements and the government’s forces were stretched thin. The rebels enjoyed the support not only of the US, but of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. That meant that their resources were essentially unlimited. Continue reading »

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Feb 04

Vladimir Putinturke

Closing In: Russia, Iran, Assad “Encircle” Syria’s Largest City As Peace Talks Collapse In Geneva:

It appears that after a protracted fight, Russia and Hezbollah are poised to recapture Aleppo where militants are now surrounded. Critically, Russia and Iran have now cut off supply lines from Turkey. With the deck now stacked against the opposition, John Kerry and, to a greater extent Turkey, are getting visibly desperate.


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Dec 21

Four Russian Fighter Jets to Escort President Assad

Four Russian Fighter Jets to Escort President Assad’s Plane in Visit to Tehran:

TEHRAN (FNA)- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s plane will be escorted by four Russian fighter jets during his upcoming visit to Iran, reports said, adding that the US coalition has been alerted to stand down as the Russian jets will have the permission to fire at will at any incoming aircraft.

“Four strategic Russian fighter jets will accompany the plane carrying the Syrian president during the visit to and from Iran,” the Lebanese al-Diyar daily reported on Sunday. Continue reading »

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Dec 18

Syria Stunner: German Intelligence “Cooperating” With Assad, Berlin May Reopen Embassy In Damascus

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Dec 16


The Humiliation Is Complete: Assad Can Stay, Kerry Concedes After Meeting With Putin:

“The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change [and] there is no policy of the United States, per se, to isolate Russia.”

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Nov 22

How you were tricked into supporting the war in Syria:

Those who don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it, those that do understand are doomed to watch in horror while everyone else repeats it. The run up to overthrowing President Assad of Syria was occurring before The Fifth Column existed. I covered it when I wrote daily for The Anti-Media, and even before then when I wrote for a Canadian outlet called Digital Journal. It began long before that though.

It started in 2006 when the US decided it wanted to oust Syrian President Assad and started laying the ground work. This was proven by leaked Saudi Arabian intelligence cables hosted on Wikileaks. Julian Assange said of the leaks: Continue reading »

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Oct 30


Putin Makes Obama an Offer He Can’t Refuse:

Why is John Kerry so eager to convene an emergency summit on Syria now when the war has been dragging on for four and a half years?

Is he worried that Russia’s air campaign is wiping out too many US-backed jihadis and sabotaging Washington’s plan to topple Syrian President Bashar al Assad? Continue reading »

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Oct 26

Assad: Syrians Rely on Russia in Rebuilding the Country

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Oct 23

2 Turkish Parliament Members: Turkey Provided Chemical Weapons for Syrian Terrorist Attack:

Two members of the Turkish parliament gave a press conference this week saying that they have wiretapped recordings and other evidence showing that Turkey supplied the sarin used in Syria.  As reported by Turkey’s largest newspapers, Today’s Zaman:

CHP deputies Eren Erdem and Ali ?eker held a press conference in ?stanbul on Wednesday in which they claimed the investigation into allegations regarding Turkey’s involvement in the procurement of sarin gas which was used in the chemical attack on a civil population and delivered to the terrorist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) to enable the attack was derailed.

Taking the floor first, Erdem stated that the Adana Chief Prosecutor’s Office launched an investigation into allegations that sarin was sent to Syria from Turkey via several businessmen. An indictment followed regarding the accusations targeting the government. Continue reading »

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Oct 21


From Russia With Love: Assad Unexpectedly Visits Putin In Moscow:

On Tuesday, we noted how absurd it is for Saudi foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir to suggest that it will be “difficult” for Iran to play a part in “resolving” Syria’s years-old civil war. Here’s how we put it yesterday:

It’s rather strange for the Saudis to make statements like “it will be difficult for Iran to play a role in finding a solution to the conflict.” We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but Iran is already playing a role in finding a “solution” – they’re summarily wiping out the groups funded by the Saudis on the way to restoring the regime. If anyone is going to have a “difficult” time playing a part, it’s the Saudis. 

That same logic applies to the US and any of Washington and Riyadh’s regional allies. Continue reading »

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Oct 20


Russia “Confirms” It Has Plans To Restore Assad Government In Syria:

Watching the US attempt to explain to the public why Washington can’t join the Russians in targeting extremists in Syria has been entertainment gold. The fundamental PR problem revolves around the fact that the West has gone out of its way to hold up ISIS as the quintessential example of pure, unadulterated evil that must be eradicated at all costs and yet when Moscow began bombing ISIS targets and publicly implored the US to join in, Washington said no. Continue reading »

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Oct 14


“The big battle preparations in that area are clear,” said one of the officials familiar with the plans. “There is a large mobilization of the Syrian army … elite Hezbollah fighters, and thousands of Iranians who arrived in stages in recent days.”

Iran Sends “Thousands” Of Troops To Syria For Russian-Backed Assault On Key City:

As those who follow Mid-East affairs are acutely aware, the regime in Syria has enjoyed both military and financial support from Iran for the duration of the country’s civil war.

