Apr 08

Coincidence? ISIS Launches Simultaneous Attack on Syrian Army During US Missile Strike:

Homs, Syria — Thursday night, the world watched in collective awe as the United States launched 59 tomahawk missiles into Al-Shayrat air base in Homs, using two US Navy destroyers. While the rest of the world watched, however, ISIS acted, according to local Syrian governor Talal Barazi.

While million dollar apiece missiles were hurled from billion dollar Navy destroyers, Islamic State forces launched a major offensive to gain control of strategic areas near Palmyra. However, according to the local governor, their actions were unsuccessful.

“The US aggression was aimed at the Shayrat airbase, which backs the Syrian army’s military operations against terrorists, and IS in particular. The base is in 45 kilometers from eastern Homs,” he said.

The attack on this base is “a direct act of aggression against the Syrian Army with the aim of weakening its capacity to fight IS,” the governor added.

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