Mar 09

US Sends Hundreds Of Marines 20 Miles From ISIS Capital

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6 Responses to “US Sends Hundreds Of Marines 20 Miles From ISIS Capital”

  1. p Says:

    so, why wasn’t obola capable of the simplest of things?//That traitor

  2. kevin a Says:

  3. kevin a Says:

    Jihadis Living on Support Payments from the Europe They Vowed to Destroy

  4. kevin a Says:

    Hair dyes and contraception used by millions of women are linked to chemicals that can cause breast cancer
    Previous studies have pointed to hair dyes as a possible cause of breast cancer
    But the new Finnish research showed a positive correlation between them both
    Those who changed the colour of their hair had a 23% higher risk of the disease

    While users of hormonal contraceptives had a 52% greater chance of having it

  5. kevin a Says:

    Malicious Malik: Attention-seeking half-brother of Obama posts image of ex-president’s ‘Kenyan birth certificate’ while declaring his support for Trump in series of bizarre and bitter tweets
    The forgery claims that Barack Obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya

  6. kevin a Says:

    German Power Sector In Massive Trauma As Electricity Giant EON Set To Post Colossal €12.4 BILLION Loss!
    By P Gosselin on 10. March 2017
    – See more at:

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