Jun 21

Mass Shootings In America Who is To Blame

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Jun 20

I cannot tell you, when all of this will happen, and it may not happen at the time given in the video below (though the timing given makes perfect sense, when you consider Alois Irlmaier’s visions and it really does look like 2017 might be the time for it to happen), but I am convinced that most of what I will tell you now is about to happen in the not too distant future.

For me it is not a matter of “if” it will happen, but it is only a matter of “when” it will happen.

And yes, I am still hoping that I will be proven wrong.

All of this has been foreseen by the exceptionally gifted seer Alois Irlmaier (around 1950). I have read a lot about him and watched interviews with people who knew him personally and have experienced first hand his visions to come true. He was an absolutely outstanding seer. His predictions are fitting with the stated timing of Nibiru’s arrival in the video below. According to him WW3 will start end of July/beginning of August (“when the grain will be ready for harvest” … in Germany). 3 months into WW3 a cosmic event will occur. He called it the 3 days of darkness and he saw that they will be caused by a heavenly object. So we will see a global financial/economic collapse, hyperinflation, civil war, revolution. And the ‘revolution’ will be directly followed by WW3.

The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3)

The 3 days of darkness have been foreseen by many seers all around the world.

The economy and financial system are about to collapse and it may possibly happen this year, which would be fitting perfectly with the appearance of Nibiru next year:

SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite’s Jubilee Year Plan To Crash World Economy By October 2016 (Video)

I want to add that giving dates is the most difficult thing to do. As a seer you see the “pictures”(and if you are really ‘good’ it will be like a movie). Seeing that ‘something’ will happen at harvest time will give you a clue, but does not tell you the year, the month or the day. But the last thing you think of, when you suddenly have the shocking vision of WW3 (and it will look totally real when you see it) is to ask for the exact date. That said, remote viewers seem to agree that numbers are the most difficult thing to remote view anyway.

Well, there is a lot going on that we are not told about in the mainstream media:

Scientists Say The Magnetic North Pole Is Moving At 40 Miles Per Year Toward Russia And The Fallout Has Reached – Of All Places -Tampa International Airport

Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is Racing Toward Russia at Almost 64 Kilometers a Year Due to Core Flux

Overwhelming evidence for the 2017 arrival of Planet X / Nibiru:

I recently received quite a compliment from a viewer of one of my YouTube media interviews. He wrote a review of my book and stated this:

When I first learned about Planet X, or Nibiru, I was fortunate enough to have discovered David Meade’s Interviews on YouTube. There I heard about his book, Planet X – The 2017 Arrival. He puts together all of the key evidence and historic information you need to know to be 100% confident of the Truth of Planet X! His data and sources are the most high-value information on the Internet. It feels like he is actually there! Of course his expertise is research! He has worked at a high level in the Government as well as with several Fortune 1000 Companies in Research. In the first chapter he writes, “The existence of Planet X is beyond any reasonable doubt, to a moral certainty. In this section we’ll examine proofs of its existence.” He does an incredible job of presenting the evidence! He writes like he is an attorney presenting this argument to a judge! He dots his I’s and crosses every T! He covers a huge range of data and evidence. I feel like I am an expert now, and so will you when you read this book! Continue reading »

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Jun 13


UK Establishment Loses The Mainstream Media: “Why I Am Voting To Leave The EU”:

With polls indicating “Leave” leading in the EU Referendum, one well-known mainstream media personality has come out against the establishment. As The Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard explains“at its heart, the Brexit vote is about the supremacy of Parliament. All else is noise,” adding “that is why I am voting to leave the EU.”

With sadness and tortured by doubts, I will cast my vote as an ordinary citizen for withdrawal from the European Union.

Let there be no illusion about the trauma of Brexit. Anybody who claims that Britain can lightly disengage after 43 years enmeshed in EU affairs is a charlatan or a dreamer, or has little contact with the realities of global finance and geopolitics.

Stripped of distractions, it comes down to an elemental choice: whether to restore the full self-government of this nation, or to continue living under a higher supranational regime, ruled by a European Council that we do not elect in any meaningful sense, and that the British people can never remove, even when it persists in error. Continue reading »

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Jun 12

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May 21


What is CBD?:

Cannabidiol—CBD—is a cannabis compound that has significant medical benefits, but does not make people feel “stoned” and can actually counteract the psychoactivity of THC. The fact that CBD-rich cannabis is non-psychoactive or less psychoactive than THC-dominant strains makes it an appealing option for patients looking for relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, seizures, spasms, and other conditions without disconcerting feelings of lethargy or dysphoria.

