Apr 13

Britain hit by surge in violent crime: senior officers criticised for ignoring basics as gun and knife offences soar:

Britain is in the grip of a sudden surge in violent crime, Scotland Yard warned yesterday, amid criticism of senior officers.

Following years of decline in gun and knife crime, the Metropolitan 
Police reported a leap in recorded 
offences in the capital, with gun crime rising by 42 per cent year on year and knife crime up by 24 per cent.

Sex offences, robberies and assaults also increased.

The force said the pattern was being repeated around the country and 
referred to “significant reductions in resources” in its official explanation of the figures.

It also blamed “increased demand” on its officers caused by issues including “child protection and mental health”.

H/t reader squodgy:

“Islamisation, and zionisation dominate the two poles of U.K. Society, but the rise in violent crime has, according to police chief and common purpose advocate Cressida Dick, got nothing to do with the migrant crisis, as she puts the blame on the incompetent Tory gov.
Of course one must never forget Cressida Dick, a sad spinster, was the person who instructed the special forces to shoot John Charles Menezies on the underground.
Nor must it be forgotten the event took place shortly after the London Underground Bombings.
Nor must it be ignored that he was a hired sub contract electrician whose job was to do wiring on the Underground.

Just joining dots.”

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