Sep 18

H/t reader squodgy:

“We’re in desperate straits now. The lies, bullshit explanations & justifications are flying out like firecrackers.
This one muddies it all even more…….”

With ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi being on the payroll of our CIA and the Mossad this seems to make perfect sense.

- Aljazeera discloses secret meeting between Syrian rebels and Israel (Moslem Press, Sep 15, 2014):

Al-Jazeera news channel disclosed a secret meeting between Syrian opposition and Israeli intelligence officers in Istanbul.

A senior Hamas leader provided Al-Jazeera news channel with compelling evidences, revealing details about a clandestine meeting gathered between Syrian Islamist warlords and Israeli special envoy, joseph Yossi in Turkish glamorous city of Istanbul. Syrian famous opposition figures such as Kamal al-Labwani and Ahmad Tumeh also attended the meeting. Continue reading »

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Sep 14



Sep 14

- APPRoPRiaTeLY VeTTeD ReBeLS… (ZeroHedge, Sep 12, 2014):


McStain is in charge of our vetting

And moderate rebels we’re getting

It’s all just a game

These guys are the same

And fighting for ISIL

I’m betting

The Limerick King Continue reading »

Sep 01

H/t reader squodgy:

“Something to make us smile….”

- 84-Year-Old Man Surprises ‘America’s Got Talent’ Judges with Naughty Original Song (Tastefully Offensive, July 2, 2014):

Aug 28


- The Nail In The Petrodollar Coffin: Gazprom Begins Accepting Payment For Oil In Ruble, Yuan (ZeroHedge, Aug 27, 2014):

Several months ago, when Russia announced the much anticipated “Holy Grail” energy deal with China, some were disappointed that despite this symbolic agreement meant to break the petrodollar’s stranglehold on the rest of the world, neither Russia nor China announced payment terms to be in anything but dollars. In doing so they admitted that while both nations are eager to move away from a US Dollar reserve currency, neither is yet able to provide an alternative.

This changed in late June when first Gazprom’s CFO announced the gas giant was ready to settle China contracts in Yuan or Rubles, and at the same time the People’s Bank of China announced that its Assistant Governor Jin Qi and Russian central bank Deputy Chairman Dmitry Skobelkin held a meeting in which they discussed cooperating on project and trade financing using local currencies. The meeting discussed cooperation in bank card, insurance and financial supervision sectors.

And yet, while both sides declared their operational readiness and eagerness to bypass the dollar entirely, such plans remained purely in the arena of monetary foreplay and the long awaited first shot across the Petrodollar bow was absent.

Until now.

According to Russia’s RIA Novosti, citing business daily Kommersant, Gazprom Neft has agreed to export 80,000 tons of oil from Novoportovskoye field in the Arctic; it will accept payment in rubles, and will also deliver oil via the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean pipeline (ESPO), accepting payment in Chinese yuan for the transfers. Meaning Russia will export energy to either Europe or China, and receive payment in either Rubles or Yuan, in effect making the two currencies equivalent as far as the Eurasian axis is conerned, but most importantly, transact completely away from the US dollar thus, finally putin’(sic) in action the move for a Petrodollar-free world. Continue reading »

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Aug 28

… all of them coming directly from from our Al-CIAda unit …



- Why Was A Sunday Times Report On US Government Ties To Al-Qaeda Chief Spiked? & Gladio B

- Hillary Clinton: ‘We Created Al-Qaeda’ — The Protagonists Of The ‘Global War on Terrorism’ Are The Terrorists (Video)


Just one month after this article has been published in the Guardian Robin Cook DIED:

- Former British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook: ‘Al-Qaida, Literally “The Database”, Was Originally The Computer File Of The Thousands Of Mujahideen Who Were Recruited And Trained With Help From The CIA To Defeat The Russians’

- Al Qaeda Doesn’t Exist or How The US Created Al Qaeda (Documentary)

- BBC: Al-Qaeda Does Not Exist (Documentary)

- US intelligence: 300 Americans fighting alongside Islamic State (RT, Aug 27, 2014):

The United States government is tracking as many as 300 Americans supposedly fighting with Islamic State, the jihadist group with a heavy presence in parts of Syria and Iraq, according to senior US officials.