Scientific and clinical research—much of it sponsored by the US government—underscores CBD’s potential as a treatment for a wide range of conditions, including arthritis, diabetes, alcoholism, MS, chronic pain, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression, antibiotic-resistant infections, epilepsy, and other neurological disorders. CBD has demonstrable neuroprotective and neurogenic effects, and its anti-cancer properties are currently being investigated at several academic research centers in the United States and elsewhere. Continue reading »

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May 20


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Who Is Hillary Clinton? – Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight (Videos)

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Apr 24

‘People should be terrified fracking is spreading’ – Australian MP who set river on fire to RT:

Fracking should be banned as a “global threat” as it causes methane leaks contaminating water in the communities near gas wells, says an Australian MP who literally set a river ablaze to draw attention to the adverse effects of the practice.

The companies that extract coal seam gas via fracking are duping people into believing that their technology is safe, while in reality it has contributed greatly to the pollution of sites like Condamine river located in the Australian state of Queensland just near the fracking site, Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham said in an interview to RT. Continue reading »

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Apr 07


Watch Japan – For All Is Not Well In The Land Of The Rising Sun:

One of the epicenters of the global financial crisis that started during the second half of last year is Japan, and it looks like the markets in the land of the rising sun are entering yet another period of great turmoil.  The Nikkei was down another 390 points last night, and it is now down more than 1,300 points since a week ago.  Why this is so important for U.S. investors is because the Nikkei is often an early warning indicator of where the rest of the global markets are heading.  For example, the Nikkei started crashing early last December about a month before U.S. markets started crashing really hard in early January.  So the fact that the Nikkei has been falling very rapidly in recent days should be a huge red flag for investors in this country.

I want you to study the chart below very carefully.  It shows the performance of the Nikkei over the past 12 months.  As you can see, it kind of resembles a giant leaning “W”.  You can see the stock crash that started last August, you can see the second wave of the crash that began last December, and now a third leg of the crash is currently forming… Continue reading »

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Apr 05

Disastrous Ticket Sales, Ongoing Political Turmoil Put Brazil Olympics In Jeopardy:

With only four month to go until the Brazil summer olympics, only half of the tickets have been sold. Brazil’s new minister of sports Ricardo Leyser suggested that the Brazilian government may purchase tickets that will be distributed to public schools. He said public officials must also work to boost worldwide confidence in Rio’s ability to host the games and ensure travelers’ safety.

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Mar 20

Watch This Frighteningly Life-Like Smart Robot “Joke” About Destroying Humans:

The evolution of humanoid robots is well into the concerning stage at this point. DARPA’s latest incarnation of its Atlas robot is seen in the following video beginning to walk at a pace with a sense of balance equal to most humans. Strangely, toward the end of the video, it is being “abused” by its human handler, which begs the question if a true artificial intelligence is permitted to flourish in this robot, if it might strike back at some point. At the very least, this robot’s demonstration of dexterity in the warehouse is likely to threaten humans economically as humans continue to be outsourced to machine labor at record levels.

But it’s the latest humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics that might further heighten the level of concern. As you will see below, the “Sophia” robot is being designed to walk among us in the future and fully integrate as part of the consumer experience and on into the family, according to CEO Dr. David Hanson. Continue reading »

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Mar 17


One Nation Under Surveillance – U.S. Government Pushed Tech Companies to Hand Over Source Code

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Mar 08


Navy Caught Conducting Secret Electromagnetic Warfare Testing in Public in Washington State:

Exposure to electromagnetic frequency radiation has been shown by medical studies and the Navy to cause numerous health problems, including corneal damage, tubular degeneration of testicles, brain heating, sterility, altered penile function, death, cranial nerve disorders, seizures, convulsions, depression, insomnia, chest pain, and sparking between dental fillings. And that list is far from complete.

That being said, electromagnetic warfare testing and training has been covertly conducted by the U.S. Navy on public roads in Washington State — for over five years. Continue reading »

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Feb 24


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Feb 11

Indian Food and Agriculture Under Attack

H/t reader squodgy:

“Seems Monsatan has been part of John Perkins’ Hitmen Group for decades…

Monsanto and the Mustard Seed By Vandana Shiva

(Article in full down below.)

And they’re still at it, destroying economies, cultures, health…who needs war when Monsatan’s about?

Indian Food and Agriculture Under Attack

In 2013, India’s former Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar accused US companies of derailing the nation’s oilseeds production programme. Similar claims had been made before. For instance, we could revisit the 1998 mustard oil tragedy. At the time, Rajasthan Oil Industries Association claimed that a “conspiracy” was being hatched to undermine the mustard oil trade and charged that the “invisible hands of the multinationals” were involved (see the article ‘Monsanto and the Mustard Seed’).

India was almost self-sufficient in edible oils by the mid-1990s. Its farmers met 97% of domestic need. However, its edible oil import bill has increased dramatically since then. By 2013, India was the world’s second biggest importer of edible oils. Food and trade policy analyst Devinder Sharma notes that between 2006-07 and 2011-12 alone edible oil imports rose by 380%. Continue reading »

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Jan 24

Putin is “winning”?

