Dec 19

From the article:

“Is this the Archduke moment?”

Not yet, but it is coming!

I’ve told you that there are seers that foresaw the conflict between Russia and Turkey many years ago, but I am also aware of at least one seer who foresaw this and the migrant crisis more recently, not long before the migrant crisis started to hit Europe.

They all saw that Russia will totally destroy Turkey.

As I’ve said many times: TPTB have WW3 planned for us.

Migrant crisis > followed by financial/economic collapse > high inflation > then hyperinflation > civil war all over Europe (Britain will not be spared) & revolution (the US will get the biggest revolution of all times) > immediately followed by WW3.

All planned and engineered by the elite.

Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Angela Merkel, Therea May, François Hollande, … etc., are all Freemasons and elite puppets.

Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin and Adolf Hitler were also Freemasons and elite puppets.

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Notice that Alois Irlmaier foresaw all of this in around 1950.

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

More info down below.

Russian Ambassador In Turkey Killed In Terrorist Attack By Shooter Screaming “Allahu Akbar” – Live Feed:

Summary of the tragic events so far, in which Russia’s envoy to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, has been shot dead in Ankara by a gunman in an assassination apparently linked to Moscow’s role in Syria’s civil war. Here are key facts and reaction summarized by BBG:

  • The Gunman shouted about Aleppo, the Syrian city where rebels were defeated this month by Russian-backed government forces, as he carried out the attack at an art exhibit, CNN- Turk television says
  • Ankara Mayor Melih Gokcek says man who killed ambassador was a police officer
  • Attack comes amid reconciliation efforts between Russia, Turkey as nations seek to improve ties after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria last yr
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Russian President Vladimir Putin to share information after the assassination, NTV reports, citing Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin Continue reading »

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Dec 01

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The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)

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Jun 20

I cannot tell you, when all of this will happen, and it may not happen at the time given in the video below (though the timing given makes perfect sense, when you consider Alois Irlmaier’s visions and it really does look like 2017 might be the time for it to happen), but I am convinced that most of what I will tell you now is about to happen in the not too distant future.

For me it is not a matter of “if” it will happen, but it is only a matter of “when” it will happen.

And yes, I am still hoping that I will be proven wrong.

All of this has been foreseen by the exceptionally gifted seer Alois Irlmaier (around 1950). I have read a lot about him and watched interviews with people who knew him personally and have experienced first hand his visions to come true. He was an absolutely outstanding seer. His predictions are fitting with the stated timing of Nibiru’s arrival in the video below. According to him WW3 will start end of July/beginning of August (“when the grain will be ready for harvest” … in Germany). 3 months into WW3 a cosmic event will occur. He called it the 3 days of darkness and he saw that they will be caused by a heavenly object. So we will see a global financial/economic collapse, hyperinflation, civil war, revolution. And the ‘revolution’ will be directly followed by WW3.

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)

The 3 days of darkness have been foreseen by many seers all around the world.

The economy and financial system are about to collapse and it may possibly happen this year, which would be fitting perfectly with the appearance of Nibiru next year:

SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite’s Jubilee Year Plan To Crash World Economy By October 2016 (Video)

I want to add that giving dates is the most difficult thing to do. As a seer you see the “pictures”(and if you are really ‘good’ it will be like a movie). Seeing that ‘something’ will happen at harvest time will give you a clue, but does not tell you the year, the month or the day. But the last thing you think of, when you suddenly have the shocking vision of WW3 (and it will look totally real when you see it) is to ask for the exact date. That said, remote viewers seem to agree that numbers are the most difficult thing to remote view anyway.

