Rolling Stone Profiles Barrett Brown: Journalist, Activist And American Political Prisoner

Rolling Stone Profiles Barrett Brown: Journalist, Activist and American Political Prisoner (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Sep 7, 2013):

“I mean Texans and indictments…it’s like a Texas Bar Mitzvah.  My dad was indicted, you know, I have friends that have been indicted, have gone to prison…it happens.
– Barret Brown during an RT Interview, a year before being raided by the FBI and subsequently incarcerated.

Barrett Brown is one of those figures that immediately captured my attention after first learning about him while watching the Anonymous documentary We are Legion. I soon realized that he had been incarcerated a mere three months prior to me serendipitously stumbling upon the film. It wasn’t difficult to see that he must have been onto something very, very big for the Feds to go after him so aggressively. You don’t charge a person with 105 years in prison merely as revenge for a youtube video in which you threaten an FBI agent. No, there was something much deeper going on here.

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Barrett Brown and Michael Hastings v. FBI (Cryptome)

Barrett Brown and Michael Hastings v. FBI (Cryptome, June 20, 2013):

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2013 09:33:22 -0400
Subject: Free Barrett Brown Offers Condolences for Michael Hastings, Urges
Immediate Investigation
From: Free Barrett Brown <press[at]>
To: admin[at]

Free Barrett Brown sends its condolences to the friends and family of Michael Hastings who died in a fiery car crash early Tuesday morning. Hastings was a fearless journalist who questioned power. He was a friend of Barrett’s and an active member of Project PM, a crowd-sourced research effort to expose government intelligence contractors. We deeply mourn his passing.

Barrett defended Hastings’ award winning journalism in his Vanity Fair piece, “Why The Hacks Hate Michael Hastings.” He was candid about their friendship—warning the reader:

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