Nov 14

Japanese doctors threatened for revealing data on how bad Fukushima-related illnesses have become — Gundersen: We had pregnant sisters in Tokyo deliver two dead babies and one with deformities that’s alive; Gov’t refuses to disclose miscarriages or stillbirths around Fukushima (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 12, 2014):

Excerpts from Nuclear Hotseat w/ Libbe HaLevy, Nov. 12, 2014 (at 33:15 in):

  • Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education: We have firsthand knowledge from at least a half dozen Japanese doctors… who have said they have been threatened… if they speak frankly to their patients about the health effects that they’re experiencing; or if they frankly speak in public about their fears — and, in fact, measurements — of how bad radioactive illnesses really are. So we know of at least a half a dozen doctors who are being ‘sat on’, and if 6 are, you can be certain that many more are as well. It’s a pressure that’s being applied up and down the spectrum… [You would now expect] exactly what we’re seeing — earlier cancers and thyroid nodules. Then over the next 15 to 20 years, increased organ cancers as well as muscular cancers… The fact of the matter is, we’re going to see cancers in that 4 to 30 year time span. And I still stand by what I’ve been saying now for 3 years. I think there will be a million extra cancers as a result of Fukushima Daiichi. Continue reading »

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Oct 30

“Truly Frightening”: Doctors being threatened for linking illnesses to Fukushima — Strange tumors, kids dying, pets dying — Much higher incidences of whole range of health problems reported — Experts: 1,000,000 cancers, plus many other ailments poss (ENENews, Oct 28, 2014):

Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education on Radio Ecoshock, released Oct 29, 2014:

  • Alex Smith, host of RadioEcoshock (at 10:30 in): We’ve heard almost nothing about the impacts [of the Fukushima catastrophe] on people in that region. There are accounts coming out of there of strange tumors, kids dying, pets dying — what have you heard? Can we ever expect an honest accounting from Japanese authorities?
  • Arnie Gundersen, nuclear engineer (emphasis added): That’s a pretty good summary, frankly. We continue to get information from people who live there about cancer rates — and illnesses in general, not just cancer. We think of radiation as a cancer causing thing, but it also causes many other ailments. Much higher incidences of a whole range of illnesses than they had in 2010, the year before the accident… We’re also working with doctors in Japan, and some brave doctors are saying that they’ve been threatened — that their hospital rights have been threatened — if you tell your patient this illness is radiation related you’ll lose your right to practice and things like that. So there’s enormous pressure on the medical community to tell the patients that what they’re experiencing is not at all related to radiation. The key is statistics, and the question is when will the statistics be released for mortality, morbidity, and general illnesses… We’re not seeing the data. The medical community now has to file every report that it writes with the IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, before it’s issued. So if you’re a hospital, and you’ve got mortality data, you’re not allowed to issue that to the public until those reports have been cleared by the IAEA. Well, Article II of the IAEA charter is to promote nuclear power. So even if the hospital was conscientious — there’s a lot of political pressure not to be — but even if it was conscientious, there’s another step in the process, and they’ve got to clear an IAEA hurdle before those numbers are released. It’s truly frightening, the pressure the medical community is undergoing in Japan. Very few of them are willing to tell the truth. Continue reading »

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May 23

AP: Ticking time bombs of nuclear waste at multiple U.S. sites? Lab checking for ‘smoking’ drums — CNN: “Imminent threat from radiation” — Gundersen: Serious public health effects if one blows; “Very, very volatile… like nitroglycerin” (VIDEO) (ENENews, May 23, 2014):

AP, May 21, 2014: Los Alamos National Laboratory [LANL] on Wednesday told state government it has isolated and is closely monitoring nuclear waste […] packed with a type of cat litter suspected in a radiation leak at [WIPP]. [LANL] said the 55-gallon barrels have been secured in special containers and moved to an isolated area with a fire protection system. They also are being monitored 24 hours a day for any change in temperature, smoking or other abnormalities. […] More than 100 other suspect containers are being stored temporarily at Waste Control Specialists in Andrews, Texas. Continue reading »

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Apr 04

Gundersen: This video “confirms our worst fears” — Scientist: Reactor core materials found almost 500 km from Fukushima plant — 40,000,000,000,000,000,000 Bq/kg — Can travel very, very significant distances — Hot particles found in 25% of samples from Tokyo and Fukushima (VIDEO) (ENENews, April 4, 2014):

