Nov 27

Why Is Egypt Buying Two Orphaned Mistral Class Aircraft Carriers From France?


H/t reader squodgy:

“I wonder what the game is here?

France was forced by USA to stop delivery of these following Crimea’s 96% Russia allegiance referendum result which basically authorised Russia’s annexation of The Crimea again.

The guts & weapons systems were Russian & have been removed.
So these two elephants are empty hulks which have now been dumped on Egypt at low price.

Egypt now orders loads of Carrier based Kamov 52 Helicopters from Russia….which is coincidentally what the Russians were going to equip them with.

Egypt has no real need for these carriers, the bullshit claims of needing them to combat terrorism is a smokescreen.

Is it too cynical to think something is going on & these just might end up in the hands of the original buyer?”

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