Something Big Is Lurking That Will Change The Precious Metals Market: Andrew Hoffman (Video)

H/t reader squodgy:

“We’ve had flattening yield curve, 2% EPS, buy backs, order book crashes and Central Bank stock purchases and a world BDI reflection of future exports showing zilch trade all planned to hide the market reality…..and the Fed says everything is great.

It’s all lies”

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Andy Hoffman: Money Printing Ending? Gold-Silver Not An Investment, Negative Interest Rates & More! (Video)

Added: Jun 8, 2014

Description:… – Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin warns the negative interest rates installed by the ECB last week signals big trouble. This is a major alarm bell for everyone and a major inflection point. Now, the central banks have dared go where even the Bank of Japan has not gone, which is to take rates to a negative level. You can’t go lower than negative. You go too negative, and people realize it doesn’t work, and people realize there is nothing left.”

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