Fairewinds Energy Education, Apr. 3, 2014:

  • At 0:45 in – Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds Energy Education: If Fairewinds Energy Education was a Japanese website, the State Secrets Law would likely prevent us from issuing this video.
  • At 1:15 in — Marco Kaltofen, Civil Engineer & Ph.D. Candidate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI):  In looking at indoor environments, they tend to be much more contaminated than the surroundings outside. Houses act like a trap and they tend to collect outdoor contaminants and they expose people as much as 24 hours a day.
  • At 9:15 in – Kaltofen: The sample that we got came from Nagoya in Japan, its 460 kilometers from the accident site. That’s about 300 miles away.
  • At 9:30 in — Kaltofen: It’s actually in the size range of dusts that can be inhaled and then retained in the lungs. This is important because if your health physicist and calculating and you’re calculating the dose that you would get from this particle you’d have to consider that this particle might actually be trapped and result in a lifetime exposure. Continue reading »

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Mar 07


Located near Carlsbad, New Mexico this Department of Energy (DOE) experimental nuclear waste dump is attempting to store leftover radioactive plutonium and americium from the US weapons program. On February 14, 2014 there was a nuclear safety failure at the site and the Department of Energy is not being honest about it. In this film Fairewinds Energy Education’s Arnie Gundersen pieces together what happened and points out Fairewinds’ major concerns about the facility, the accident and the lack of transparency at the DOE.

Related info:

‘WIPP Release Story Doesn’t Add Up … Accident Is Unbelievable’ – New Tests Show ‘High Level’ Release Underground – ‘Contains Things Far More Radioactive Than High Level Waste’

WIPP Nuke Accident: Every Single Worker Contaminated With Plutonium & Americium

South Central US Poisoned With Plutonium By New Mexico Nuke Garbage Dump (Veterans Today)

Prepare To Evacuate! USAF Base Orders 1,200 Radiation Suits In New Mexico – Plutonium Cloud Was 330 MILLION Becquerels

’4.4 MILLION Disintegrations Of Alpha Radiation’ Incl. Plutonium Detected At Leaking U.S. Nuclear Site; ‘Highest Recorded Level’

Airborne Plutonium Detected Outside Troubled U.S. Nuclear Facility – ‘Levels Are Highest Ever Detected’ Around Site

Radiation Alarm At New Mexico Nuclear Disposal Plant – No One Able To Enter Facility Due To ‘High Radiation’ Levels

‘Unusually High’ Radiation Levels At U.S. Nuclear Site — Gov’t: ‘We’ve Never Seen A Level Like We Are Seeing … I Can’t Tell You The Amount’

‘Imminent Situation’ At U.S. Nuclear Site – Emergency Operations Center Evacuated Due To Fire Deep Underground – ‘One Of Most Serious Incidents’ On Record – Anonymous Footage Of Thick Black Smoke Coming From Ground

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Mar 01

Gundersen: “Nuclear core has disintegrated” at Fukushima Unit 3 — Japan Energy Expert: Location of melted fuel for 3 reactors is unknown, this has never happened anywhere before (VIDEO) (ENENews, Feb 28, 2014):

Foreign Correspondents Club of Japan, Feb. 21, 2014 (at 39:30 in) — Question: What is your assessment of what is going on right now inside the cores of the nuclear reactors? […] Give us your analysis of what the situation of the nuclear core is now. — Hisayo Takada, energy expert at Greenpeace Japan:  Nobody knows, we cannot go into that to look at what it looks like. So that’s the magnitude of this disaster, it is a triple meltdown. Any people never experienced this kind of nuclear disaster and it is still going on.

Jan van de Putte, radiation safety expert at Greenpeace, Feb. 21, 2014 (at 43:00 in): We have […] very little information of the actual situation of the fuel […] exactly where it is, in what state it is, and in what location it is.

Arnie Gundersen interview on Radio New Zealand, Jan. 26, 2014 (at 7:30 in): The worst problem is at the bottom of [Fukushima] Unit 3, the water is much more radioactive than where this leak was. So what that tells me is that the nuclear core has disintegrated and it’s basically a powder. Almost like one of those glass balls you shake up and it makes snow. […] That bodes very poorly for nuclear decommissioning.