Well, there is a lot going on that we are not told about in the mainstream media:

Scientists Say The Magnetic North Pole Is Moving At 40 Miles Per Year Toward Russia And The Fallout Has Reached – Of All Places -Tampa International Airport

Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is Racing Toward Russia at Almost 64 Kilometers a Year Due to Core Flux

Overwhelming evidence for the 2017 arrival of Planet X / Nibiru:

I recently received quite a compliment from a viewer of one of my YouTube media interviews. He wrote a review of my book and stated this:

When I first learned about Planet X, or Nibiru, I was fortunate enough to have discovered David Meade’s Interviews on YouTube. There I heard about his book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. He puts together all of the key evidence and historic information you need to know to be 100% confident of the Truth of Planet X! His data and sources are the most high-value information on the Internet. It feels like he is actually there! Of course his expertise is research! He has worked at a high level in the Government as well as with several Fortune 1000 Companies in Research. In the first chapter he writes, “The existence of Planet X is beyond any reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty. In this section we’ll examine proofs of its existence.” He does an incredible job of presenting the evidence! He writes like he is an attorney presenting this argument to a judge! He dots his I’s and crosses every T! He covers a huge range of data and evidence. I feel like I am an expert now, and so will you when you read this book! Continue reading »

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Feb 26

H/t reader Squodgy:

“This might be a key to what is going on.

This video from BAC John Moore is interesting, because he actually does join some key dots, such as the slowing Gulfstream, the Solar hibernation, the probable gravitational effects of the incoming mystery planet/comet, the existing polar shift transitory phase being accelerated and the way Governments are preparing for it under our noses.”

Yes, aside from the obvious elite agenda, 9/11, the war on terror, all those illegal wars, the financial crisis, Fukushima, the migrant crisis are maybe really nothing more than a smokescreen for incoming Planet X.

The smokescreen needs to be getting even better, because of Planet X coming closer and closer and so this might be another explanation for the coming greatest financial/economic collapse, civil war and WW3 being planned for us.

Many seers have predicted the 3 days of darkness, with some of them naming an heavenly object as the cause.

But to fit in all the predictions that should take place before the 3 days of darkness in 2016 sounds, at least right now, nearly impossible.

So far it doesn’t look like it will be in 2016, but if you see hyperinflation, financial collapse, revolution, civil war and shortly thereafter WW3, then 3 months into the war the 3 days of darkness will set in and they will (probably) be caused by Nibiru.

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The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)

So let’s see.


“Embedding disabled by request” visit the links to watch the videos.



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(Click on image to enlarge.)

23rd Sept 2017 - Revelation - 22nd Sept 2017 Feast of Trumpets

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So what was that all about?

The claim was made on May 13, 2014 pointing to somewhere around Sept. 25, 2015:

French Foreign Minister Says ‘We Have 500 Days to Avoid Climate Chaos’

Remember “500 days to climate chaos”? Pope to give sermon at Ground Zero on the 500th day

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Feb 12

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

There is not much information about Alois Irlmaier available on the internet in English and even less good quality information.

He made his predictions before, during and after WW2.

For more and accurate information I recommend this book (in German):

Alois Irlmaier

Alois Irlmaier: Ein Mann sagt, was er sieht

He predicted the migrant crisis.

He predicted hyperinflation, financial collapse, revolution, civil war, WW3 and the “3 Days Of Darkness”, which will set in during WW3 and will put an immediate end to all combat operations.

He saw (around 1950) people using smartphones in the future.

When Germany was occupied territory he was visited by General Lucius D. Clay’s sister and could clearly describe her home without ever being there. General Clay invided Irlmaier to come to Frankfurt, but he declined. Additionally he was offered and invited many times by a lot of people to come to Amerika and earn a lot of money there with his abilities, but he declined. He clearly stated that he was not interested in earning a lot of money.

In case you think that foreseeing the future is impossible I give you some examples of his abilities:

Alois Irlmaier, my favorite seer, warned the citizens of his hometown during the end of WW2 April, 25, 1945, that at the moment of his warning British bombers were started in England and would arrive within a few hours to bomb the city of Freilassing in Bavaria.

