Feb 02

Israelis Caught Red-Handed Subverting UK’s Democratic Process:

An official with the Israeli embassy in England was recently outed by Arab media after he was caught soliciting the help of a staffer with a high ranking member in Parliament to smear another PM, who had a history of protesting Israel’s illegal land thefts. The official resigned after he was outed, but no one believes that this activity will stop any time soon.

H/t reader squodgy.

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One Response to “Israelis Caught Red-Handed Subverting UK’s Democratic Process”

  1. squodgy Says:

    UK Gov is israel’s bitch.

    I’ve always said the disproportionate representation of jews, working subvertly in israel’s interests in UK Gov, the Courts, the Legal Profession, The Financial Establishment & the Media, is not a good thing for the goyim majority, but nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.


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