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Feb 23

Nuclear Expert: “They must be terrified” at South Florida nuke plant; “The damn thing is grinding down” — Gundersen: “Magnitude of what’s going on at St. Lucie is off the charts”; 100 times worse than average (ENENews, Feb 22, 2014):

Tampa Bay Times, Feb. 22, 2014: Yet another Florida nuclear plant may be in trouble. […] More than 3,700 tubes that help cool a nuclear reactor at Florida Power & Light’s St. Lucie facility exhibit wear. Most other similar plants have between zero and a few hundred. Worst case: A tube bursts and spews radioactive fluid. That’s what happened at the San Onofre plant in California two years ago. The plant shut down forever because it would have cost too much to fix. […] FPL is so confident in St. Lucie’s condition that it boosted the plant’s power. The utility acknowledged that will aggravate wear on the tubes, located inside steam generators. […] FPL insisted St. Lucie should not be linked to San Onofre from either a safety or financial standpoint.[…] During hearings, [officials at San Onofre] repeatedly pointed to St. Lucie as having the same problem […] When it closed, San Onofre 3 had 2,519 wear spots at least 20 percent deep into a tube wall. When last inspected in 2012, the St. Lucie plant had 1,920, the Times analysis found.

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Feb 21

NHK: Failure at Fukushima — Gundersen: Extraordinarily radioactive leak will be in Pacific shortly; “Site is going to bleed into ocean for 100 years” (ENENews, Feb 21, 2014):

NHK, Feb. 21, 2014: Measures fail to stop Fukushima plant leaks — [Tepco] has been coming up with countermeasures to deal with repeated leaks […] despite the measures, 100 tons of radioactive water leaked on Wednesday and Thursday. […] Last August, more than 300 tons of highly radioactive wastewater leaked from one of the plant’s storage tanks. […] In October, another leak of highly contaminated water occurred, this time from a different tank on the site. [Tepco] said the leak resulted from overfilling the tank. […] This time the water again overflowed out of a tank […] they will seek additional measures to address these new problems.

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Feb 17

New TEPCO Report Shows Damage to Unit 3 Fuel Pool MUCH Worse Than That at Unit 4 from Fairewinds Energy Education on Vimeo.


As the eyes of the world have been focused on the Unit 4’s removal of spent fuel,
TEPCO released a report entitled, TEPCO’s Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Roadmap, that contained some astounding information regarding Unit 3. Follow Fairewinds Energy’s Arnie Gundersen as he shows you the 35-ton refueling bridge that fell in the Unit 3 spent fuel pool during the Unit 3 detonation explosion. Do the math. The bottom line here is that TEPCO has just acknowledged that at least 50-tons of rubble has fallen on top of and into the spent fuel pool in Unit 3. What does this 50-ton pile of debris mean to the Unit 3 spent fuel pool and its cleanup?

Please support our work, so we can continue to bring you breaking nuclear news:

Please also support my work here at Infinite Unknown.

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Feb 15

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Jan 28

CBS: Tepco says fuel removal even worse than Gundersen’s analogy — It’s like pulling ‘lit’ cigarettes from a crushed pack — Going to get far more difficult in future (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 27, 2014):

CBS News, Jan. 27, 2014 at 7:07p ET:

CBS: I’ve read an analogy that this is like removing  a cigarette from a crushed pack.

TEPCO: Take that analogy and imagine that it’s like the cigarette in that box is lit.

CBS: So you’re saying it’s even more difficult than that?

TEPCO: I think so.

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Jan 22

Nuclear Expert: This is just 1st radioactive wave hitting U.S. and Canada; Fukushima pouring into ocean, unstoppable for years and years — Marine Expert: No sign it will stop anytime soon; Plant unstable, potentially worse than Chernobyl (AUDIO) (ENENews, Jan 21, 2014):

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 27:30 in): It’s the first wave that we’re going to see. The Pacific is becoming more and more contaminated because the leak from Daiichi has not been stopped, and is proven to be unstoppable for at least several more years. So we’re going to continue to be pouring in radioactive cesium and strontium into the ocean. Now for the first time we’ve detected it in salmon in Alaska. >> Full Gundersen interview here

Jay Cullen, associate Professor, UVic School of Earth and Ocean Sciences, CFAX, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 41:00 in):

Host: Based on your information, is this disaster in Fukushima worse than Chernobyl?