Both Putin and Obama …

… are Freemasons …

Masonic handshakes (Click on images to enlarge.)


obama-freemason-handshake-02masonic-handshake-obama-bidenBarack Obama Vladimir Putin


Obama’s masonic ring:


Other signs …




… and both are Rothschild/Illuminati puppets …



… therefor the side who is “winning” has been chosen to be “winning” by TPTB …


The people, however, are (almost) always on the losing end.

Which is why: We Are On Our Own (For more info visit this link.)


Putin Is Winning The Final Chess Match With Obama:

The world press is filled with violence and sexual attack horror stories about the Islamic refugees escaping from Syria and other war torn countries of the Middle East to Greece and consequently flooding into all areas of Europe. It is actually very easy to travel from Syria to Lebanon and then take the ferry to Turkey and from there to Greece and subsequently the mainland overland to Europe. This is now big business organized like a one-way tour package from the Middle East to Europe.

Although there obviously are some ISIS fighters and Islamic militants slipping into Europe under cover of the humanitarian crises most are simply Sunni Moslems escaping the poverty, death and destruction of foreign military intervention in the region. Yes the sex crimes are a real problem because the majority of those escaping the region are men looking for work coming from a conservative society to the open societies of Europe. Continue reading »

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Jan 19

US Stock Market Correction


Jan 06

H/t I.G.

Germany: Nonwhite in One Generation:

The ongoing Third World invasion of Germany will create a nonwhite majority in the 20- to 30-year-old age group within just four years, and a nonwhite majority within one generation, a new statistical analysis based on official German census figures has shown.


The analysis, carried out by Professor Adorján F. Kovács from the Goethe-Universität at Frankfurt am Main, was published in The European magazine in Germany under the title “Truths about the Refugee Crisis” (Wahrheiten zur Flüchtlingskrise).

Professor Kovács said that proponents of the current “unprecedented immigration” such as Chancellor Angela Merkel argue that “one, two, or three million are only a few compared to the 79–80 million people who currently live in Germany.” Continue reading »

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Jan 02


Vladimir Putin names U.S. as a threat to Russia’s national security

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Dec 24


Lunch lady loses job after giving free school meal to penniless pupil:

School district official says kitchen workers are expected to remove the lunch tray of students who have not paid their meal bill

A lunch lady at an Idaho school who gave a hungry 12-year-old a free hot meal after the girl said she had no money has been fired following the incident.

Dalene Bowden, who worked at Irving Middle School in Pocatello, Idaho, said she offered to pay the $1.70 (£1.14) lunch charge for the girl, but her supervisor refused the offer.

Ms Bowden was placed on leave pending a meeting of the district school board and a few days later received a letter informing her she had lost her job, according to reports. Continue reading »

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Dec 21


Russia is ready: Putin warns his men could use MORE military might to destroy ISIS jihadis:

RUSSIAN President Vladimir Putin has warned his armed forces are ready to use “more military means” to obliterate Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria as his fight against the terror group rages on.

The Russian leader boasted about how the twisted jihadis have yet to see the full force of his aggression, as he said Moscow was ready to batter the militants with “the most modern weapons”.

Russia is currently in the midst of an explosive campaign against the evil terror group – also known as Daesh – with the nation claiming to have already wiped out hundreds of terrorists. Continue reading »

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Dec 11

Reader squodgy commented here:

NOAA weather satellite mysteriously destroyed after agency’s climate data manipulation exposed

Naturally I responded expressing my disappointment, including self explanatory links, and personal experiences, all of which, in my humble opinion, more than justified doubt in the official line.
Even a child can see how chemtrails mess up a clear sky.
His response was so disappointing, I never bothered to reply….

Many thanks for your e-mail about climate change.

I’m afraid, we’ll have to agree to disagree on this. I have taken a deep interest in the science of climate change for decades building on from my PhD that looked at natural climate change over the last 5000 years by looking at the record in peat bogs. Of course, in science, there are many different theories, opinions, facts, data and evidence and sifting through the many different bits is a difficult task especially for a subject as broad and well studied as climate change. This is why the International Panel on Climate Change is so important as they have sought to construct a consensus view from the science. The consensus is over-whelming that anthropogenic air pollution by greenhouse gases (mostly CO2) is causing climate change.


For wildlife across the world, the consequences are dire which is why I think YWT needs to help to address this issue through our work, on, for example, peatlands and marine.

I hope my reply does not disappoint you too much as I’m sure we agree on a lot more and can I sincerely thank you for your support.”

* * *

Maybe you want to send him this …

Looks like CO2 has very little to do with the Greenhouse Effect …

Contribution To The Greenhouse Effect - Man-Made-Global-Warming

… and just look at how little humans are affecting CO2.

Maybe you want to control the water vapor’s contribution to the Greenhouse Effect.

