Dec 26

Record cold in Siberia – A bone-crushing minus 62C:

There’s no evidence of global warming in western Siberia, says the Siberian Times.

The Khanti-Mansi region set a new record with a bone-crushing minus 62C (-79.6F) at the Bolshoe Olkhovskoe oilfield. The village of Kazym in the same district of Beloyarsky hit minus 58C (-72.4F).

“In Nadym, it nudged minus 50C, and all schools were closed. In Tyumen, school classes were cancelled from grades 1 to 9, with minus 36C the trigger for children to stay home.”

“Nizhnevartovsk hit minus 50C, the coldest winter in ten years in the city.

“Such temperatures happen in eastern Siberia, but in the west they are more rare.”

“Meteorologists say it may get colder still.”

See photos of people with ice-covered eyelashes and beards:

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