Continue reading »

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Jan 17

Japan TV: It gets worse every minute at Fukushima plant, groundwater mixing with melted fuel — Gundersen: There’s no end in sight because the nuclear core is in contact with groundwater (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 17, 2014):

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Power Hour, Jan. 16, 2014 (at 58:00 in): What makes Fukushima different than Chernobyl and TMI […] they were essentially stopped in less than a year. We’re at 3 years ¬and there’s no end in sight. The reason is that the nuclear core is in contact with the groundwater and that’s bad, and that’s going to be bad for years to come.

Full Gundersen interview here


NHK Nuclear Watch, Jan. 16, 2014: An issue that gets worse with every passing minute […] the build-up of contaminated water. […] Lake Barrett, Tepco advisor: “Water is a continuing challenge, control of the contaminated water is a very complex matter. It’s a very complicated site with groundwater movements.” Groundwater becomes tainted hour after hour at the plant. It seeps into the damaged reactor buildings and mixes with melted fuel. […]

Watch the broadcast here

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Jan 17

Gundersen: New development at Fukushima, “Essentially entire plant has a gamma ray haze over it… a haze of radioactive particles” — Tepco: It’s impossible to stop, using more shielding won’t help (AUDIO) (ENENews, Jan 16, 2014):

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Power Hour, Jan. 16, 2014: “The most fascinating new thing is there’s a gamma ray haze over the plant. Gamma rays are like x-rays. Essentially, the entire plant has a gamma ray haze over it to the tune of about 1,000 millirem a year […] There’s essentially a haze of radioactive particles.”

Fairewinds Energy Education-Fukushima
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education

Tepco Press Conference with summary translation by Fukushima Diary, Jan. 10, 2014: There is no way to shield Bremsstrahlung from contaminated water tanks, Tepco stated […] shielded by water and the tank material, it turns into Bremsstrahlung. […] it is technically impossible to shield each tank. Even if they put the shielding material inside of the tanks, it also causes Bremsstrahlung. […]

From last week: Radiation jumps at Fukushima plant — Now almost 1,000% previous levels — Officials knew of increase but ‘too busy’ to do anything

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Jan 12

We will know more details when the next false flag (much bigger than 9/11) has hit America.

I suggest you all have enough Lugol’s solution (Dr. Clark) at hand.

See also:

Feds Want To Buy 14 Million Potassum Iodide Tablets

US Military Is Stocking Up On A Massive Amount Of Anti-Radiation Pills In Preparation For Nuclear Fallout

Gundersen: U.S. gov’t buying 14 Million potassium iodide pills used during nuclear disasters — “I don’t know why they placed this big order right now” (AUDIO) (ENENews, Jan 12, 2014):

Watch reporter Anthony Gucciardi call the Department of Health and Human Services about the order of 14 million doses of potassium iodide here

buying 14 Million potassium iodide pills

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Jan. 6, 2014 (1:39:15): I don’t know why the government is buying 14 million KI tablets […] The United States has bought a large order — 14 million pills — but the interesting part about this is that the iodine from Fukushima Daiichi is gone. It decays away — in less than 90 days, there is no more radioactive iodine left. So the question is why are the buying pills now? Are they going to stock pile them for another nuclear accident, another nuclear bomb explosion? […] The pill doesn’t protect you from depleted uranium, it doesn’t protect you from cesium, or anything. The pills that the government is buying is just to protect you from radioactive iodine. When a nuclear plant shuts down, within 90 days there’s no iodine left. So, I don’t think they’re buying them for Fukushima Daiichi, but I don’t know why they placed this big order right now.

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Jan 10

NRC comments on steam at Fukushima Unit 3 — Gundersen: Plutonium could be causing fissions, heating up melted fuel (AUDIO) (ENENews, Jan 10, 2014):

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission spokesman David McIntyre on steam coming from Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3, Jan. 9, 2014: “This also happened last year at this time, and periodically since the tsunami in 2011 […] We are in touch with the Japanese regulator and TEPCO, and from what we’ve seen and heard there is no reason to suspect that this steam is an indicator of anything bad happening.”

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Jan 10

I’ve advised everybody to not eat fish/seafood since 1997, because it is totally contaminated mercury .