Washington is worried that radicalized foreign fighters could become a risk to the US if they return to employ skills learned overseas to carry out attacks, anonymous US officials said, according to the Washington Times.

“We know that there are several hundred American passport holders running around with ISIS in Syria or Iraq,” a senior US official said. “It’s hard to tell whether or not they’re in Syria or moved to Iraq.” Continue reading »

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Aug 26



Aug 24

ISIS Just Crossed “The Line” (Zerohedge, Aug 23, 2014):



Aug 24

- Israeli F-16 Missile Attacks Venezuelan Humanitarian Aid Mission in Gaza (Global Research, Aug 21, 2014):

Venezuelan ambassador to Egypt, Juan Antonio Hernandez, said Wednesday that an Israeli aircraft attacked the Venezuelan humanitarian delegation in Rafah along the border post between Egypt and Palestine. The delegation was delivering twelve tons of aid to the Palestinian people. No one was injured during the attack.

The F-16 airplane dropped a missile very close to the humanitarian site, though it did not explode. The ambassador confirmed that the missile fell approximately 50 to 70 meters from the site. Continue reading »

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Aug 20

- Dilbert Explains The Tech Bubble With A Cartoon… From 1996 (ZeroHedge, Aug 19, 2014):

It’s never different this time…


Source: Dilbert, 3/15/1996

Aug 17

- Looting Resumes In Ferguson; Local Police Ordered To Stand Down (ZeroHedge, Aug 16, 2014):

After a day of relative peace, things turned ugly again in Ferguson when shortly after midnight crowds again resorted to looting and vandalism in multiple businesses along West Florissant Ave with the focal point being the QuikTrip convenience store which Mike Brown allegedly robbed. The incidents seemed to gather steam after 12:00am.

According to KTVI, at least 200 St. Louis County Police officers were on scene and helping handle the situation. They confirm the Domino’s Pizza on West Florissant was set fire and burned. They also confirm multiple businesses vandalized and looted. But the shocker happened when county Police told Fox 2 News that its officers were at the Ferguson Market earlier when looters showed up, but were ordered to “Stand down” by Missouri State Highway Patrol incident commanders at the scene and basically withdrew and allowed the looters to have their way with the store.

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Aug 15

Don't shoot

Aug 14

-A ‘Folksy’ President Obama Reimagined (In 2 Cartoons) (ZeroHedge, Aug 13, 2014):

Accountability… Responsibility… and ‘torturing a few folks’…




Aug 11

Obama-White House
Source: Unknown


Aug 11

the drone ranger



Aug 10


Ignorance Is Bliss

Aug 10

Obamacare - Get The New Dental Plan

Aug 08

- Stories From The Battlefield: Hamas Tunnels Used To Target Israel’s Kindergartens (The Daily Caller, July 27, 2014)

Related info:

- Israel Bombs Another UN School – Killing Women and Children – Despite UN Telling Israel 17 Times that the School Sheltered Civilians

- UNRWA Christopher Gunness breaks down in tears on live TV after attack on UN school in Gaza (Video)

- Facts All US Citizens Need To Know About Israel And Palestine


- On record: Benjamin Netanyahu: ‘America is something that can easily be moved.’ ‘The world won’t say a thing.’ ‘The world will say we’re defending.’ (Video)

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Aug 07


- Vladimir Putin signs historic $20bn oil deal with Iran to bypass Western sanctions (Telegraph, Aug  6, 2014):

Five-year accord will see Russia help Iran organise oil sales, but government denies it has violated international obligations

Vladimir Putin has agreed a $20bn (£11.8bn) trade deal with Iran that will see Russia sidestep Western sanctions on its energy sector.

