7 thoughts on “The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed – Episode 5: Where to Find & Access The Sacred Plant (Video) – #Cannabis, #CBD

  1. Both episode 4 and 5 marked as private…

    Are these videos censored by Big Pharma, or are their authors just baiting, if people buy the serie somehow?
    (They are speaking about some banners below video, but since I can just download video by youtube-dl, without access to youtube from Firefox, which I blocked because many “alternative” sites would betray me reading them to google by including youtube in iframes, so I just guess what the banners below videos could be… But then why would they emphasize multiple times, that they share that information for free?)

    • To P.A.Semi,

      I’ve reloaded my post of episode 5 and the video is still playing and I can also still download it.

      I don’t know what went wrong for you.

      Yes, Episode 4 is now private and I can tell you with (pretty much) 100% certainty that it must be all about the money.

      I’ve seen the same tricks many times before.

      All the information is out there anyway and personally I can not say that I am a fan of how the information is presented.

      Look for other uploaders at YouTube (which will have to delete or turn their vids private soon enough, because of copyright claims by the makers of these episodes).

      Sadly, it’s all about the money.

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