Gundersen: I’m now not eating Pacific Ocean fish — Bio-accumulation of Fukushima nuclear waste concerning — Effects of lower-level radiation worse than predicted (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 9, 2014):

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, Jan. 9, 2014:

At 0:30 in — We’ve spoken to other scientists we respect; radiation chemists, environmental engineers and ocean biologists,  and we all agree that while the contamination of the Pacific Ocean is serious, it’s not as dire as some bloggers are urging you to believe. […] According to the National Academy of Sciences BEIR VII report, and contrary to what the nuclear industry would like you to believe, all radiation is harmful. The math is quite simple — the more radiation you receive, the bigger the risk, the less radiation you receive, the smaller the risk. […] However, many scientists also believe that radiation effects are actually worse at low levels than the BEIR 7 report predicts — and we at Fairewinds support that analysis. In Dec. 2012 radiological biologist Ian Fairlie wrote an excellent article detailing the discrepancies […]

Continue reading »

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Jan 02

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 is not going to explode (Fairewinds, Jan 1, 2014):

Steam heat? What is happening at Fukushima Daiichi?

Beginning on Monday December 30, 2013, the Internet has been flooded with conjecture claiming that Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3 is ready to explode. Fairewinds Energy Education has been inundated with questions about the very visible steam emanating from Fukushima Daiichi Unit 3. Our research, and discussions with other scientists, confirms that what we are seeing is a phenomenon that has been occurring at the Daiichi site since the March 2011 accident.

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Dec 17

Hot particle found 400 kilometers from Fukushima with radioactivity over 40 billion Bq/kg — Large black puddles of fallout along roadsides might well be from inside failed fuel rods (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Dec 17, 2013):

Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds, Dec. 16, 2013 (at 3:30 in): Large puddles of black particles have been found on the side of the road, each individual grain is extraordinarily radioactive. This is fall-out, this is hot particles that have coalesced together on the side of the road. Recently a hot particle was discovered 250 miles [400 kilometers] away from Fukushima. It was so radioactive that if it were a pound of material instead of just a particle, the pound would be giving off 20 billion disintegrations per second [44 billion becquerels per kilogram] […] That small speck could easily be lodged in someone’s lung. >> Watch the video here

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Dec 16

Gundersen: All of Japan is contaminated, gov’t covering up enormous exposures to public; Epidemic is just beginning — Evacuee: We are in fact dying in Fukushima; What happened to us will soon affect all Japanese people (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Dec 16, 2013):

Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer at Fairewinds, Dec. 16, 2013: The Japanese parliament has just passed the state secrets law. It’s really an information ‘iron curtain’ that’s preventing people in Japan from learning just how bad the exposures were that they received after the accident at Fukushima. […] They’re trying to underestimate the amount of radiation that the Japanese received […] I think they’re neglecting some really serious sources of radiation in their effort to convince the Japanese people that nuclear power is safe. […] These exposures not being calculated by the Japanese, or the IAEA, are in fact enormous. [..] Fukushima was 3 times worse than Chernobyl as far as the noble gases [e.g. xenon, krypton] that were released. […] There’s already a 10-fold increase in thyroid issues in Japan and we’re just at the beginning of the thyroid epidemic. […] As I discovered when I was in Tokyo during the book tour during 2012, all of Japan is a radiologically contaminated area, and the people in Japan need to take extraordinary precautions. The net effect of all this is the total exposure to the Japanese is being grossly underestimated. >> Watch the video here

Testimony of a Fukushima Evacuee

Testimony of a Fukushima Evacuee, Oct. 30, 2013 — Miko from Iwaki City (at 7:00 in): What the state announces is different from the reality. […] As I just told you what the media says and the facts are entirely different.  […] What happened to Fukushima residents will soon affect all Japanese people […] While some say the radiation has dispersed, we are now safe people are in fact dying in Fukushima. One day a nephew of my friend died of Leukemia. The next day her husband also died. […] There are people living in Fuksuhima, now, they all say: “We’re guinea pigs after all […] many people are dying, huh? There’s nothing we can do, it’s useless, so why bother? I’d rather focus on happy things” and continue with their decontamination. […] People refuse to face the fact that these will eventually come back to haunt them. >> Watch all of Miko’s testimony here

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Dec 03

Gundersen: They want to dump all Fukushima’s radioactive water in Pacific — Tepco: It will be diluted, then released — Professor suggests pumping it out in deep ocean (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Dec 2, 2013):

Interview with Arnie Gundersen, The Real News Network, Dec. 1, 2013: Dale Klein is now suggesting is that we’re just going to take [Fukushima’s radioactive water] and pump it into the Pacific. And I don’t think that’s a very good idea. It’s cheap and it’s fast, it’s the expedient way of doing it, but really there’s something called the London dumping convention. And back in 1972, Greenpeace was very active in preventing radiation from being dumped into the ocean and to my way of thinking, this would violate the London Dumping Convention if they did it.

