Apr 19

Austerity is over: after five years of belt tightening, the IMF says the rich world has stopped cutting:

Austerity is over as governments across the rich world increased spending last year and plan to keep their wallets open for the foreseeable future.

After five years of belt tightening, the International Monetary Fund says the era of spending cuts that followed the financial crisis is now at an end.


H/t reader squodgy:

“I just cannot believe the utter stupidity of this idiot.

With world trade in stagnation, and absolutely no false banksters initiated artificial “growth” it is essential that Governments worldwide cut down on their spending, on support, projects, etc and concentrate on foundation basics.

To pronounce the end of “austerity” can only mean pumping more money out into the economies.

In a world with relative economic stagnation and potential war, this can only ne done by a) borrowing or b) taxation, or a blend of both.

Witn world debt and every country’s national debt totally unsustainable as well as unplayable, this is suicide, and MUST be the actual button the Rothschilds want pushing to bring about the financial collapse. The end must be real close now.”

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