Constant Surveillance Of Entire Cities Now Possible With Latest Drone Technology ‘ARGUS’ (Video)

Constant Surveillance of Entire Cities Now Possible with Latest Drone Tech (Activist Post, Jan 26, 2013):

Apparently many of the civilian deaths by drones in Afghanistan are not attributed to the U.S. military being there on false pretenses, but rather to limitations in surveillance technology. The video below opens with this assertion in its coverage of DARPA’s latest mega-surveillance package known as ARGUS – Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System.

The new sensor system can instantly see an area roughly the “size of a small city” with an “all-seeing” eye according to retired Lieutenant, David A. Deptula. The next generation of surveillance tech sees the landscape through a 1.8 billion pixels camera, the highest resolution yet created.

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