Interview with Tepco adviser Dale Klein, ABC Australia, Nov. 20, 2013: “At the end of the day, when the water is discharged, it will be released in a way that it’s diluted so there’s no risk to public health and safety. But it’s an emotional issue.”

Enformable, Dec. 2, 2013: TEPCO forced to shut down contaminated water processing system at Fukushima Daiichi again

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Dec 01

YouTube Addded: Dec 1, 2013

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Nov 30


Part 1:

YouTube Added: Oct 19, 2013

Part 2:

YouTube Added: Nov 30, 2013

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Nov 16

Columnist: The truth must be told, Fukushima a major global threat to all living flora and fauna… Mainstream media not best source of information — Gundersen: Only thing saving us is the internet (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 16, 2013):

Columnist Kay MacDuffee, for the Caledon Enterprise (Greater Toronto), Nov. 13, 2013: […] perhaps the most pressing and disturbing information that goes unreported is the urgency of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant situation. […] 300 tons [now reported to be 400 tons] of contaminated water are flowing out of this facility daily into the Pacific Ocean […] While much of the world has continued with their lives forgetting about the Fukushima disaster, scientists from across the world who have been monitoring the radiation leaking out of Fukushima Plant, have found that the rate of flow has actually been increasing dramatically, causing a major global threat to all living flora and fauna. […] I am always reluctant to spread bad news, but the truth must be told. I have read and researched the facts on this story from many sources and it keeps coming up the same. This, despite the fact that after each CBS news story reporting radioactivity signs on the US West Coast, the reporter adds with a cheery smile, “But you can still play and swim on the beaches here”. Or “But you may still eat (the contaminated) bluefin tuna.” […] And more and more often, mainstream media is not the best source of information.

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Nov 16

Remove TEPCO Before Removing Fuel. from Fairewinds Energy Education on Vimeo.


Fairewinds has fielded a number of questions regarding the removal of the fuel rods from the spent fuel pool in Unit 4 at Fukushima Daiichi. Today’s video shows Arnie debunking TEPCO’s animated film point by point, and highlights the issues TEPCO will have removing the fuel rods. TEPCO needs to be removed as the organization overseeing the cleanup of the site prior to the removal of the fuel rods.

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Nov 16

Gundersen: Health effects from Fukushima are being hidden — Japan not publishing data on stillbirths, spontaneous abortions, cancers, and more since 3/11 — Indicates they’re afraid to release it (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 15, 2013):

Fairewinds Podcast, Nov. 14, 2013 (at 15:45 in): If we leave it to the nuclear priesthood, they’ll circle the wagons and not tell us everything that’s going on there. I’m particularly concerned about he dose people in Fukushima prefecture are receiving and the health effects that are being presently hidden. […] Citizen oversight is the key […] The nuclear priesthood does not want information released. And I know that you appreciate this because you’re watching these videos. You can help us to continue to be that beacon in the fog in 2014. A donor stepped forward and has offered us $2 for every $1 that other people give us. That means that you’re $1 donation makes $3 when it’s matched by this donor. It’s an incredible opportunity. Continue reading »

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Nov 15

Gundersen: Fuel already “very close to going critical” at Unit 4 — Must be extraordinarily careful about starting chain reaction (VIDEO) (ENENews, Nov 15, 2013):

Fairewinds Chief Engineer Arnie Gundersen, Coast to Coast AM with John B. Wells, Nov. 9, 2013 (at 31:30 in):

Sources have told me — within Tokyo Electric — that they have no confidence that there’s any boron left between these fuel bundles. And they need boron to prevent the nuclear fuel from becoming a self-sustaining chain reaction, a criticality. So without boron in the plates — there are plates between these fuel bundles — but they got extraordinarily hot from not being cooled off the better part of a couple weeks, and they also were exposed to salt water. So that combination likely stripped out the boron. So the only thing Tokyo Electric can do is throw all sorts of boron into the water. Then pull the fuel. […]

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Oct 15

“It’s Madness”: Doctors in Japan helping perpetuate Fukushima cover-up — Patients not being told their illnesses are from exposure to radioactive contamination — Scientific reports showing radiation health damage to humans are forbidden to be published (AUDIO) (ENENews, Oct 14, 2013):

Title: Arnie Gundersen Interview
Source: WBKM
Date: Oct. 2013

At 3:30 in

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer: We’re seeing scientist after scientist here at Fairewinds writing to us saying that they’ve got good science and they’re being ostracized in Japan and being forbidden for publishing scientific reports that show radiation health damage to Japanese people. So basically the government is sitting on the scientific community and preventing goods science from being done. Same as the doctors, the doctors have contacted us as well. They say they’ve been told not to tell their patients that their illness is radiation induced. So these guys have an oath as a doctor to be honest with their patients, and yet they’re basically ignoring their own oath and helping perpetuate a cover-up in the Japanese government. […]

Host: From where I sit, what you just described is madness essentially.

