Mar 17

Donald Trump Works For Wall Street, Not Russia

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6 Responses to “Donald Trump Works For Wall Street, Not Russia”

  1. kevin a Says:

    Hundreds of British troops, tanks and heavy armour are sent to Russia’s border in the biggest show of force against Moscow since the Cold War

  2. kevin a Says:
    ‘You Are Europe’s Future’: Erdogan Tells Turks in Europe Have Five Kids, Not Three

  3. kevin a Says:

    Trump Jobs Boom: IBM to Hire 2,000 Vets After Meeting with Prez

  4. kevin a Says:

    Erdogan: European Headscarf Ban ‘Started a Clash Between the Cross and the Crescent’

  5. kevin a Says:
    Is there a new ‘Black Plague’ that is threatening Europe again?

  6. kevin a Says:

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