Feb 25

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Chinese Adults Hire Wet Nurses To Provide Human Breast Milk On Demand For Around $2,700 Per Month

EXCLUSIVE ‘White gold’: How mothers are selling their breast milk for up to $500 a litre as demand from athletes, cancer patients and men with fetishes skyrocket

  • A mother has revealed how high the demand for black market breast milk is
  • The woman says milk can sell for between $200 and $500 per litre in Australia
  • Buyers include cancer patients, mothers with no milk and elite athletes  
  • Other buyers have breast milk fetishes – they are often willing to pay the most 

Mothers can earn up to a staggering $500 per litre for their breast milk on the black market, with cancer patients, athletes and people with fetishes first in line for the product.

A mother-of-two told Daily Mail Australia she sells her breast milk to cancer patients and refuses to charge more than $30 a litre for it – but her friends earn much more.

‘Some athletes are happy to pay $220 a litre regularly – more if the mother eats clean and exercises regularly,’ she said.

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