Syria cannot fall to the West if Tehran intends to preserve the regional balance of power and an Iran-friendly Damascus ensures the supply lines remain open between the IRGC and Hezbollah. Lose Syria, and suddenly, the Mid-East tide turns in favor of the Saudis and Qatar and that, clearly, is an unacceptable outcome. Continue reading »

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Oct 13

“Insurgents” Shell Russian Embassy In Syria After Al-Qaeda Calls For Jihad Against Russian Civilians:

As the twin blasts that ripped through Ankara on Saturday underscore, being around large gatherings of people who are protesting (peacefully or otherwise) in public places can be dangerous if you’re in a Mid-East war zone. Large crowds make for easy targets and as we’ve seen in Turkey, at least some governments seem to believe that inflicting casualties on civilians is a legitimate tool for shaping public opinion.

With that in mind, consider that on Tuesday, “insurgents” hit the Russian embassy in Damascus as more than 300 people gathered to express their support for Moscow’s intervention in Syria. As AFP reports:

Two rockets struck the Russian embassy compound in Damascus on Tuesday sparking panic as several hundred people gathered to express their support for Moscow’s air war in Syria, AFP journalists said.

Some 300 people had begun to gather for a demonstration backing Russia’s recent intervention in Syria when the rockets crashed into the embassy compound in the Mazraa neighbourhood of the capital, the journalists at the scene said.


There was widespread panic among the demonstrators, who moments earlier had been waving Russian flags and holding up large photographs of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Here’s a bit of amusing color from ABC: Continue reading »

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Oct 10

The Tragic Ending To Obama’s Bay Of Pigs: CIA Hands Over Syria To Russia:

One week ago, when summarizing the current state of play in Syria, we said that for Obama, “this is shaping up to be the most spectacular US foreign policy debacle since Vietnam.” Yesterday, in tacit confirmation of this assessment, the Obama administration threw in the towel on one of the most contentious programs it has implemented in “fighting ISIS”, when the Defense Department announced it was abandoning the goal of a U.S.-trained Syrian force. Continue reading »

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Oct 08


Over 1,000 Militants Surrender To Syrian Army In Last 24 Hours:

The development came after President Bashar al-Assad in a televised address in July pardoned all soldiers who have fled the army, saying that his words served as a general decree to relevant officials.

Over 1,000 terrorists laid down arms and surrendered to the Syrian authorities over the past 24 hours in Daraa, the Syrian local sources also confirmed.

The militants also turned over their cache of ammo to the authorities, both sources added. Continue reading »

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Oct 06

Alexander Zhilin, Colonel in the army and military expert of the Russian Federation, explains in layman’s terms Russia’s national interests in supporting Assad.

A number of Russians, and Westerners as well, have some misunderstandings about Russia’s involvement.

Zhilin explains why this is not an optional fight for Russia. In the event that Syria fell, it would free up ISIS fighters for a renewed campaign in Chechnya, Dagestan and east of the Caspian as well, pushing north from Afghanistan into former Soviet central Asia. Continue reading »

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Sep 28

Western Propaganda Machine Kicks Into Overdrive As UK Brands Assad “A Butcher”, France Bombs Syria In “Self Defense”:

On Sunday, France proudly announced that it had launched its first strikes against ISIS targets in Syria. Here’s The New York Times:

In France’s first airstrikes against Islamic State militants in Syria, warplanes destroyed a training camp, President François Hollande announced on Sunday.

At a news conference in New York, where he had arrived for the United Nations General Assembly, Mr. Hollande said that the warplanes had attacked the training camp in eastern Syria after it had been identified by French air surveillance with help from the coalition of Western and Middle Eastern states conducting the air campaign against the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL or Daesh. Continue reading »

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Sep 28


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Sep 27


A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support Russian-Iranian military buildup:

As US President Barack Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House on Friday, Sept. 25, and spoke of the friendship between the two countries, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser. This is revealed exclusively by DEBKAfile.

Beijing is not finding it hard to dance at two weddings, wooing the US for better relations, while at the same time backing Russia in its military intervention in Syria. Coupled with the warm smiles and handshakes exchanged at the lavish reception on the White House lawn, Beijing was clearly bent on showing muscle – not just in the South China Sea, but by allying itself with the Russian-Iranian political and military buildup in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime. Continue reading »

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Sep 21


Secret Cable Reveals US Plan To Overthrow Assad By Exploiting “Extremist Groups”:

Now that Europe’s worsening refugee crisis and Russia’s stepped up support for the regime of Bashar al-Assad have (finally) focused the world’s attention on Syria’s four-year, bloody civil war, inquiring minds want to know: how did it happen that the country, which is now at risk of becoming a failed state, descend into chaos?

Of course when we speak of “inquiring minds” we mean those of the general public which, to this point, has remained largely ignorant of the fact that hundreds of thousands of people are dying in a place that shares a border with the country the US supposedly just got done “liberating.”  Continue reading »

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Sep 19


Clock Ticks On US Syria Strategy As Assad Pounds ISIS Targets, Russia Sends Fighter Jets:

Earlier this week, Bashar al-Assad served notice to ISIS that the tide may have just turned in the battle for Syria. The Kremlin’s move to increase its “logistical” and “technical” support for government forces at Latakia appears to have breathed new life into the regime which carried out a series of air raids in the de facto ISIS capital Raqqa on Thursday.

This came amid reports that Assad’s forces were using new “highly effective and very accurate” weaponry. “There are modern weapons that the regime didn’t previously have, be they rocket launchers or air to ground to missiles,” The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters. Continue reading »

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