Under the terms of a five-year accord, Russia will help Iran organise oil sales as well as “cooperate in the oil-gas industry, construction of power plants, grids, supply of machinery, consumer goods and agriculture products”, according to a statement by the Energy Ministry in Moscow. Continue reading »

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Aug 07

- More Warmongering: US Secretary Of Defense, NATO Both Say Threat Of Russian Incursion A “Reality” (ZeroHedge, Aug 6, 2014):

On the heels of yesterday’s comments from Poland’s Sikorski, NATO has confirmed there’s a risk of Russia sending troops into Ukraine under the ‘pretext’ of a humanitarian or peacekeeping mission. “We’re not going to guess what’s on Russia’s mind, but we can see what Russia is doing on the ground – and that is of great concern,” a NATO spokesperson warned, adding, “this is a dangerous situation.” Then US SecDef Hagel added, “the threat of Russian incursion in Ukraine is a reality.” Russia’s response to this warmongering (as Ukraine appears desperate to instigate something before the money runs out) is to blast the disinformation, “reports of troop buildups near the Ukraine border are groundless.” It appears we are going to need more YouTube clips…

US Secretary of Defense Hagel is chiming in… Continue reading »

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Aug 06

Published on Aug 3, 2014

The line between editorial content and advertising in news media is blurrier and blurrier. That’s not bullshit. It’s repurposed bovine waste.


Aug 04

Prolonging Life

Aug 04


August 1, 2014

Aug 03

- Mass Fish Deaths: Millions Have Been Found Dead All Over The World In The Past Month (The American Dream, May 20, 2014)

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Aug 01


- US resupplying Israel with ammunition even after condemning shelling of Gaza school (RT, July 31, 2014)

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Jul 29

- Israeli Attitude Towards Gaza: Israel Is a Colonial Power that “Never Really Thought It Had Any Duty To Protect the People Under Its Rule or To Improve the Quality of their Lives” (Washington’s Blog, July 28, 2014)

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Jul 27

Is ‘divide et impera’ doomed to fail?

Will love have the final word?

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.”
- Martin Luther King Jr.

Certainly the Zionists and power elite ‘are not amused’.

Will the Zionists now tell the CIA/Mossad to get those suitcase nukes ready?

Related info:

- Rabbi Dovid Weiss On Judaism, Israel And Zionism – ‘The More The Religious The (Jewish) Community Is, The More Anti-Zionist They Are’ – ‘Our Hearts Cry For The People Of Palestine’ (Video)

- Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies: Social media campaign goes viral (PHOTOS) (RT, July 26, 2014)

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Jul 24

- Report: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Hid Behind Passenger Plane, Pulled Away and Dropped Bombs, and Then Hid Behind Plane Once Again (Washington’s Blog, July 23, 2014):

Is THIS Why the Plane Was Shot Down?

Senior U.S. officials now admit that the Malaysian airlines passenger plane was likely accidentally shot down.

The Russian government claims Ukrainian fighter jets were flying very close to Malaysian Flight 17 when it was shot down.  Others claim that Ukrainian fighter jets were escorting the Malaysian plane through Ukrainian airspace.

However, a Youtube video made a month before Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down alleges that Ukranian fighter jets were hiding behind passenger planes, pulling away temporarily, dropping bombs on Ukrainian separatists, and then hiding again behind the plane (minor corrections of spelling and punctuation): Continue reading »

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Jul 08

Money will buy …
A bed but not SLEEP

Books but not BRAINS
Food but not APPETITE
Finery but not BEAUTY
A house but not a HOME
Medicine but not HEALTH
Amusements but not HAPPINESS
Religion but not SALVATION.

- Unknown

Jul 05

GiVe Me LiBeRTY  (ZerioHedge, July 5, 2014):

Don’t give me debts…

Give me liberty