He told the people where to go to be safe and he pointed out exactly to some people, which houses will be destroyed, partially destroyed or which houses will survive almost unharmed or totally unharmed.

He warned people in Rosenheim, Bavaria days ahead of the heavy bombardment on April 18, 1945. He told the people, that when going into the bunker to NOT go to the safest spot, which is in the middle, but to stay near the entrance, because the roof of the bunker would collapse in the middle. It happened just as he predicted and so only a few soldiers who ridiculed and ignored Irlmaier’s warning were buried.

You could give him a picture of any soldier and he could tell you exactly in what condition that soldier was at the moment: Well, injured or dead.

He clearly saw all of this right in front of his eyes, as a picture or like a movie. He did not want to have this ability at all.

It would take an entire book to describe his abilities, his life and what has been said about him.

Here is what lies ahead of us according to him:

A migrant crisis, high inflation, then hyperinflation, financial economic collapse, chaos, revolution, civil war in Italy (Pope will have to flee the Vatican, most priests will be killed), France (Paris will burn, will be set on fire by its own people), Germany, etc.

If my interpretation of what he said is correct, then the greatest revolution of all times will happen in America.

The crisis in the middle east will escalate even further, a highranked (at the level of Obama or Putin) will be killed, then within 24h Russian tanks will be rolling all over Europe.

The U.S. will use drones & advanced chemical weapons to create a death strip to cut of the Russian ordnance.

The Russians drop a bomb (nuclear weapon) into the North Sea, creating a gigantic tsunami, which will flood parts of England, France, Holland, Germany and Denmark.

The start of WW3 is predicted to happen “when the grain will be ready for harvest” (perfect timing!), that means around late July, beginning of August. A lot of other seers have seen the same time of the outbreak of WW3 in their visions.

The war will last around 3 months, then the earth changes will set in. Irlmaier saw a heavenly body, which is probably responsible for the “3 Days Of Darkness” (Nibiru?).

The “3 Days of Darkness” will include a pole shift. So you need to be living in a high place, having a safe place that is pretty much airtight, protecting against the (big) dust particles from the heavenly body and you need lots of supplies and water.

After that he predicts a peaceful time.

“….After these events a long, lucky time comes. Those, who will experience it, will be very happy and can praise themselves lucky. But the people have to begin there, where their grandfathers began.”

And because of the climatic changes, caused by the pole shift, oranges will grow in Bavaria.

The events mentioned in the following article are not in the correct chronological order, but luckily for us somebody made the efoort to translate what Irlmaier said.


The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier

On this page statements of Alois Irlmaier are listed, which refer to a big war in the future. Conrad Adlmaier got these statements when discussing with Alois Irlmaier and published them later. In addition also statements are listed, which Conrad Adlmaier did not publish in his books, but indicated to a third person orally. In these statements Alois Irlmaier shows an almost precise description of a large battle in the future.

What causes the war?

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

“Two men kill a third highranked. They were paid by other people. …”

“The third murder occurred. Then the war starts. …”

Continue reading »

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Feb 12


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The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)



Is Britain fated to disappear beneath the ocean waves? It’s a scenario that has been foreseen by many seers. We cover here a cross-section of those visions.

People might rightly ask, “how can island sink — it’s not a ship?” Well, Irlmaier and Stockert provide the answer: a Russian tsunami bomb causes an earthquake which triggers the biggest landslip ever, as England subsides into the continental shelf. In fact, Irlmaier had quite a lot to say about the incident, and I could have made an entire video about his vision of the attack on Britain alone.

We couldn’t cover everything in the video itself, but it is our opinion that centuries worth of coal mining and now gas fracking has weakened the British landmass to such an extent that any induced seismological agent (eg a nuclear blast) will trigger the ground deep beneath England to give way.

Now, it should be noted that when we use the term England we mean it to be England and not Great Britain as such. However, we observe that when the seers use the term England they likely mean GB as a whole, save perhaps for Saint Columba.

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