Gundersen: From where I sit it’s madness too. That’s the problem in Japan right now, is that nobody is willing to admit that the path they have chosen to take for the last two and a half years is crazy.

Full broadcast here

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Oct 04

Gundersen: Deformities, stillbirths not being reported after Fukushima — Officials withholding truth about health effects — Gov’t suppressing studies on deformed animals (AUDIO) (ENENews, Oct 3, 2013):

Title: Arnie Gundersen discusses Fukushima Daiichi
Source: WBAI’s ‘Morning with Michael’
Date: October 2, 2013

At 8:45 in

Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Chief Engineer: We’re constantly frustrated — We have scientists contacting us, doctors contacting us, telling us that their patients are suffering from radiation induced injuries, or they’re noticing deformities in animals and plants, but yet the Japanese government is trying to put the heat on them to prevent those studies from moving forward.

At 10:15 in

Morning with Michael, Host: E[NE]News, the website, they talk about 100 babies with polydactyl situation — they have 6 fingers — this kind of exotic, strange, ‘Night of the Living Dead’ kind of thing’s happening here. There’s an x-ray picture on their website of a hand with 6 digits. Have you heard about that? Continue reading »

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Sep 18

Gundersen: Fukushima reactor buildings essentially now sitting in mud — Soil could ‘disappear’ during quake and bring structures down with it; That can result from what Tepco’s doing to groundwater (AUDIO) (ENENews, Sep 17, 2013):

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Sep 15

Endless Fukushima catastrophe: Many generations’ health at stake (RT, Sep 13, 2013):

Bio-accumulation of radioactive elements around Fukushima will devastate many future Japanese generations, while the Pacific Ocean is also being contaminated by leaking radioactive water. Yet there is still no good solution from the Japanese government.

As I watched the tsunami power into the reactor complex at Fukushima on March 11, 2011, I realized the world would never be the same again. No nuclear reactor can withstand being drowned in a massive wave of water without catastrophic consequences.

There were three nuclear reactors undergoing fission at the time while one, unit four, had just been emptied of its radioactive core, which was now situated in an unprotected cooling pool on the roof of the building, 100 feet (30 meters) above the ground. As the power supply to the reactors was disrupted during the earthquake, and the auxiliary diesel generators in the basements of the reactors failed because they were flooded, the pumps which supplied up to 1 million gallons of cooling water to each reactor failed.

Within hours the intensely hot radioactive cores in units one, two and three started to melt. As they melted, the zirconium metal cladding on the uranium fuel rods reacted with water to produce hydrogen which exploded with overwhelming intensity in the buildings of units one, two, three and four releasing huge amounts of radioactive elements into the air.

On March 15 alone, it is estimated that 100 quadrillion Becquerels of cesium, 400 quadrillion of iodine plus 400 quadrillion of inert noble gases (xenon, krypton and argon) escaped. Over a period of time two-and-a-half to three times more noble gases were released into the air than at Chernobyl.

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Sep 11

Radio: In the history of science we’ve never seen anything like this Fukushima plume heading across Pacific to U.S. and Canada — Why is Japan allowed to get away with contaminating ocean? (AUDIO) (ENENews, Sep 8, 2013):

CBC Radio’s ‘As It happens’, September 2, 2013 – Carol Off, Host at 6:15 in: Why is Japan allowed to get away with this? Why are there not other efforts from other countries involved here?

Full broadcast here

Interview with nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen, Radio Ecoshock at 18:15 in: We’ve got this wedge of [radioactive] water heading across the Pacific, and really in the history of science we’ve never seen anything like this. What I’ve been asking people on the West Coast to do is to contact their elected state representatives, or province representative, and get them to sample fish.