Good luck with that!

And look at those “skyrocketing” CO2 levels …



… that have risen to “unprecedented” levels. <sarc>

Couldn’t possibly be the sun, that is the cause of global warming and global cooling …


Oh, so maybe it is the sun that is responsible for global warming and global cooling after all.

Ask every child whose presence is warming the earth and whose absence is cooling the earth.

But maybe that is too bloody obvious (for computer model hockey stick scientists).

But wait, there is more …

Surely humans were the ones responsible for “anthropogenic air pollution by greenhouse gases (mostly CO2)” during the the Medieval Warm Period, or what else could have possibly caused the Medieval Warm Period?

“We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”

We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.

Dominance of the graph by the MWP was the challenge. As IPCC participant Jay Overpeck said in his email to Professor Deming, “We have to get rid of the Medieval Warm Period.”

Can’t sell this as anthropogenic air pollution by greenhouse gases, or can they?

But maybe they can, because the sheeple seem to believe bloody everything these days, just like him.

And NO, we are not disappointed that he just wants to keep her job and therefor has to support the non-existent consensus “that anthropogenic air pollution by greenhouse gases (mostly CO2) is causing climate change”. 

NASA: Antarctic Has Been COOLING For The Last Six Years

GLOBAL COOLING: Decade long ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates’

Decades Of Global Cooling Ahead

30 Top Scientists Predict Global Cooling 2015-2050 (Video)

16 Signs That ‘Global Warming’ Was A Lie And That We Have Now Entered A Period Of Global Cooling

Top Russian Scientist Predicts 100 Years Of Global Cooling

Russian Scientists: ‘We Could Face Cooling Period For 200-250 Years’

Study: Sun May Soon Have Four Poles … Sunspot Activity Appears To Resemble Maunder Minimum

Meteorologist Piers Corbyn Brands Met Office ‘Lying Scum’

The Earth Is Cooling, Cloud Level Has Fallen By 1% A Year Over Last Decade

The CO2 Lie: ‘Global Warming Has Stopped 12 Years Ago!’, Say Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt And Dr. Sebastian Lüning

Global Warming: THE CO2 Lie: Renowned Team Of Scientists Claim The Climate Catastrophe Is Fear-Mongering By Politics

Chinese 2,485-Year Tibetan Tree-Ring Study Shows NATURAL CYCLES CONTROL CLIMATE, Predicts Temperatures To COOL Until 2068

Prof. Ian Plimer: ‘How To Get Expelled From School’ (Video)

What happened to global warming? The warmest year recorded globally was 1998 (BBC News, Oct.9, 2009):

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

(And these are just a few links. Maybe he should try and use the bloody internet and do some research.)


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Dec 04


Nov 28


Nov 25

Catherine Austin Fitts

Real Danger Is Violence and War-Catherine Austin Fitts:

Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has long said before there is another big financial crash, there will be a big war.  Fitts explains, “If you look at how fragile the geopolitics are, the danger, as I have always said, is that we go to violence, and then things really come unhinged.  So, I’m worried about violence and war and kind of situation getting out of hand.  That’s when you get the really dangerous scenarios.” Continue reading »

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Nov 24

Turkish F-16s Shoot Down Russian Su-24 Warplane Near Syria Border:

Moments ago a big black geopolitical swan landed when newswires lit up with headlines that a Turkish F-16 shot down what was initially said to be an unidentified warplane near the Syrian border after it violated Turkey’s airspace on Tuesday, a Turkish military official said, but the nationality of the downed aircraft was not immediately clear.

The Russian jet crashed in the mountainous Jabal Turkmen area of Latakia, where air strikes and fighting between rebels and Syrian government forces were reported earlier on Tuesday.

crash location

According to Reuters, Turkish F16s warned the jet repeatedly over the airspace violations before shooting it down.

Turkey 1_0

Turkey 2_0

bbg plane_0

Turkey 5_0 Continue reading »

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Nov 22


Nov 20

Democracy, Peace And Freedom

Nov 10


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Hillary Clinton Exposed Part 2 – Clinton Foundation Took Millions From Countries That Also Fund ISIS


Nov 07


Nov 04

US Spec Ops Already On The Ground In Syria Sources Say, As Russian Troop Presence Grows To 4,000:

On Tuesday evening, we noted that the US is set to send F-15C Eagle twin-engine fighters to Incirlik. This suggests that the Pentagon is preparing for air-to-air combat with the Russians.

As hyperbolic as that might sound, there’s really no alternative explanation for why Washington would send the fighters to Syria unless of course ISIS and/or the mishmash of rebels and militants fighting for control of the country have air forces no one has ever heard about.

Indeed, Russia made a similar move by sending Sukhoi Su-30s to Latakia and according to several sources, those planes had a run-in with Israeli jets over Lebanon last month. Continue reading »