Jan 23

As if that witch had to look at secret dossiers …


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- Jeffrey Epstein’s Former Teen Sex Slave Virginia Roberts Who Claims She Slept With Prince Andrew Three Times … Fears For Her Life

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Secret dossier on historic child abuse potentially seen by Thatcher

- ​Secret dossier on historic child abuse potentially seen by Thatcher – intelligence expert (RT, Jan 21, 2015):

A classified government file describing “unnatural” sexual activity occurring in Westminster circles in the early 1980s may have been seen by ex-Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, an intelligence expert says.

The documents were stored in the ex-PM’s files, suggesting she may have seen them during her premiership.

A spokesman for the Cabinet Office told RT on Wednesday the dossier will be sent to Britain’s inquiry into historic child sex abuse.

The sensitive document was discovered by security and intelligence expert, Dr Chris Murphy, who was suspicious of its title: “PREM19/588 -SECURITY. Allegations against former public [missing word] of unnatural sexual proclivities; security aspects 1980 Oct 27 – 1981 Mar 20.”

Murphy told Sky News he found the file when he was sifting through the “’PREM’ Prime Minister file series for the 1980s.”

“I think I did a double-take and then started wondering what the potential implications of the title, which is a little vague, could be,” he said.

The precise details of the file have not been publicly disclosed. A Cabinet Office spokesman said the document won’t be released to the public on the grounds of national security. Continue reading »

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Jan 21

and its gone

- Hedge Fund Manager Loses 99.8% In 9 Months, Tells Investors He Is “Sorry” For “Overzealousness” (ZeroHedge, Jan 21, 2015):

Day after day, mainstream media proclaimed December the month to be in stocks: seasonals, Santa Claus rally, and performance-chasing funds would ‘guarantee’ upside. For Owen Li, former Raj Rajaratnam’s Galleon Group trader, and the clients of his Canarsie Capital hedge fund, December 2014 will never be forgotten. According to CNBC,from around $100 million in AUM in March 2014, Li told investors in a letter, the fund had lost all but $200,000 and he was “truly sorry,” for “acting overzealously” in the last 3 weeks.

Lawrence Delevingne reports:

A hedge fund manager told clients he is “truly sorry” for losing virtually all their money.

Owen Li, the founder of Canarsie Capital in New York, said Tuesday that he had lost all but $200,000 of the firm’s capital—down from the roughly $100 million it ran as of late March 2014. Continue reading »

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Jan 20

- Previewing Tonight’s State Of The Union Speech (In 2 Cartoons) (ZeroHedge, Jan 20, 2015):

“make-or-break” again…


h/t @FedPorn

But perhaps even better…



Jan 18

“Stop throwing the Constitution in my face. It’s just a goddamned piece of paper!”
– G. W. Bush


Source: Investors.com

Jan 16

Photos like these   …

Gaza - Remember This Image In November Gaza-Children-2012


… should be replacing the bricks in the cartoon. Then Netanyahu using blood as mortar would be quite fitting, wouldn’t it?

Then let’s see if Israel would still demand an apology for it being ‘anti-semitic’.

- Lest we forget–Israel to demand apology for ‘anti-Semitic’ Netanyahu cartoon (The Ugly Truth, Jan 13, 2015):

Israel to demand apology for anti-Semitic Netanyahu cartoon

The Sunday Times ‘crossed a red line,’ says Ambassador to UK Daniel Taub; Knesset Speaker Rivlin lodges complaint with British counterpart

ed note–it is important during this time of finger wagging and lecturing on the part of organized Jewish interests around the world in the wake of the Hebdo affair that as much as Jews are constantly harping on the importance of ‘freedom of the press’ and ‘freedom of expression’ that in terms of silencing speech they don’t like, they are NUMERO UNO in terms of zenzorship.

Times of Israel

Israel is planning to demand an apology for a controversial cartoon that appeared in the British Sunday Times, Israel’s ambassador to London said Monday, while one minister mulled steps against the paper.

One day after the caricature sparked outrage among Jewish groups for its depiction of a bloodthirsty Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu building a wall with the blood and bodies of Palestinians, leading Israelis joined the chorus of condemnation. Continue reading »

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Jan 13

(Click on image to enlarge!)


Jan 03

- HaRRY ReiD… (ZeroHedge, Jan 2, 2015):


Jan 03


 Source: Cagle Post via The Burning Platform

Dec 29


Dec 27


Dec 25

US-Obama-Santa-Claus Continue reading »

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Dec 25

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Techniques

Dec 17


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- THe CRoMNiBuS OF LiBeRTY… (ZeroHedge, Dec 16, 2014)


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Dec 17

- Caption Contest: Dry-Cleaning Edition (ZeroHedge, Dec 17, 2014):

Just the girl next door…


Bill Clinton Porn Stars

- Bill Clinton — SURROUNDED By Porn Stars in Monaco -TMZ

- Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars – ABC News

- Bill Clinton Poses With Porn Stars – Huffington Post


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Dec 14


- The Oil-Price-Shock Contagion-Transmission Pathway (ZeroHedge, Dec 14, 2014):

As we noted previously, counterparty risk concerns (and thus financial system fragility) are starting to rear their ugly heads. In the mid 2000s, it was massive one-way levered bets on “house prices will never go down again.” When the cracks started to appear, the mark-to-market losses in derivatives led to forced liquidations and snowballed systemically. In the mid 2010s, it is massively levered one-way asymmetric bets on “commodity prices [oil] will never go down again.” Meet WTI-structured-notes: the convenient transmission mechanism for oil-price-shocks blowing up the financial system.


Dec 12


Source: Cagle Post

Dec 11


Source: Cagle Post

Dec 07

US justice no choking matter

Source: Cartoon: US justice no choking matter (New Zealand Herald, Dec 8, 2014)

Dec 07

Protect And Serve

Dec 04

- 10 police killed, 28 injured in Grozny anti-terror operation (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO) (RT, Dec 4, 2014):

Ten police officers were killed and 28 injured during an anti-terrorist operation in the Chechen capital, Grozny, the National Anti-Terrorist Committee has reported. The operation prevented major terrorist attacks planned in the city, the committee said.

“In the course of the counter-terrorist operation 10 local police officers were killed and 28 were wounded, having shown bravery while on civilian and military duty,”the National Anti-Terrorist Committee said in a statement.

RT’s video agency RUPTLY has obtained exclusive video of the last hours of the operation.

The footage from the location shows a building on fire, with emergency services trying to put out the flames.

The cameraman is at the scene of the fierce shootout between the security forces and the assailants. The close-up shows the shots hitting the building, and then intensifying.

Continue reading »

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