Full interview with Gundersen here

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Simulation By German Marine Research Institute: ENTIRE Pacific Waters To Be Radioactive In Just 6 Years

And why is nothing done about Fukushima reactor No. 4 SFP by the international community????

‘The Greatest Threat Humanity Has Ever Faced’: Fukushima Reactor No. 4 SFP ‘An Immediate Problem’ – Building Is Sinking, Over 30 Inches In Places

Fallout Researcher: Fukushima Worst Case Scenario Could Result In BILLIONS Of DEATHS

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Aug 24

Fish has been totally contaminated with mercury etc. even before Fukushima.

I recommend (for 16 years now) to eat NO fish from the oceans.

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant leaks: What you need to know (CTV News, Aug 23, 2013):

According to Gundersen, who says this is the last year he’s eating west coast fish, the deluge of toxic water into the Pacific has already contaminated the ocean.

He says that halfway across the Pacific, scientists are measuring cesium levels that are 10 times higher than normal.

Gundersen said naturally occurring cesium levels are approximately 1 becquerel per cubic metre. He said the current levels are 10 becquerels per cubic metre.

“Of course, scientists will say that is still a low level but it’s such a big ocean and there are so many organisms that rely on it… so it’s a concern and it’s a concern that’s getting worse because the plant continues to leak.”

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Jul 12

Japan’s Black Dust, with Marco Kaltofen (Fairewinds, July 10, 2013):

About This Podcast

This week Fairewinds Energy Education interviewed Marco Kaltofen, a leading scientist who studies radiation as well as specific radioactive isotopes. Marco and Arnie discuss a recent sample that contained highly concentrated radioactive material from Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident. As the sound quality of this recording varies, we have transcribed the podcast so you can read along.

Read Marco’s Report: Radiological Analysis of Namie Street Dust

Podcast Transcript


NWJ:   Welcome to Fairewinds Energy Education Podcast for Wednesday, June 26th. Joining me today is Marco Kaltofen, the President of Boston Chemical Data Corp and doctoral student researcher at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, as well as Arnie Gundersen, Chief Engineer for Fairewinds.

MK:    Thanks for having me.

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May 19

Gundersen: Breaking news… Officials say U.S. nuclear plant operator “was going to do an experiment on the people of Southern California” — “That’s their words; they said it was an experiment” (AUDIO) (ENENews, May 16, 2013)

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Feb 02

Fairewinds: Website is under verified DDS attack — Another nuclear expert’s site had similar problems — Both involved with San Onofre issue — “What is the nuke industry hiding?” (ENENews, Feb 1, 2013)

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Nov 05

Gundersen: Nuclear fuel pool started to heat up at New Jersey plant due to Sandy — They were bringing in fire pumps because of all the problems (AUDIO) (ENENews, Nov 5, 2012):

Fairewinds Podcast, Nov. 4, 2012:

Nuclear Expert Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Energy Education: The NRC is not really telling too, too much […]

There’s something called a PNO out, a preliminary notice of occurrence, and the NRC has said that the normal shutdown cooling and the fuel pool cooling were both lost at Oyster Creek and also that there was a loss of offsite power.

So what that means is the nuclear fuel pool started to heat up and Oyster Creek started to bring in some diesel fire pumps, apparently they got the situation rectified before turning the pumps. They were in a position where they were bringing in diesel fire pumps in order to keep the nuclear fuel pool cool because of all the problems they were having as a result of Sandy.

Full Program Here

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Oct 22

Gundersen Confirms: Fukushima Unit 4 is sinking unevenly — Building “may begin to be tilting” (AUDIO) (ENENews, Oct 21, 2012)

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Oct 20

How Citizen Scientists can Sample Radiation (Fairewinds, Oct 18, 2012):

How Citizen Scientists can Sample Radiation from Fairewinds Energy Education on Vimeo.

About this video

Marco Kaltofen, PE explains how citizens scientists can properly, collect, document, package and ship radiation samples. In this video, he also demonstrates how he analyzes radioactive samples in his lab.

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Sep 08

Global help urged to avert reactor 4 pool fire (Japan Times, Sep 7, 2012):

U.S. expert appalled by Tepco’s attitude over ‘sleeping dragon’ risk

KYOTO — The risk of a fire starting in reactor 4’s spent-fuel pool at the Fukushima No. 1 plant continues to alarm scientists and government officials around the world, prompting a leading U.S. nuclear expert to urge Japan to tap global expertise to avert a catastrophe.

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