Mar 30

- The Unintended Consequences Of ‘Mandatory Voting’  (ZeroHedge, March 30, 2015):

The question is… would it be any worse?


Source: Townhall via Sunday Funnies

Meet the next Vice President:

Justin Bieber-satanic handsign


Mar 29


- The ‘Obama’ Warning System (ZeroHedge, March 29, 2015):

Presented with no comment…

How to know if it’s serious…

President Obama Warning System


Mar 20

Hillary Clintons Bracket

 Sourtce: Townhall

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Mar 11

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Feb 14

H/t reader squodgy:

“How funny is this….”

- Picture of the Day – The Moment Janet Yellen Figured it All Out… (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Feb 10, 2015): 

Janet Yellen realizes that you can’t taper a ponzi.

The Moment Janet Yellen Figured it All Out…

In Liberty,
Michael Krieger

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Feb 09



Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars marketing drugs to doctors.
We have a few issues with that.

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Jan 24

“…I wish to remain alone with the account manager, the risk manager, the fundamental analyst, and the technical analyst… we were using only 20x leverage and you tell me it’s all gone!!

“I will never trust a central banker again in my life”

Click image for link to YouTube clip (no embed)


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Jan 20


Source: Indystar

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Jan 17

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Source: Top Ten Things That will Happen in 2015

… we are offering a list of Top Ten Things To Come in the coming year.

1. Recovery will reach escape velocity and escape the economy altogether
2. All executive orders will be declared constitutional by executive order
3. Robert Kennedy Jr. will apologize for being white and male, blaming his parents
4. The New York Times will cut operating costs by replacing fact-checkers with rubber stamp
5. A Harvard professor will find evidence proving evidence proves nothing
6. City of San Francisco will be leveled because steep hills made it handicap inaccessible
7. Nobel-winning economists will admit bafflement that deficit keeps growing despite increased government spending
8. Last Baby Boomer will go kicking and screaming into his 60s; generation will be renamed ‘Crybaby Boomers’
9. Congress will stand up to Wall Street; bankers will take their seats
10. Sesame Street will sue Letter ‘S’ for monopolizing both plural and possessive nouns


Dec 28

An anology…


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Dec 23

How To Fight Terrorism


Dec 08


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Nov 15

WD 40

Source: Lonely Libertarian via The Burning Platform blog


Nov 02



Oct 25

Windows 10 - We Finally Fixed Everything


Oct 21

- CDC approves Vitamin D-Nial drug to halt spread of Ebola (satire) (Natural News, Oct 19, 2014):

We’re saved! The CDC has now partnered with the FDA to approve a new medical treatment for Ebola, guaranteed to offer 100% protection against the coming pandemic. The new anti-Ebola drug is called “Vitamin D-Nial” and will be offered free of charge at all voting booths on November 4.
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Sep 29


Just activate the English subtitles and enjoy!!!

Sep 25, 2014


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German satire: Volker Pispers about double standards in international law and democracy…

FAKE evidence: Ukraine ‘proves’ Russian invasion…

MH17 Crash: Ukrainian media stories about looting of toy and wedding ring proven FAKE…

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Sep 19

- BaRRaCK OBaMa SeLF PoRTRaiT… (ZeroHedge, Sep 18, 2014):

Where art, golf and terror intersect…



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Aug 30

- Obama’s Anti-ISIS Strategy Summarized In 1 Cartoon (ZeroHedge, Aug 29, 2014):

“Do nothing stupid…”


Source: Cagle

Bonus Strategy Chart… (via William Banzai)


Remember of course, none of this matters…

Since, as long as Qatar has a strategy on how to progress on its Gazprom-bypassing pipeline to Europe, whether Obama had a strategy or not, is completely irrelevant.


Aug 26