Nov 30

H/t reader squodgy:

“From the fact that there are NO genuine records of his American Nationality, I would say his first legacy is that he is the first non American born President, apart from being the first African President of America.

The quotes & movies of him together with searches confirming his staunch socialist parental background confirm in my mind he was a groomed MK Manchurian Kandidate.

Turning to the records of “Michael” as Barack calls ‘her’, it is so grey as to warrant much more investigation.

The analysis and exposure of certain ‘masculine’ attributes raise more questions than answers, then in view of the way Barack has conducted his time in office re debt, war, poverty, unemployment, military spending, (all the highest levels ever), this snippet should trigger big alarms from Joe Bigmac:~”

Michelle Obama urged to run for president by three new political fundraising groups:

One of the PACs is called ‘Ready for Michelle’

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