Nov 23

traders brokers hands on face stock market collapse

FOMC Minutes Confirm Rate Hike Imminent “To Preserve Credibility”:

The Fed confirmed a rate-hike was appropriate “relatively soon” and was “important to Fed credibility.”

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One Response to “FOMC Minutes Confirm Rate Hike Imminent “To Preserve Credibility””

  1. squodgy Says:

    National & personal unpayable debt mountain, record real unemployment, inflation, perpetual war against an abstract enemy, existing elite promoted civil unrest and a worldwide slump.

    These ingredients are already real, but obviously not quite enough for the elite.

    So, a totally unnecessary rate hike will, because ordinary Joe has already used what savings he has just to stay afloat, push him over the edge and probably create the smoke screen for the inevitable collapse.

    If that happens, (and common sense & reasonable dot joining, point that way)
    they will win. So maybe a bit of forward thinking is needed, especially if we can’t do anything about it.

    Here is one man’s projection of how it will go down.

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